The yearly average salary for a Business Systems Analyst in the US is:

USD 59,262 for entry-level business systems analysts
USD 77,519 for mid-career business systems analysts with 4-9 years of experience
USD 89,239 for experienced business system analysts with 10+ years of experience

With the boom in small businesses, business systems analysts are in great demand to aid such companies to grow their scale of operations. According to the BLS, business systems analysts are projected to grow by 14% by 2028, and this number is set to increase in accordance with the popularity of startups.

While business systems analysts assess growth opportunities for companies, computer system analysts design computer systems to achieve the same. An average computer systems analyst salary is USD 90,920.

Quantitative Analyst, IT Business Analyst, Management Analyst are all careers that focus on a single aspect of boosting company growth, such as finance, technology, and management. The opportunities to advance your career within this field is truly endless!

To excel in this career, you must stay updated with in-demand skills, such as business analysis, SQL, project management, SAP, etc. In addition to that, possessing certifications will bump your expertise level and deem you worthy of higher paying jobs.

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Top Companies Hiring for Business System Analyst

While the base salary is more or less stagnant across the board, certain benefits set some companies apart from the rest. Such companies focus on providing the best possible conditions to their employees that will help them boost their growth.

Here are a few companies that offer the best business systems analyst salary:

The technology tycoon offers a business systems analyst salary of $159,317, going as high as $172,538 for a senior business systems analyst salary.

A typical Google business systems analyst salary can be $153,411, aside from bonuses. An average senior business systems analyst salary can go up to $182,977.

Intuit employees get USD 128,033 as an average salary for business systems analysts. However, a senior business systems analyst can be anywhere from USD 111K to USD 140K.

Among the highest is Box with an average business systems analyst salary of USD 143,702, with their senior positions ranging anywhere from USD 161K to USD 174K.

Cisco has a yearly average business systems analyst salary of USD 111,595, with business systems analyst managers being paid USD 157,552. The senior positions get a yearly salary of USD 126K to USD 171K.

The average business systems analyst salary at Apple is USD 131,884. The senior business systems analyst salary can vary from USD 159K to USD 173K.

Highest Paying Cities for Business Systems Analyst Salary in the U.S.

Business systems analyst salary can vary depending on which city you’re working in. Statistics suggest that California is one of the highest paying cities for business system analysts.

City Business System Analyst Salary
Sunnyvale, California $114,783
Santa Clara, California $108,551
Mountain View, California $90,000
San Francisco, California $94,625
Jersey City, New Jersey $85,000
New York, New York $78,918
Seattle, Washington $81,909
San Jose, California $83,289
Irvine, California $89,565

Ideal Business Systems Analyst Career Path To Follow

The career prospects for business systems analysts are extensive. While each seem similar, they cater to different parts of growing businesses.


IT Business Analyst

Through their knowledge of IT, software and business components, IT business analysts manage business projects that focus on technology.

A step up from business systems analysts, they have a deep understanding of operating systems and data requirements to make strategic decisions. IT project managers under the same heading earn a yearly average of USD 97,312.

Data Scientist

By extracting huge data sets and interpreting them, Data scientists are pioneers in enabling data-driven decision making.

They possess strong technical skills including Python, Hadoop, and SQL, and they earn a yearly average of USD 120,000.

Quantitative Analyst

By creating and implementing mathematical models to back up financial decisions, Quantitative Analysts make sure that businesses take smart decisions to minimize errors.

They are also called financial engineers and are among the highest paid jobs, with a yearly average of USD 116,000. Quantitative analysts are among the higher range of the pay spectrum because of their strong educational background that usually involves a masters degree.

Information Security Analyst

Responsible for protecting companies from cyber attacks, Information Security Analysts analyze and interpret security data and monitor companies’ IT systems and networks.

They strengthen a company’s security systems and are well-versed in detecting intrusions. They earn an yearly salary of USD 98,000.

Management Analyst

Constantly strategizing ways to improve company processes and control budgets, Management Analysts function to increase revenue through smart decisions. While they are similar to IT business analysts, they usually consult other companies rather than working for a single company.

They specialize in departments like IT, finance, etc. and are experts to improve a company's prospects. Owing to their flexibility in educational requirements, management analysts earn USD 83,000 every year.

Solutions Architect

By understanding the inner workings of systems, Solutions Architects determine how technical changes can affect a system and develop functional solutions that resolve business roadblocks.

Solutions Architects are revered job positions that greatly contribute to the growth of a company. They earn an average salary of USD 122,000 per year.

Requirements for a Business Systems Analyst

Since business system analysts are important jobs with extensive responsibilities, there are certain requirements to qualify for them.

Get Basic Academic Qualifications

Along with strong computer skills, business system analysts can possess a bachelors or masters in the following fields:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Business Administration

Any related field with similar courses can also suffice to qualify for a business system analyst job.

Training and Certifications to Become a Business Systems Analyst

For that added step of building your expertise, it will be greatly advantageous to gain certifications from authentic institutes. It will help your recruiters assess your expertise and give you brownie points for actively seeking out opportunities to enhance your knowledge.

If you are a fresher, it is of utmost important to acquire valuable certifications to increase your entry level business systems analyst salary.

Certifications for Freshers:

IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA)
IQBBA Certified Foundation Level Business Analyst (CFLBA)

Certifications for Mid-Career Professionals:

IIBA Certification of Capability in Business Analysis (CCBA)

Certifications for Experts:

IIBA Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP)
Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

Key Takeaways

Once you build your skills through professional experience and certifications, it can be a cakewalk to travel up the career ladder and increase your business system analyst salary. Here is what you can take away from this blog:

  • Even though an average business systems analysts salary can be around a stagnant number of USD 61,680, few companies like NVIDIA, Google, Box, Apple, etc. are among the highest paying
  • A few California cities like Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Mountain View, and San Francisco host companies that offer higher business systems analysts salary
  • Jobs like IT Business Analyst, Information Security Analyst, Management Analyst, Solutions Architect are a few promising careers that business systems analysts can look forward to
  • Gaining valuable experience through certifications can greatly help business systems analysts develop their expertise and explore in-demand skills

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