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Cover letters work as the backup for resumes as you can add professional details that did not get any place in your resume.

Cover letters show your enthusiasm towards targeted jobs. Though cover letters add value to your job application, 45% of job seekers do not include cover letters with their resumes. Job applications without cover letters do not minimize your shortlisting chances, but adding a cover letter will offer you bonus points during a recruitment process.

If you are writing a sales cover letter, you can elaborate on how your skills and expertise can enhance company sales and help them improve profits. Moreover, you can show your qualities admired by the previous recruiters and managers.

You will get the answers to some fundamental questions regarding writing a sales cover letter in this intuitive guide, including:

To get your desired sales job such as sales representative, sales manager or any sales-related profile in 2022, you should apply with a professional sales resume and an impressive sales associate cover letter. Building these professional documents can consume a lot of time, even if you refer to online sales cover letter examples.

However, you can ease the process with the help of Hiration’s Online Resume Builder & Cover Letter Builder. These Artificial Intelligence Powered tools suggest technical terms and help you maintain an easy reading flow to impress the recruiter.

How to Write Your Sales Cover Letter

Writing a sales manager cover letter is completely different from resume writing. You will have to write highly engaging paragraphs summarizing your achievements, qualities, and skills elegantly in your sales cover letter.

You can follow these below-given points to write a professional cover letter for sales position:

  • Address your name, current profile title, and contact information at the top
  • Start with the date of sending the job application
  • Mention the recruiter’s name and profile title
  • Write the name of the company and address where you are applying
  • Use your recruiter’s name instead of Dear sir/ma’am (For example, Dear Mr. Johnson)
  • Start writing the first paragraph with a friendly tone showcasing your skills that can help the company to enhance sales
  • In the second paragraph, you can mention your achievements in previous positions
  • The third paragraph of your sales cover letter should include your qualities admired by the previous employers
  • Lastly, you can wrap the sales representative cover letter showcasing the things you like in the applied company and why you want to work for them
  • Add a thanking note at the end with a request to see the resume
  • Remember to cover it all in 3-4 paragraphs
  • Your sales cover letter should not exceed the word limit of 350-400 words

Achievements Are Crucial

Recruiters and hiring managers have different opinions regarding cover letters. Not all of them consider it necessary with the job applications. However, those who do, read the cover letters properly, unlike the resume that gets just a few seconds.

Hence, you can showcase your achievements relatable to the profile requirements to grab the recruiter's attention and prove your worth for the position. You can also use bullets to frame your cover letter for sales job professionally, but you must ensure it doesn’t look like your resume points.

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Show Employers What You Bring to Table

You might attract recruiters in the first few lines, but you need to address everything required in job descriptions to maintain their interest.

Here is what a recruiter generally look for in a sales cover letter:

  • Mention your achievements related to the offered role
  • Highlight how your work experience and skills can boost sales of their company
  • Show real excitement and enthusiasm to join their sales team
  • List your recent achievements followed by previous ones based on your professional journey
  • Make the recruiter believe that you are the perfect fit for the offered profile

Always mention what you can bring to the table while crafting a sales cover letter to enhance your shortlisting chances in the recruitment process.

Sales Representative Cover Letter Examples

Out of all the sample sales cover letters, we are showcasing a sales representative cover elteer example that can help you build your desired sales cover letters for upcoming job application:

Alisha Cuthbert
Sales Representative
Covering Letter
15th May, 2022

Donna Gem
Hiring Manager
Click Global Services
57, Brooks Lane
San Francisco, CA 94016

Re: Suitability for Sales Representative

Dear Ms. Gem,

In response to the job opening posted on LinkedIn, I am thrilled to submit my application for the post of Sales Representative at Click Global Services. With a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (Finance Majors) from the University of California, I have a prolific record of promoting digital products and IT services adhering to effective customer handling. I was awarded top sales representative in my previous company that makes me a perfect fit for your company.

I started as a Sales Assistant at Brain Maniacs Inc., where I sold company's new products and educated potential customers via cold calling. I assisted the sales team in client relationship management, customer retention, and implementing new sales strategies that boosted company sales by 15%. I also served as a Sales Representative at Constantine Co. where I managed a database of over 500 clients under the supervision of the sales manager. I deployed and managed Salesforce to identify new business opportunities and improvise customer feedback by 30%.

Continuously learning, practicing, and implementing new sales methodologies, I am obliged to apply at Click Global Services, the leading IT company that helps in modernizing traditional businesses globally. Given the role, I will ensure smooth execution of sales operations, and complete client satisfaction to uplift sales margin and client involvement in the first year of my professional involvement.

