Being a pastor is more than a profession; it's a calling to inspire, guide, and nurture the spiritual well-being of a community.

As a pastor, you hold a unique position of trust and responsibility.

Whether you're a seasoned pastor or a recent seminary graduate, your resume is the bridge between your calling and your congregation.

It's the document that communicates your qualifications, dedication, and passion for ministerial work.

In this guide, we'll delve into a sample pastor resume that showcases valuable sections such as summary, skills, education, and experience.

This resume is designed to highlight your internship and community involvement experience, demonstrating your commitment to serving others and making a profound impact on the spiritual growth of your congregation.

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Jimmy Hendrick
Dedicated church volunteer with a strong commitment to faith-based initiatives. Proficient in scheduling and promoting worship ministries, ensuring compliance with church guidelines, and organizing weekly prayer meetings through social media updates. Adept at coordinating with senior pastors, directing worship planning, and successfully leading monthly prayer gatherings and fundraising efforts, including raising $5k for charity drives.
• Community Outreach • Church Services • Bible Study • Fundraising • Event Planning • Social Media Management
• Customer Servicing • Product Promotion • Inventory Management • Record Maintenance • Market Research
Bachelor of Arts in Religion
Trevecca Nazarene University
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    • GPA: 3.7/4.0
    • Dean's List for 4 semesters | May '19 - Dec '20
    • Course Modules:
    • Introduction to Biblical Faith | Special Studies in Religion | Christian Tradition | The Life of the Christian Minister
    • Faculty-Led Academic Research Experiences (FLARE) | Research Project Presentation | Christian Life and Ministry
    Pastoral Intern
    St. Nicholas Church
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      Prayer Meetings Scheduling & Church Requirements
      • Assisted in identifying volunteers to host & promote worship ministries, and ensured compliance with church guidelines
      • Scheduled weekly prayer meetings by checking the availability of pastors and regularly updated on social media
      • Coordinated with senior pastors & director of worship to plan and execute church requirements
      Prayer Meetings Management & Fundraising
      • Successfully led monthly prayer meetings addressing issues of faith and other concerns of the public
      • Collaborated with worship committee & choir team to schedule special events for families or the church itself
      • Researched charity organizations to raise USD 5,000 for the biweekly charity drive
      Sales Associate
      Pottery Shed
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        Customer Servicing & Inventory Management
        • Aided 10+ customers daily and assisted them with their needs while maintained high levels of customer satisfaction
        • Achieved monthly & quarterly sales goals by strategizing and marketing high-demand products
        • Oversaw the inventory of 3 departments and prepared stock reports for the manager

        Record Maintenance & Market Research
        • Practiced cross-selling of new and updated products via mails to the existing customers
        • Assisted the customer service team by resolving minor issues and following up with clients to improve their experience
        • Ensured compliance with inventory control procedures by maintaining a record & updating it 2+ times a week
        • Conducted market research to boost product offerings as part of bolstering sales
        • Volunteer at Trevecca Community Church | Nashville, TN | Dec '20 - May '21
        • Collaborated with a team of 30 to schedule gatherings for its sister concerns Crossbridge Inc. and The Restoration House
        • Assisted the pastors to conduct weekly Bible studies & schedule activities to enhance learning
        • Member of Trojan Boosters Endowment | Nashville, TN | Nov '20 - May '21
        • Liaised with a team of 20 to organize and schedule tournaments and fundraising events
        • Senior Member of The Center for Pastoral Health | Nashville, TN | Jul '19 - May '21
        • Conducted regular seminars & scheduled support group meetings as a part of addressing various concerns
        • Led a team of 10 to line up appointments and check availability of counselors
        • Member of Men's Cross Country Club | Nashville, TN | May '19 - May '20
        • Won 2nd place in intercollegiate cross country competition in Jan '20

        Your pastor resume's introduction is your congregation's first encounter with your journey.

        Begin with an engaging and faith-filled summary that encapsulates your pastoral calling and your unique qualities.

        Share your vision for ministry, your theological beliefs, and your dedication to serving your community. Your summary should inspire the reader to explore your resume further.

        The "Skills" section is where you demonstrate the diverse talents required for pastoral work. Highlight your abilities in preaching, spiritual counseling, community outreach, and leadership.

        Emphasize your proficiency in scriptural knowledge, pastoral care, and your aptitude for fostering inclusivity and harmony within your congregation.

        In the "Education" section, list your theological seminary, divinity school, or theological program, along with your degree earned and graduation date. Include any relevant coursework or theological certifications you've obtained.

        The core of your resume lies in the "Experience" section. This is where you share your journey as a pastor, starting with your most recent position and working backward. Highlight your roles and responsibilities, but more importantly, emphasize your contributions and achievements.

        Share anecdotes of your community involvement, the lives you've touched, and the transformative impact you've had on your congregation.

        In a dedicated "Community Involvement" subsection, detail your initiatives, such as organizing community events, leading charitable efforts, or participating in outreach programs.

        Highlight any collaborations with local organizations or interfaith activities that reflect your commitment to making a positive impact beyond your congregation's walls.

        Share your leadership experiences, such as serving on church boards, committees, or leading congregational growth initiatives. Mention your skills in church administration, budgeting, and team coordination.

        As you craft your pastor resume, remember that it's an invitation for your congregation and potential employers to journey with you in faith.

        By highlighting your internship and community involvement experience in sections like summary, skills, education, and experience, you reveal your commitment to serving others and your passion for spiritual leadership.

        With this resume, you're not just showcasing your experience; you're sharing your spiritual journey, inviting others to join you in faith, and inspiring hearts to find their way.

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