How to prepare selenium testing resume?

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Follow this guide to write an impeccable QA tester resume which at the end will look something like the manual testing resume sample shown here:

5+ years experienced ASTQB certified software tester adept at analyzing and fulfilling functional requirements to define test plans. Highly skilled in testing products and systems to ensure compliance with technical standards. Proficient in reporting and documenting test results, system functionalities, and defects for the senior management to enable effective decision making.
• Bug Tracking & Resolution
• System Testing
• Test Script Execution
• Quality Maintenance & Review
• Issue Resolution
• Requirement Analysis & Fulfillment
• Product & Regression Testing
• Reporting & Documentation
• Interface Testing
• Test Planning & Review
• Process Streamlining
• Test Plan Execution & Analysis
• Log Collection & Development
  • Software: Selenium
  • Operating System: Unix, Linux
  • Certified Quality Assurance Professional | Seal Coast | Fayetteville, AR | Jan '20 - Feb '20
  • Certified Software Tester | ASTQB | Jul '18
  • Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Interactive), and Catalan (Fluent)
    Requirement Analysis & Fulfillment
    • Evaluating end-user and functional requirements to define 10+ test plans
    • Representing the end-user to 40 senior developers to ensure that the requirements are met
    Product & Regression Testing
    • Conducting a process-oriented and detailed analytical review of functional requirements while testing web products
    • Augmenting the Navy ERP test team of 10 in executing automated critical business test scripts and regression testing
    Reporting & Documentation
    • Developing reports of test results and errors detected while supporting activities to maintain the quality of solutions
    • Cataloging the functionalities of the systems and providing support in reviewing the quality of technical packages
    Test Planning & Review
    • Defining priorities and planning tests of system requirements while liaising with the functional teams to resolve issues
    • Reviewing functional test plans and supporting the coordinated review of the test plans by the regression test team of 70
    Process Streamlining
    • Detecting and proposing improvements in the quality control process to bolster its efficiency by 47%
    • Promoting quality in migration by streamlining the end-to-end migration process
      Test Planning
      • Executed LTE, 5G - 3GPP, IOT, and LC test plans while performing 1st level analysis of issues
      • Analyzed the NA carrier test plans, requirements, and execution of LTE, 5G - 3GPP, carrier defined IOT plans
      Log Collection & Development
      • Collected device and TE logs while performing 1st level analysis of issues found during testing
      • Created logs to document testing phases and defects while producing reports for all testing efforts, results, activities, etc.
      Bug Tracking & Resolution
      • Validated fixes and raised bugs as part of product life-cycle management
      • Liaised with 10 senior engineers to resolve issues and bugs while reporting the errors to development teams
      Reporting & Documentation
      • Provided support for sending timely test results and test status reports to the senior management
      • Documented and appropriately reported defects while conducting 30K documented quality checks daily
      System Testing
      • Administered end-to-end system and user-interface testing while validating system behavior via application log
      • Generated accurate and comprehensive test cases to test the logical functional domain within the internal systems
        • 3.8/4.0

        This guide is full of section-wise explanations and manual testing resume samples. This is the one-stop guide to all your resume writing woes.

        Here's a summary of our Selenium Testing Resume 2020 Blog:

        • When writing your contact details, make sure there are no typos or errors as these details are the only connection between you and the recruiter.
        • Certifications go a long way in showing your skills and dedication so try to upskill every few months by gaining new industry-relevant certifications and showcase them in your manual tester resume.
        • Write a summary if you are 3+ years experienced or an objective if you are writing a QA tester resume no experience or a software testing resume for freshers.
        • Have a blog/website/online portfolio? Provide a link for it to show real-life examples of your work. This increases your chance of getting shortlisted as the recruiter can see your achievements & expertise first-hand.

        Wait, there is more!

        We are here to facilitate the journey of writing, nay, perfecting your QA resume. So, we are going to cover every base to make sure no stone is left unturned.

        Following are the resume tips that we will be explaining in this guide that will help you formulate the perfect selenium resume:

        Once you have implemented all the above tips, you will have nothing short of a perfect manual tester resume.

        Keep reading to learn all the nuances that go into writing an impeccable manual tester resume.

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        Moving on, following is a list of the topics we will be talking about in this blog:

        Choose the right Selenium Testing Resume Format

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        The first decision you need to take is what is the right resume format for you to showcase your career trajectory. You need to ask yourself questions like, do I have a consistent enough trajectory or have I switched jobs too frequently to land on the right format for you.

        People with smooth career trajectories don’t have to think twice before picking the chronological resume format. It is a time-based format and shows all your career engagements in the reverse chronological order.