Enclosed for your consideration is my resume. I’d appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my suitability and qualifications with you on call or in person.

Alisha Cuthbert

Enclosure: Resume

Share Skills Which Are Not Present in Your Resume

Prioritize analyzing the job description before writing a sales cover letter. You should filter essential skills and highlight them with some projects, assignments, and responsibilities in the cover letter for sales associates to show your expertise in those skills.

Apart from that, you must ensure the presence of skills you missed in your sales resume in the sales cover letter based on the job description. You should also avoid the skills not relevant to the job responsibilities.

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Customize Cover Letter For Each Job

People usually use a cover letter template with every job application by changing basic details like recruiter name, company name, etc. Recruiters catch them at first sight, and that job application ends up in the trash. Hence, you should customize your sales resume cover letter appropriately for every targeted job profile.

You can follow these steps to customize your sales and marketing cover letter effectively for your next job application:

  • Check if there is any special instruction given in the job description
  • Don’t repeat the information that is already present in your resume
  • Be personal by addressing your recruiter by name instead of Dear sir/ma’am
  • Research about the company to connect your skills with their requirements
  • Keep it concise but not too short and wrap up your sales cover letter under 400 words maximum
  • Highlight your qualifications addressing the job requirements
  • Explain why you are the perfect fit for the applied sales job
  • Mention some lines about your passion for the job profile
  • Connect your qualifications, skills, experience, and job requirements effectively
  • Proofread twice before you send the job application
  • Ask for general opinions with friends or family members
  • Do not overwrite about your skills; say what is true

Do Thorough Research About the Company Before Applying

It is essential to do thorough research about the company, its vision, and market competition before writing the sales cover letter. Having detailed information about the company will help you emphasize the effectiveness of your outside sales cover letter and might also increase your shortlisting chances.

You can follow these steps to do deep research on your targeted company:

  • Start with the fundamental source, i.e., the company’s official website
  • Follow their social media pages and analyze their posts
  • Search the company name on Google and check the top 10 links
  • Check the company profile on career-building platforms like Glassdoor
  • Connect with the company page on LinkedIn and interact with people if you can
  • Check market competitors to know the actual status of the company

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How to Write a Sales Cover Letter?

Writing a sales cover letter can be tricky for many professionals.

You can make the process easier by dividing the sales cover letter building process into four parts given below:

Sales Cover Letter Header

Your sales cover letter header must include your contact details, full name, submission date, recruiter details, and company address.

We advise you to address the recruiter by name instead of sir/ma'am. It will help you get the recruiter's undivided attention during the cover letter screening process.

Sales Cover Letter Introduction

In this part, you can showcase your achievements, experience, and special qualities that make you different from your competitors in the recruitment process.

Sales Cover Letter Body

You can write about your skills and capabilities endorsed by your previous employers. You can also mention some lines about the value you added in the previous companies by your work.

Sales Cover Letter Sign-Off

In the end, you can write the points that you like the most in the new company. Moreover, you can also write about why you are the perfect fit for this role and why the recruiter should hire you instead of any other candidate.

You can sign off with a thanking note here.

Sales Profiles to Kickstart Your Career

You can kickstart your sales career by applying for any of these below-given sales profiles in the United States:

Job Title Average Sales Salary
Sales Assistant $13.55 per hour
Inside Sales Representative $48,717 per annum
Business Development Representative $57,466
Account Manager $61,791
Account Executive $65,632
Car Sales Executive $66,376
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative $68,158
Sales Manager $69,553
Territory Sales Professional $69,571
Outside Sales Representative $69,849
Medical Device Sales Executive $81,230
Real Estate Agent $83,126
Sales Engineer $92,040
Sales Director $109,261

Key Takeaways

Take a quick look at the highlighting information of this reference guide:

  • Follow a professional template to craft your sales cover letter
  • Provide it a personal touch by using the recruiter’s name instead of general remarks
  • Showcase your substantial achievements in the sales cover letter to prove your expertise
  • Mention your capabilities to generate leads and revenue for the company
  • Share your skills that are highlighted in the job description and not present in the resume
  • Perform thorough research on the company and its market competitors before writing a sales cover letter

Follow the guidelines given in this manual to build a professional sales cover letter in 2022. You can also use Hiration’s Online Resume Builder and Cover Letter Builder to craft a job-winning sales resume and cover letter for sales profiles.

In case of any hurdle, while using these digital career-building tools, you can use our 24/7 chat support or mail our experts at

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