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What is a resume for flight attendants?

It is documentation of your core skills and experience that can help you communicate your efficiency to the hiring managers.

Flight attendants play a major role in the airline and transportation industry while taking up responsibilities revolving around customer service and hospitality.

So if you are seeking a job in this field you need to draft the best flight attendant resume.

Read on to learn how to draft a resume for airline jobs that can land you your dream job.

Furthermore, you can get a detailed insight into the following FAQs:

Who Needs a Flight Attendant Resume?

A cabin crew is responsible for a good flight experience. This comprises the comfort, safety, and welfare of all national and international passengers.

Making flight attendant resumes are almost as simple as making any other in as many ways. So, if a resume is the one thing stopping you from getting your dream flight attendant job, this article is perfect for solving your problem.

Two recruits check your flight attendant resume.

Specialist recruitment agencies advertise roles on behalf of major commercial and budget airlines from across the globe. Providers of training courses often have close links to recruitment agencies and airlines, which can be helpful.

Why Do You Need a Flight Attendant Resume?

Usually, top airline companies take only 7.4 seconds to scan a resume. That means you only have 7 seconds to grab the recruiter’s attention. That can only happen with a professional and well-formatted flight attendant resume.

Before applying for flight attendant jobs, make sure to pick a flight attendant resume format that grabs attention.

Here are some formatting tips you need to keep in mind:

  • Always add your name and address on resume, along with Linkedin profile information
  • Write a flight attendant resume summary at the top of your resume
  • Add your flight attendant work history in a reverse chronological order
  • Select a professional resume design to make your resume stand out from other resumes
  • Attach a flight attendant cover letter with your resume

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Flight Attendant Job Descriptions

Here is a typical job description for a flight attendant:

  • Be present at pre-flight meetings on details of the flight.
  • Make sure that enough supplies of emergency apparatus and refreshments are on board.
  • Help in cleaning the cabins during flights.
  • Show how to use emergency and safety equipment.
  • Ensure all commuters have fastened their seat belts and ensure that additional safety necessities are fulfilled.
  • Serve and sell snacks, meals, and beverages.
  • Take care of commuters’ requirements and especially of those with special needs.
  • Reassure the commuters during flight, like when the airplane strikes turbulence.
  • Provide first aid to the commuters when needed.
  • Give instructions in case of emergency.

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How to Write a Flight Attendant Resume?

Creating your resume is an easy task if done the right way!

Let us show you how:

Step 1: Compile Your Details

Your master resume is used for general purposes such as creating your LinkedIn profile and posting to large job boards.

You create a target flight attendant resume that includes only things that are relevant to the specific flight attendant job you are aiming at when you apply to a particular flight attendant job opportunity, based on your master resume.

Step 2: Emphasize Customer Service Skills

The flight attendant job is closely related to that of a customer service job. It is of utmost importance that you include your customer service skills in your flight attendant resume skills section. Most airlines seek professionals who know how to handle the commuters and emergencies that can come in a flight.

If you have no airline experience, then focus on highlighting your customer service history and skills in your flight attendant resume.

You can build up a bridge in your flight attendant resume by relating and explaining how you can use your sales associate or server skills to serve the commuters in the plane and give the airlines happy and satisfied commuters.

Ensure the commuters provide a satisfactory flight service by attending to passengers in distress, answering the passengers’ questions, serving beverages and food, or providing special assistance.

Step 3: Write Your Header

When writing your profile name, make sure that your name is written clearly with the correct spellings and proper spacing.

Step 4: Draft Your Professional Experience Section

Recruiters will examine a candidate’s work history to determine if the kind of jobs they’ve held relate to the on-board tasks a Flight Attendant performs. If you have customer service experience, highlight your skills to distinguish yourself from the pack.

For example, if you worked as a bartender, the hiring team will assume that you will be great at customer service.

Step 5: Showcase Achievements

When writing your achievements in your flight attendant resume, quantify them and start each point with a power verb.

Power verbs like prepared, neatened, organized, recruited, certified, and oversaw can be used to describe how effectively you do your flight attendant job.

Focus on your skills that saved money, met goals, solved problems, and helped in implementing processes. You can see how to do these things in the samples given below.

Including survey responses or commendations from fellow crew members and customers is very effective, as it adds credibility to your skills as an attendant.

Step 6: Highlight Your Skills

It is a must for you you to highlight your flight attendant resume skills to make the recruiters recognize your potential.

First aid, CPR, AED, and any other emergency health response training are pertinent if you have them and can also be included in the “Additional Skills” section.