        Another good news is that it is completely ATS friendly which is a big deal these days as formats that are not ATS friendly find it difficult to even cross the first line of vetting.

        Why? Because hiring managers use the Applicant Testing Software to reject “undesirable” resumes. So even if the applicant is qualified, they might get rejected based on the unfriendliness of their QA tester resume towards the ATS.

        So, if you have no employment gaps, we would recommend the use of this format for your QA resume.

        Another resume format is the functional resume format which follows a more skill-based approach.

        It is widely recommended to professionals with frequent career switches or employment gaps. However, you should know that it is neither ATS nor recruiter-friendly so think twice before picking this format to write your qa tester resume.

        At last, the combination resume format mixes the best of both worlds and has features of both the chronological and functional resume formats.

        It will not only showcase your timeline but also emphasize your skillset. So, all the professionals with issues like gaps or even professionals with 10+ years of experience who find it hard to mention every detail of their career in the chronological format can use this format instead.


        This manual testing resume sample is ready to be edited and downloaded on our Resume Builder. Just click on the manual testing resume sample and get your manual tester resume ready within minutes.

        Clicking on the manual testing resume sample will lead you directly to this template on our Online Resume Builder where you can sign up to access this template!

        Use sections to organize and improve the readability of your Selenium Testing Resume

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        Organize your manual tester resume using sections to:

        1. Present your information effectively
        2. Improve the readability of your manual tester resume

        Once you have achieved these objectives, the chances of your QA tester resume being evaluated by the hiring managers increase dramatically.

        So, do not miss out on using resume sections.

        Here are 7 standard sections that you should include in your QA tester resume:

        • Header
        • Personal Information
        • Profile Title
        • Summary/Objective
        • Key Skills
        • Professional Experience
        • Education

        These sections are non-negotiable and should be included at all costs. Moreover, there are some additional sections you can add if you see fit:

        • Internships
        • Certifications
        • Projects & Training
        • Volunteer Experience

        Don’t worry if you are confused. Head to our online resume builder where you can check out the pre-designed templates which are sectioned neatly.

        You can even use the pre-designed QA tester resume sample. All you need to do is personalize the information to suit your specific career trajectory and qualifications.

        Perfect the Header, Personal Information, and Profile Title of your Selenium Testing Resume

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        Now we come to the first three sections of your manual tester resume, namely:

        • Header
        • Personal Information
        • Profile Title

        Let’s discuss them all in detail.

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        This is the first thing to be displayed on your manual tester resume.

        If you follow the following 3 rules, you will be presented with the perfect resume header.

        1: Avoid using generic terms like 'CV' and 'Resume' to label your manual tester resume. Doing this is obsolete as the recruiter already knows that it is a resume. So, do not explicitly mention it.
        2: Instead of ‘Resume’ and ‘CV’, use your real full name to label your QA tester resume. Now, the recruiter has a track of who the resume belongs to and so the chances of misplacing it decrease.
        3: Use the largest font size of 16-20 points to write your resume header.

        Unsure if your resume header looks good enough? Take a look at the selenium resume sample below illustrating the perfect header:


        All snapshots in this guide are taken from the QA resume samples that we have designed using our online resume builder.

        You can too make use of our platform to curate your own perfect QA resume.

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        Personal Information

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        About done writing your name on the top of your QA tester resume? Let’s move on to give the recruiter the means to get in touch with you so if you are shortlisted, you can be contacted and informed about the good news.

        Following is the information that you should write under the personal information section:

        • Your updated mobile number for telephonic interviews or other important communication.
        • Your email ID for official communication with the hiring managers.
        • Your current Locationof residence. Provide your city and state name only.

        Hiration Pro Tip: Extremely personal information has no place in your QA tester resume. This will include information like your sexual orientation, age, etc. Check the employment guidelines of your country if you are unsure to not fall victim to biased hiring.

        We have composed an exhaustive guide on how to curate the Resume Contact Information for your QA tester resume. So, head on over there to learn the do's and don'ts of the personal information section of your QA resume.

        Take a look at this java resume sample showcasing how the personal information section should be composed:


        All the snapshots of QA resume samples in this guide are taken from the QA tester resume sample from our Resume Builder.

        Read on to uncover more QA tester resume samples.

        Is this a little too much information to digest? Do you already have a qa tester resume but want to understand how to polish it? Our Resume Strategists are here to help. Get your hands on our Resume Review Service now.

        Profile Title

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        Here is where your work details will start to appear. It is important to write the profile title on your java resume as it provides the recruiter with the following details:

        • Your current or last job designation
        • Your functional industry
        • Your seniority level
        • Your expected salary/income

        That is why it is highly advised to not put vague titles or outright lies as your profile title. So, maintain your credibility by displaying an honest and accurate profile title.

