With an expected job growth of 9% by 2031, the demand for data engineers is expected to keep increasing with approximately 11,500 new job openings yearly.

If you are interested in the field of technology and data, kick-starting your career as a junior or an entry-level data engineer is a great way to go.

However, meeting the necessary requirements and having solid tech skills are not quite enough. You also need to showcase them effectively on your resume to get shortlisted for interviews.

Your entry-level data engineer resume is often the first point of contact between you and potential recruiters. Thus, the importance of crafting it with care and attention.

So, what makes a great entry-level engineer resume? What does it look like?

Read on to see a stellar entry-level data engineer resume sample and understand why it works well.

Junior Data Engineer Resume Sample

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Jack Wilson
Junior Data Engineer
Data-driven computer science graduate with 6 months of internship experience and data engineering fundamental certification skilled at assembling, extracting, transforming, and loading extensive data for enabling different data sets to work together. Adept at deploying distributed systems for collecting and processing log events from multiple sources and designing data schema to operate internal data warehouses and SQL/NoSQL database systems.
• Data Pipeline & Workflow Management • Data Architecture • Data Assembling • Data Infrastructure Development
• Process Improvement • Automation • Database Management • ETL
• Tools & Software: Amazon Redshift, Big Query, Tableau, Looker, Apache Spark, Airflow, Apache Hive, Segment
• Languages: Python, C++, Java, SQL, NoSQL, AWS
B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering
Wayne University
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    • GPA: 4.5
    Data Engineer Intern
    Analytics Co.
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      • Assisted in building data pipelines to improve data quality and facilitate iterations for accommodating new user requirements
      • Automated pipelines to reduce workload for senior data engineers and increased the efficiency of data loading by 15%
      • Implemented and automated the deployment of distributed systems for collecting and processing log events from 8+ sources
      • Designed data schema and operated internal data warehouses by leveraging SQL and NoSQL database systems
      • Supported the design and development of 5+ data warehouse (DWH) environments by integrating data from 9+ platforms
      • Optimizing Data Infrastructures| Mar '22
      • Identified and analyzed 6+ data sources by deploying AWS big data technologies to reduce the cost of dataset management
      • Utilized prioritization Matrix and identified KPIs to optimize the process of developing data infrastructures
      • Built an ETL mapping document for the data warehouse by documenting data lineage to ensure data transparency
      • Data Science Fundamentals with Python & SQL | Upskill | Sep '21
      • Microsoft Azure Data Engineering | Coursera | Nov '21
      • Participated in organizing TEALS educational workshops and e-learning courses for underprivileged students
      • Languages: English (native) and French (fluent)

      The template begins with a brief summary of the candidate’s career trajectory, highlighting the degree, internship experience, and certification.

      And since the role of a data engineer is a highly technical role, the skills have been divided into two sections - key skills and technical skills.

      Followed by this is the education section that lists the candidate’s degree, name of the university, dates, and CGPA.

      And while the candidate doesn’t have professional experience, the internship section showcases the duties and responsibilities in bullet points, describing the action & result using action verbs, numbers, and a crisp format.

      Following this approach not only gives the resume a crisp look but also enhances readability and highlights the right information.

      To further emphasize the candidate’s skills and potential, the template includes a project, certification, and volunteer experience section.

      Adding these sections illustrates to the recruiters that even though the candidate doesn’t have professional experience, they have gained hands-on experience through volunteering and personal projects.

      Use this template as a reference to create your entry-level engineer resume or see more similar resume samples here for related job profiles:

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