  • In-depth knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations
  • CPR & First Aid Certified
  • Hospitality: Ensuring passengers have a comfortable flight
  • Conflict Resolution: Settle disputes and complaints in a polite manner
  • Time Management: Adhere to the flight itinerary
  • Fluency in a foreign language

Step 7: Summarizing Your Profile

One way to make an outstanding flight attendant resume is to start your flight attendant resume summary with a powerful statement. This will grab the recruiter's attention and will force them to read your resume further. Also, make sure you include all the keywords written in the flight attendant job description.

This will demonstrate that you pay attention to details and give the recruiter another reason to hire you. Ensure all the information written in your flight attendant resume is relevant to the job you are applying for.

Step 8: Use the Right Flight Attendant Resume Format

If you've got relevant and enough experience of being a flight attendant, then the reverse-chronological resume format fits you. This resume format will highlight your experience, work history, and duties chronologically and help recruiters gauge your experience.

If you are a newbie to the world of flight attendants, then you can include your internships or training in the first in your flight attendant resume, followed by the education/certifications you have.

Ensure to write the professional section in one-line bullet points with proper bolding and groupings.

If you have no work experience, add other sections like extracurricular activities, languages, etc.

Step 9: Provide Contact Details

The personal information section comes just after the header. In this section, you need to provide specific personal information to help the recruiter get in touch with you if you get shortlisted for the interview.

In this section, you will provide three things:

  • Personal Phone Number,
  • Personal E-mail Address,
  • Current Location of Residence.

Apart from the things mentioned above, no other personal information is required.

  • Phone Number: A personal phone number will serve as the primary source through which the recruiter might contact you.

When writing the personal phone number, put a plus sign (+) and then first write your country’s International Subscriber Dialing (ISD) code.

If you have more than one number you use, then write only one number out of them which you use primarily and on which you are available 24x7.

  • E-mail Address: Next in line is the personal e-mail address. The personal e-mail address will be written in the center, right next to the personal phone number.

If you have more than one personal e-mail address, then write the one you use daily.

At this stage of resume making, you can also provide any external hyperlinks to any of your social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

You can also add a hyperlink to any personal website if it is relevant to the profile you are applying for.

  • Current Location of Residence: Third in line is your current location of residence. It will be written right next to the personal e-mail address, on the right-hand corner.

When writing your current location, do not write the complete address. City, Country code will be enough.

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Step 10: Make a Profile Title

Profile title is one of the essential things in a resume. It helps the recruiter to know for which profile you've applied. It also serves as a deciding factor for the recruiter, which helps him decide whether to read your resume further.

A profile title needs to be optimized according to your target profile. It should be able to put across your target profile properly. Also, the profile title is supposed to be the second-largest text in the whole of your resume.

It should be written between the font size of 12-14 size points.

Flight Attendant: Education Section

To become a flight attendant, you need a minimum high school diploma. However, most airlines prefer applicants with a graduation degree in some course.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The degrees that are considered the most relevant to this profile are business, public relations, tourism, communications, or social science.
  • A course and fluency in speaking a foreign language are needed for those applicants who want to work on an international flight.
  • A few flight attendants attend special academies which specialize in the training of flight attendants.


Flight Attendant: Work Experience

The work experience section is the essential section of a flight attendant’s resume. You need to ensure how you can structure the professional experience section professionally.

Following are the essential elements of the flight attendant resume professional experience:

  • Name of the Position
  • Company Name
  • Starting Date
  • Ending Date
  • Roles and Accomplishments

Example of Professional Experience Section on Flight Attendant Resume

Flight Attendant
Boing Airlines

Jul ‘19 - Nov ‘21

  • Implemented new boarding procedures as part of reducing boarding time by 22%
  • Completed 1000+ hours of flights while attending to 400+ passengers
  • Served refreshments to passengers while aiding with their questions
  • Resolved high-stress situations and educated passengers on flight safety procedures

By this example, you can see that professional experience is not just listing responsibilities vaguely. It’s also providing accurate statistics with the experience.

It tells the recruiter that you are not talking out of thin air. You really have the skill and knowledge.

Flight Attendant: Certifications

All the flight attendants need to be FAA certified. The flight attendants have to complete the initial training program & clear a proficiency test in order to get the certification.

There are different types of certifications for each type of airplane, so the flight attendants need to take training in the certification course related to their specific flight.

Also, if you wish to change your airplane type to some different kind of airplane, you need first to complete the certification training about that specific airplane.

