Are you familiar with the resume personal statement?

It is the quickest way to introduce yourself to the recruiters and lay out your professional prospects in a short statement.

A resume personal statement can do the talking for you if crafted in the right way.

Let us discuss in detail about CV personal statement and get you started with all the dos and don'ts around it.

You can also get a deeper understanding of the following FAQs around resume personal statement:

What Is a Personal Statement on a Resume?

A resume personal statement is like a summary or objective of your resume.

It is a short paragraph that sums up your work experience, skills set, and achievements. A CV personal statement validates your efficiency as a professional.

The resume personal statements consist of the following points:

  • An introduction of who you are
  • The value you add to the organization
  • The objectives of your career

This short statement works magic on the recruiters during job applications. It makes it easier for them to identify your core skills and potential while raising your chances of landing the targeted job profile.

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Do You Need a Personal Statement on a Resume?

Providing a resume personal statement is important as it makes it easier for the recruiters to recognize your potential right away.

The main benefits of a resume personal statement are listed below:

  • It enables you to introduce yourself to the recruiters
  • It gives you the chance to showcase what you can bring to the table
  • It allows you to highlight your professional achievements
  • It provides you the opportunity to showcase your skills and strengths
  • It allows you to share your career goals or objectives

Simply put, resume personal statements are the window to your resume, and adding them to your resume can communicate your potential to the recruiters.

How to Write a Resume Personal Statement?

While some may think that drafting a resume statement is a complicated task, you should know that it is quite easy if done the right way.

You need to add only the important points that validate your professional capabilities in a resume summary statement.

Here is what you need to do to create the perfect CV personal statement.


Follow the given guideline to make your resume stand out amongst hundreds of applicants:

1. Introduce Yourself

Start your resume personal statement by introducing your professional self. Doing so will make the recruiters identify where you stand professionally right away.

Example: 5+ years experienced software engineer with a prolific track record in software and IT management.

From the given example, we can see how a short sentence is enough to make an impactful first impression on the recruiters.

It states who you are as a professional by highlighting your current or most recent job profile. It also states the years of experience and level of specialization you possess.

The trick here is to state the years of experience you possess and give an insight into your professional background.

2. Add Your Professional Achievements

State what you have achieved during your professional experience to demonstrate that you have the potential to produce desired results for the organization.

Example: Possesses extensive experience in administering development, implementation, and management of IT systems, resulting in improved accessibility.

This allows the recruiters to assess your caliber and determine your suitability for the targeted profile.

3. Mention Your Core Skills

A resume personal statement is not the place for you to brag about every skill that you possess, but a subtle mention of what your core skills are is enough.

Example: Highly skilled with Linux and Unix server architecture combined with an in-depth knowledge of a range of technological applications.

Mentioning some relevant skills, as shown in the example can make the recruiters recognize your efficiency in specific skills that they require their potential employees to possess.

4. Include Suitable Keywords

The Applicant Tracking System allows the recruiters to filter through hundreds and thousands of resumes to save time and select suitable applicants.

Hence, your resume needs to contain suitable keywords that are relevant to the targeted job profile. And the resume personal statement is one of the best places to include such keywords.

Practice drafting your resume personal statement after the rest of your resume is done and dusted.

Doing so allows you to pick important points and relevant keywords from the details listed in the main context of the resume and shed the spotlight on them.

Example: Junior web developer with 4+ years of experience in assisting the senior manager to develop and implement user interactive internal web pages by using languages such as HTML and CSS to enhance user interactions. Highly skilled in customizing content management systems to manage various website properties and deliver timely site redesigns.

If you are applying for a web developer profile, adding relevant keywords related to web development or programming languages can make your resume get past the ATS with ease.

Difference Between Resume Summary and Objective Statement

Both resume summary and objective statements give an overview of your resume but the messages they deliver are different.

A summary statement describes your qualifications and professional expertise that throws light on your suitability for the targeted job profile.

On the other hand, an objective statement describes your career goals and the kind of job or industry that you prefer.

A resume summary highlights what you have achieved and how it can benefit the organization. Whereas an objective highlights what you can bring to the table despite having no or very little experience.

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Tips for Writing The Perfect Resume Personal Statement

Here is a list of some dos and don'ts while drafting your resume personal statement:

  • Limit your personal statement to 3-4 lines
  • Include only important points
  • Highlight the years of experience you have (if you are an experienced professional)
  • Mention your relevant skills and expertise
  • Add relevant keywords as per the job description
  • Proofread your resume personal statement

Resume Personal Statement Examples

How do you write a personal statement for a resume?

The personal statement for resume needs to be customized according to the years of experience that you have and the skills that you possess.

Check out the given CV personal statement examples for reference:

Resume Personal Statement for Data Engineer

10+ years experienced data engineer armed with demonstrated capability of designing and maintaining data pipelines to facilitate deeper analysis and meet both functional and non-functional business requirements. Adept at liaising with product owners and business stakeholders to design scalable solutions by optimizing organizational processes. Proficient in creating highly scalable data processing frameworks to ensure a smooth business workflow.

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Resume Personal Statement for Graphic Designer

Enterprising graphic designer with 5+ years of experience in establishing brands through creative concepts. Proficiency with publishing tools comprising Photoshop, InDesign Quark, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro to deliver top-notch visual content. Efficient in analyzing products to create visuals that justify their worth and establish brands to elevate business growth.

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Resume Personal Statement for IT Professional

15+ years experienced IT professional with a proven track record of handling web development, design, and various interactive projects based on languages such as HTML, PHP, SQL, and XML. Highly skilled in leading teams of web developers and programmers to develop state-of-the-art corporate intranet and implement advanced CMS solutions using open source tools and Drupal. Adept at providing dynamic and marketing-friendly front-end solutions to assist management in performing SEO, web analytics, and A/B testing.

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Resume Personal Statement for Certified Professional

Certified business intelligence developer with 3+ years of experience in designing software solutions by translating business requirements into scalable BI projects. Proficient in ensuring the integrity of data while diagnosing and troubleshooting technological issues.

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Key Takeaways

  • Draft your personal statement after you complete the rest of your resume.
  • Always keep your resume personal statement short and precise within a 3-4 line limit.
  • Include details that reflect your achievements and core skills to validate your potential.
  • Customize your CV personal statement in line with the job description of the profile that you are applying
  • Add suitable keywords in your summary statement to rank high on the ATS

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