        As it is important information and should jump out of the resume at the first glance itself, write it in a larger font than the rest of your java resume. A font size of 14-16 points will be apt making it large enough but not larger than the header.

        Here's a java resume sample showing an accurately presented profile title:


        All the QA resume samples you see here are taken from our AI-powered Online Resume Builder yet. It comes with pre-formatted designs and is content-rich so you have to do the least amount of work to get shortlist-ready!

        What’s more? You have the option to download the selenium resume in both PDF & WORD format.

        Go, check it out now!

        Optimize the Professional Experience Section to prove your Selenium Testing expertise

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        If you're wondering how to write a QA tester resume no experience or how to put selenium skills in a resume, we have got you covered. The professional experience section gives you a chance to showcase your selenium skills in your resume.

        Here you will be providing the recruiters with all the relevant information from the organizations you were associated with, the responsibilities you were entrusted with, your job designation to the duration you spent at each of your previous jobs.

        This gives visibility to your achievements and helps you showcase what you can bring to the table for the company you are applying to.

        Now that you have no doubts on why you should be paying special attention to this section, let’s jump to how you can perfect the professional experience section of your java resume:

        • Tip #1: Write one line statements
        • Tip #2: Use power verbs to begin each point
        • Tip #3: Quantify achievements wherever possible and relevant
        • Tip #4: Bold important words & phrases
        • Tip #5: Group similar points under unique headings/buckets

        Write one line statements

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        This is how you will be presenting information regarding your day to day roles and responsibilities in your work experience.

        If you have been already using bulleted lists to present this information, great. However, for those writing their professional experience in paragraph format, we have got news for you!

        Recruiters do not have enough time to read the whole document, even people who format it in the easiest possible way do not get their resumes evaluated in their entirety. So, individuals using paragraphs have slim chances of getting their resumes looked at, let alone shortlisted.

        This is because paragraphs look bulky and are difficult to read. This impacts the readability of your java resume and could even get it rejected by ATS.

        On the other hand, one-liner points are easy to read and comprehend. This not only makes your java resume recruiter friendly but compatible with ATS as well. Thus, we advise that you ditch paragraphs and stick to one-liner points to frame your work experience.

        Use power verbs to begin each point

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        Power verbs can be immensely helpful in giving an assertive voice to your professional experience statements.

        They can convey so much and help you sound professional at the same time. Words like 'Oversaw', 'Analyzed', 'Created', 'Executed', etc. help you showcase your responsibilities in a single word.

        Quantify achievements wherever possible and relevant

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        So you are using one-liner points and starting each point with a power verb. Still, it isn’t enough to grab and hold the attention of the recruiter. What more can you do that will solidify your standing as the best selenium testing professional?

        Numbers and achievement figures! Saying you saved the company a certain amount of money rather than giving a vague description would gain you brownie points that will make you stand apart from all other applicants.

        Exact figures will show the recruiter your proficiency at carrying out job roles. They will give credibility to your statements and increase your chances of getting shortlisted.

        Bold important words & phrases

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        Now that all the information has been laid down, the only thing that remains is to create an impact on the recruiter. The data alone can not be impactful. You have to jazz it up a bit to capture the attention of the recruiter.

        You are not required to do anything extraordinary. All you need to do is bold the most interesting facts and phrases so that they are highlighted and jump off the screen.

        Group similar points under unique headings/buckets

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        This is the last tip we will impart regarding the professional experience section to both enhance the readability of your java resume and pack a great impact.

        Imagine a java resume with 10-15 bullet points listed under every professional experience. It’s only a little better than a paragraph and creates the same problem that paragraphs were creating, that is, poor readability.

        How can you overcome this? Just identify similar points that define a single function and group them under a relevant heading. This is called ‘Bucketing’. Buckets are a great way of telling the recruiter your key expertise areas, roles, and responsibilities.

        On top of making your java resume more organized, bucket headings are enough to tell the recruiters if your expertise matches the job profile so it is a great way to save the recruiter’s time while optimizing your job application!

        Selenium Testing Resume Sample for Professional Experience

        Following are the perfect python resume points which outlines how you can apply the resume tips we have showed you in the sections above:


        For a better understanding of this section, read our Resume Professional Experience Guide

        There are more section-wise QA tester resume samples like this in this guide, so read on.

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        We will evaluate your java resume using the most advanced parameters in the recruitment industry today and show you actionable tips on how you can make your java resume better.