When writing the certification section in the flight attendant resume, you need to include these elements:

  • Name of the certification
  • Certification body
  • Date of certification and expiration date
  • Certification number (if available)

Here are some certifications for flight attendants:

Flight Attendant: Skills

A flight attendant should have the following skills:


To make sure the travel experience is pleasant for the commuters, the flight attendants should pay attention to their needs. They should also be aware of all the safety and security risks.

Conversational Skills

Flight attendants must interact efficiently, listen intently, and speak clearly with the commuters and the crew members.

Customer-service Skills

They should cope with stressful situations and meet the needs of the commuters effectively; a flight attendant should have resourcefulness, finesse, and self-composure.

Decision-making Skills

Flight attendants should have the ability to act calmly in times of emergency.

Physical Strength

Flight attendants’ duty may require them to stand or walk for a long time along with lifting baggage. Their vision needs to be at least 20/40 as often they have to conform to requirements regarding height and weight.

Flight attendants need to look professional, and that's why there should be no visible body piercings, tattoos, or unprofessional hairstyles or makeup.

Are you mentally and physically capable of doing the flight attendant job? Since you are required to pass a medical test to prove your fitness, it’s a good idea to list some type of activity or sport under the ‘Interests’ category of your flight attendant resume.

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Flight Attendant Resume Sample

4+ years experienced result-oriented Flight Attendant skilled at customer service, communications, inventory management, safety checks, and logistics management. Highly efficient in serving both international & domestic flights to maintain customer retention. Adept at serving & attending passengers to gain significant positive feedback for the airlines. Skilled in operating safety equipment & demonstrating their usage to the passengers to ensure overall safety.
• Customer Service • Inventory Management • Safety Checks • Logistics • Instructing • Problem Solving
    Customer Service
    • Attended passengers by serving meals, beverages & refreshments, leading to 100% customer satisfaction
    • Assisted passengers with issues such as air-sickness while scoring 100% positive reviews online
    • Made in-flight announcements & provided special service to children, elderly & differently-abled
    Inventory Management & Safety Checks
    • Demonstrated emergency equipment & procedures to passengers on 200+ flights
    • Conducted cabin safety checks before departure & solved passenger queries during flight
    • Cleaned cabins & ensured inventory of food supplies & emergency equipment
    • Operated all mechanical & safety equipment by adhering to industry standards & regulations
    Key Achievements
    • Completed +1000 hours of international & +2000 hours of domestic flights in Boeing flights consisting 250+ passengers
      Customer Service & Logistics Management
      • Packed & transported ordered grocery to vehicles & helped customers in tracking it
      • Ensured highest standards of hygiene & safety in-store & of grocery items
      • Cooperated with the logistics department to help in data entry & billing & tracked customer & product traffic
      • Provided suggestions to upper management for decreasing theft & return of products
        • Top 5 percentile of the class
          • Assisted in conducting internal & external research to formulate & develop a customer maturity model
          • Helped in conducting industry & market research to target new business

          Key Takeaways

          Here are some of the key takeaways from the flight attendant resume blog:

          1. Do not write the entire resume in paragraph form. Only the summary/objective section should be in paragraph form rest all the resume points of your resume will be written in one-line bullet points.
          2. Make sure each resume point is written using the cause-effect method, writing what you did and why you did it. This way, you'll be able to bring out your contribution and the impact that it had.
          3. Ensure that the formatting of your resume is consistent throughout the resume. Use bullets to write all your resume points. Doing so will increase the readability of your resume.
          4. To write your certifications and training that you have completed, make a separate section named 'CERTIFICATIONS & TRAINING.
          5. If you have any achievements in any of your work experiences like any awards you got, then make a separate sub-section within each of your work experience sections named 'Key Achievements.’ In this section, write all the awards & recognition that you got for working in that organization.
          6. The length of a resume is decided by the number of years the professional has been working for. Freshers and professionals with less than ten years of experience should make a resume of 1 page, and those who have been working for more than ten years should go for a two-pager resume.
          7. Make sure that your resume doesn't exceed the limit of 2 pages. Two pages are the max that a resume can extend to. To limit your resume to the length of two pages, make adjustments in the resume accordingly. One way to do it is to write points that don't exceed the limit of one line.
          8. One-line bullet points make the resume look crisp and provide a lot of space for improving readability
          9. Make sure to have plenty of whitespace in your resume, since
          10. Additionally, you can add more sections relevant to your profile if you need to add more information to your resume.

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