Design can be art. Design can be simple.

Paul Rand's word stand out because of it's depth in simplicity. Pretty much how recruiters envision cool resumes to be.

Designing can be easy but it might just get tough as the balance between simplicity and designing has to be maintained.

Poor designing can really ruin an otherwise good product.

Similarly, poor resume design templates can ruin an otherwise cool resume.

In the modern world, presentation can make you or break you. Same is the case for a resume.

Presentation matters in the case of resume as well.

Employment industry demands a good presentation of your career journey.

As we say, in 6-seconds a recruiter has to be impressed with attractive yet meaningful design to take a positive decision.

In the often-lamented tale of the recruiter-skewed world, you do not have many options: either learn to be a designer or forget it.

But here is the good news. You dont have to become a resume designer to make a creative resume design.

In this article we will explore our best selling templates and show you a way through it.

Creative Resume Designs Templates 2020

All the designs shown here are recruiter's favorites.

5 reasons why these simple resume design templates examples should be used for your resume today:

  1. These simple resume design templates are catchy and attractive.
  2. These simple resume design templates are sober yet stylish.
  3. These simple resume design templates increase your chances to land interviews.
  4. These simple resume design templates are compiled from our own collection and collection from web.
  5. These simple resume design templates present your content in the best possible manner.

How to design a resume?

Good resume designs allow your resume to stand out almost 3x more than a simple resume.

For more creative resume design ideas, you may check out Hiration's free online reference toolkit.

Hiration's resume tool offers the option to change resume designs with a single click.

However, if you are looking for using other cool resume design ideas, you should always ready the content first.

Once the comprehensive set of sections are ready, you may easily use an editor to change the colours

You may also opt for 30+ cool resume designs that our online resume builder offers.

Boxes in a Resume Design Template by Hiration

On the face of it, cool resume designs has little to do with boxes.

But, it is brilliant to observe how it changes the look and feel of an otherwise dull resume.

Boxes lend symmetry and clarity to the simple resume design template.

So, here's how to design a resume box design template.

New York Resume Design

 New York Resume Design

This cool resume design uses boxes in a more sober way with new york blue colour used to highlight the personal picture and candidate's name. Here's how to design a resume box with new york resume design.

This design emblazens the top header box with your current designation making it stand out among other resumes.

Headers and text are kept in white background making use of ample white space.

This design goes in 2-pages and incorporates a lot of information and content.


Bright Highlighted Headers in a Resume Design

Orange Twist Resume Design

Orange Twist Resume Example

This is yet another design which tells the tale of bright highlighted header in a resume.

This orange beauty fits the bill and is a perfect example of brightness blended with elegance.

Orange headings renders a symmetrical and clear look to the cool resume design.

This special resume design highlights your career summary apart from protruding picture and personal details.

For a 6-seconds resume scan what else can be a treat than quickly scanning through the highlighted career summary.
Try this cool resume design here

For a brilliant career summary and landing your dream interview, read our Guide on Career Summary.

Space Clever 1-pager Resume with double-coloumn Design Template

Global Citizen Red Resume Design

Global Citizen Resume Design Red in Color

This is one of our good resume design templates.

With the colourful header, it definitely shall give a happy heady feeling to your dream company's recruiter.

Care for how the content would be incorporated?

Do not worry as the stellar design takes care of this.

It uses 2-pages and double coloumn to incorporate your career information.

There is ample white space that renders clarity and professional feel to this resume design.

Let us compare it with this cool resume design:-

Simple Resume Design

Comparing our previous design with this wishy-washy resume design, it is evident how a change in design can increase your resume shortlisting by many folds.

Try this good resume design here

Besides, did you just secretly wish that resumes were sold in a shop? Do not worry and just use our Resume Builder to build a resume in as much time as your loved one prepares the dinner for you!

Gradient Green Resume Design

Resume Example Gradient Green

This cool resume design lends oodles of brightness and colour to your resume with usage of die-cut section designing.

It inherits boxes from our previous section and combines the double-coloumn design in the same.

Boxes give a neat look and seprates the information from other sections making it readable and understandable.

The popping green headers makes for clear and good resume design irresistible for the recruiter to ignore.

A gilded section for the personal picture adds to the increased probability of shortlisting.

Needless to say, usage of double coloumn saves space and makes it easy for the recruiter to read many sections at one go.

Typography is kept to the open sans font at the size of 12.

Try this resume design here.

Elegant & Vintage Resume Design Template

These are good resume designs which denote a vintage vibe with a touch of newness and elegance.

Traditional Blue Resume Design

Blue Colored Resume Sample

Embracing one our favorite designs, it comes very handy when you have to incorporate information of more than 15 years of career journey.

For our senior clients, this good resume design is a life-saver.

The white space is used very wisely to give a neat look to the othetrwise content heavy resume.

The colour palette is kept soft and the blue shade renders a lot of elegance to the resume design making it appear nothing but profesiionally fantastic.
Try this design here.

