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A project manager is a person who organizes, plans, and executes projects while adhering to budget and scheduling constraints.

Project managers are responsible for managing teams, creating goals, interacting with stakeholders, and overseeing the completion of projects.

They are accountable for the project's success and failure. The project could be anything from executing a marketing campaign, developing software, or introducing a new product.

These professionals are also in high demand as 22 million project management job openings are expected to appear in the market by 2027.

Do you wish to become a project manager too? Make sure to send a project manager cover letter along with your resume.

Read on to draft your project manager cover letter.

What is a Project Manager Cover Letter?

A cover letter for a project manager outlines your most relevant and noteworthy experiences and qualifications.

Your resume should be accompanied by a cover letter that explains why you would be a valuable addition to the firm.

You can leverage your project manager cover letter to show how your skills and experiences align with the requirements of the recruiters.

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What is the Purpose of a Project Manager Cover Letter?

The cover letter for a project manager is to introduce yourself to a potential employer and urge them to call you in for an interview. It complements your resume.
Your cover letter should illustrate how your talent and expertise make you an ideal candidate for the job.

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Project Manager Cover Letter Sample

Project Manager Cover Letter

How to Write a Project Manager Cover Letter?

Here’s how to write a project manager cover letter:

1. Review the Job Posting

Take time to dissect the job posting before writing the cover letter for the project manager. Try to answer the following questions when reviewing the job posting:

  • Does the role interest you?
  • Do your qualifications match the expectations of the employer?
  • Would you be willing to work in the capacity the company expects?

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2. Research the Company

The next step is to research the company. You must review the company’s mission statement, and its goal to understand what is valued in the company. Also, the work culture shall be researched. It helps to understand the shared beliefs and values established by the leaders. It is a great way to understand if you would fit in.

3. Format the Project Manager Cover Letter Template

Don't start writing right away. To begin, make sure your professional project manager cover letter is properly formatted.

Here’s how to format a cover letter template:

  • Match the font on your cover letter to your project management resume.
  • Align the text to the left side of the page.
  • Use single line spacing and a 1” border on all sides.
  • Keep your cover letter to 3/4th of a page.

4. Highlight and Quantify Your Achievements

Now that you have decided to apply for the role, list the information you would like to include in your resume and project manager cover letter.

Choose specific achievements, awards, or recognition you might have received in the past that are relevant to the project manager role.

For instance, led a team of 10 to deploy a progress tracking system that decreased tracking time by 50%.

Show the Value You Would Add to the Company

Every organization has some core values that it values highly. You must highlight these in the project manager cover letter to convey that you are a great fit for the company.

If the company values time management then mention when you would have portrayed this value. For instance, “successfully met all project deadlines for 4 years in a row”.

5. Express Your Enthusiasm and Explain Why You are Applying

Show your enthusiasm to the employer. Your passion for the job should be visible in your cover letter for project manager.

For instance, as a project manager with over 20 years of experience, I have a track record of establishing and directing high-performing teams as well as integrating project operations with corporate objectives. In light of ABC's job description for a project manager, I am convinced that my qualifications and experience match the requirements of this position.

6. Edit and Proofread

Always edit and proofread your cover letter and resume before applying. It appears unprofessional when a document contains spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

What to Include in your Project Manager Cover Letter?

Your project manager cover letter should highlight relevant information

The content will vary depending on the role and company. Some of the common elements to include are:


Your name and contact details should be included in the heading of your cover letter for project manager. You may also include links to your website and LinkedIn profile.
Use this format:

  • [Your Name]
  • [ Your Job Title] (Optional)
  • [ Telephone Number]
  • [ Email Address]
  • [ LinkedIn Profile]

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Avoid using terms such as "To Whom It May Concern". Instead look for the hiring manager's name on the job ad, company website, or LinkedIn.

Use this format to mention greetings:

  • [ Hiring Manager’s Name]
  • [ Hiring Manager’s Job Title]
  • [ Company Name]
  • [ Company Street Address]
  • [ City, State, Zip Code]

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Introductory Section

Hundreds of cover letters are read by hiring managers every day. To get their attention, start with a great and intriguing first paragraph. Introduce yourself and showcase some of your most impressive abilities or accomplishments.

cover letter introduction

Skills and Qualifications

Showcase your skills and experience in one or two paragraphs.

Make sure your abilities and experience fit the requirements of the position.
Include instances when you met or surpassed the employer's expectations.

Pro Tip: Mention skills such as leading cross-functional teams, cost control, value management, etc.

Reasons for Applying

Explain why you wish to join their team. Employers are looking for applicants who will fit into their culture. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for their product, service, or ideals.

For instance, I particularly love [Something You Admire About Them, e.g., Values, Leadership Team, Employees, Company Culture, Contributions, etc.] about the company.

Closing Section

Reiterate your worth to the organization and close with a Call to Action (CTA).

cover letter closing

Pro Tip: Attach your portfolio alongside your project manager's resume.

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Key Takeaways

Product management is one of the booming careers in 2022. To surpass the competition, attach a cover letter with your resume.

  • The cover letter’s format should be professional and must match your resume.
  • The cover letter must not contain the same information as your resume.
  • The cover letter should showcase your enthusiasm to work for the company.
  • The cover letter must highlight your expertise, accomplishments, and skills.
  • End your project manager cover letter with a call to action.

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