        Provide basic education details to communicate your academic qualifications in your Selenium Testing Resume

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        If you completed your education from one of the top-ranking institutes then this section will give a lot of meat to your QA analyst resume, especially if you are making a software testing resume for freshers.

        Even if you are not making a software testing resume for freshers, recruiters love to see the education credentials of applicants on the resume.

        Oftentimes there are minimum education criteria required for the job. So, by displaying your educational details you are making yourself established as a desirable candidate.

        This is the information that will be required of you:

        • Name of the university/college you have attended.
        • Name of the courses you have pursued.
        • The location of your university/college.
        • Enrolment and graduation dates in month & year format.

        Furthermore, you can also display your python projects for resume under here or make a distinct section to wow your recruiter.

        Read more on education from Hiration's Guide on how to list education on your resume.

        Here's a java resume sample showcasing the perfect education section:


        The QA resume samples displayed here are from the software tester resume sample that we have designed using our Online Resume Builder.

        Our application allows a quick & effortless selenium resume download in both PDF & WORD formats to give you the best QA analyst resume in the format of your choosing.

        Present your Selenium Testing skills using a distinct 'key skills' section

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        Your skills will bring everything together.

        So, making a distinct section to showcase your skills makes a lot of sense. Ideally, a recruiter should be able to identify your candidature by just looking at the skills alone.

        It is also advisable that you make a distinct technical skills section within the key skills section to separately showcase all your selenium skills.

        Pro Tip: Write stand-alone skills and not phrases to portray your skills in the key skills section.

        We hope this isn’t confusing, however, if you have any questions this guide will put your queries to rest: what skills to put on a resume.

        Here's a java resume sample showcasing a perfectly composed key skills section:


        The QA resume samples you see in this guide are taken from the QA tester resume sample build with Hiration’s Resume Builder.

        What more could you possibly do to make sure that your name is secured in the shortlist of your choice?

        What format should you download your QA analyst resume in?

        Psst... Whatever your preference we have options for both selenium resume download in PDF and word format.

        Use Hiration’s Resume Review Service to find everything out.

        Conclude your Selenium Testing Resume with an impeccable summary statement

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        Congratulations, you have made it to the final section of your QA analyst resume. Now all you need to do is formulate the summary and you are done!

        These are some tips that will help you write the perfect selenium testing resume summary:

        • First, figure out if you need to write the summary or would your situation call for an objective instead. It’s easy enough, if you have 3 or more years of relevant work experience in selenium testing, write a summary. If not, write an objective statement.
        • Limit your summary to a maximum of 5 lines. Anything longer will fail to impress the recruiter and might backfire as well.
        • Focus only on the juiciest details. Scan your QA analyst resume for the most impressive highlights & achievements to entice the recruiter so they cannot skip over you.
        • Wait till the end to compose the selenium testing resume summary if you want to save your time and efforts.

        Read our resume summary guide to know everything that goes into formulating the perfect summary section.

        Attached below is a java resume sample showcasing the ideal resume summary for your qa resume:


        In the meanwhile, go to our Online Resume Builder to simplify the task of writing your QA resume.

        Use Hiration's Resume Services to write your Selenium Testing Resume

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        Resume Review Service

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        Our in-house resume strategists will review your QA analyst resume in compliance with the following parameters:

        • Global Compatibility
        • Content Relevance
        • Performance Assessment
        • Compliance with industry norms
        • ATS Compliance
        • Recruiter Friendliness
        • Design Compatibility
        • Conversion Scope
        • Resume Formatting (font, margins, the order of sections, etc.)

        Online Resume Builder

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        • 25+ resume designs
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        Key Takeaways

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        Here's a list of the key python resume points gathered from this guide:

        • Choose the format according to your career trajectory. Choose the reverse chronological resume format if you have a steady career trajectory. If not, use the functional resume format.
        • Organize your information in the 7 must-have resume sections.
        • Wherever using dates, use the month & year format to display them.
        • Outline your selenium testing skills using a distinct section. Differentiate your technical skills from your core selenium testing skills by making a 'technical skills' subsection within the 'key skills' section.
        • Keep the summary statement limited to 5 lines.
        • Mention your contact details accurately. Take care to not make spelling or factual errors.
        • Use one-liner points in the professional experience section to communicate your work experience.
        • Begin the bullet points in the professional experience using power verbs. Example: Spearheaded, Managed, Coordinated, etc.
        • Bold the important phrases to direct the recruiter's attention to it.

        We hope that this guide was able to answer how to prepare a selenium testing resume to get more interview calls. Follow the tips presented here to formulate the best selenium testing resume.

        Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

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