Timeline in a Resume Design Template

This good resume design cleverly captures your career journey in a stylish timeline format.

Signature Resume Design

Resume Template

This good resume design has a novelty of showcasing the information in the form of a timeline.

Additionally, it comes with a USP of adding your initials to the resume design.

This good resume design renders a consistent look and uses icons for all headings nodding to the designer's love for experimentation.

These good resume designs truly decodes the flavour of a timeline feel and makes it look really creative.

Try this design here.

Colourful Resume Design Template

Trendy Resume Design

Modern Design Resume Example

Striking multiple balance, this template is a designer's glory and a candidate's dream come true.

With its' quirky illustration, employing different colours for the icons and 2-coloumn architecture, this good resume design combines the best of different resume design templates mentioned before.

Use of bright, pink and orange accents renders colourful yet simple look to the resume due to the consistent use of white space and black text.

With ample white spacing and no header colours, resume feels rooted in its old world charm yet very useful for landing dream interviews.
Try this design here.

Coloumn Popper Resume Design Template

Professional Black Resume Design

Black Colored Resume Template

We are pretty drawn to this good resume design highlighting the details in 1 coloumn in a bright popping colour.

Referring to the image, this candidate has higlighted his extra-curricular achievements and selected projects in the popped up coloumn.

Needless to say, these details can always be replaced by sections like 'Certifications' and 'Awards & Achievements'.

This good resume design showcases a crisp and refreshing approach and is certainly a timeless classic.

Try this design here.

Classic Resume Design Templates found on Web

Graphical Resume Design

Graphical Resume Design Template

This rather bold illustration of resume content on a pale colour palette renders this good resume design an old press charm.

Good resume design comes across as unique with all credentials mentioned in some form of graphics.

As the next centruy resumes are going to be graphically inclined, it might be a greadt idea to get a hang of it.

You can find this good resume designed by Fay ZodiacFay here.

Creativity at its' Best Resume Design

Creative Resume Design

A template by Freebies, focuses on highlighting specific aspects of your resume like Education and Experience.

A print ready resume template is highly creative in the use of section structure and background graphics.

Go Groovy with this Modern Resume Design

Resume Design

As if this good resume design says - No looking back after this!

This is one good resume design which would sweep the floor underneath you with its groovy sections and mind blowing graphics.

The colours used are par excellence and the clever usage of icons and charts is heart capturing.

The creative response highlights the infinite possibilities in a good resume design.

This typographic resume design by Paolo Pettigiani would be perfect for someone who can get away with information displayed in small phrases as there is not much scope of too much information.

You can get this good resume design template on this link.

Minimalist Black & White Contrast Resume Design

Minimalist Resume Design

Minimalist is new word for peace and poise.

Same hold true for a good resume design.

A mute piece of paper though, this resume design does talk a lot about your poise and grace.

The resume is the first hand expression of your personality. And this minimalist resume design gives a lot of positive impression about you.

This is the best bet when everything else fails and when everything else is there to confuse you.

This is easy, soft on the eyes and quick to read through.

Never forget, simplicity still remains the best policy!

The link to this good resume design can be found here.

White is in! Resume Design Template

Resume Design

This is a good resume design with ample white space combined with soft pink and blue accents to give a light feel to the resume.

Letters are kept modern and sharp and black font colour is used through out.

You can find this good resume design template link here.

Picturesque Resume Design Template

Picturesque Resume Design

First thought which comes to our mind looking at this good resume design is...?


Someone's timeline?

Quite similar to modern day social media sites, this good resume design is what is required in the modern resume world with a picturesque cover picture displayed.

It again gives a very unique look distinguishing it from conventional resume design templates often used.

It is a sure hit in the employment industry and should be experimented with.

You can find this good resume design template link here

Pro tips to keep in mind while crafting your resume design

Spacing & Margins

Resume margins serve 2 important purpose in your resume:

  1. Enhances the visual appeal by giving more white space and symmetry to the resume design.
  2. Gives space to the recruiter to write short notes about you.

As a rule, you can set your margins at 1 point on all sides.

This gives ample space to the resume and your resume design does not appear jumbled.

Colour Palette

Contrasting colours definitelty enhance the readability of a text on web or print.

More colours do not mean colourful.

Whatever formatting you do reflects your personality and mind set.

So, a neon-green colour used in a resume design is surely a call for rejection.

There are high chances that the colour you use is heavily disliked by the recruiter and thus your application is rejected with the first glimpse.

Also, use of colours depend on the industry you are applying to.

If you are in industries like banking, finnace, analysis, then it makes sense to use soft colours like blue hues to highlight headings throught the resume.

Bright and bold colours can be use in graphic designing.

However, the safest bet is to use soft colour palette and enhance the creativity of the resume design yet giving it a professional look.

Font Type and Colours

Your resume font forms a very important part of your resume design template formatting.

A wrong font could ruin the entire look of your good resume design.

After a lot of research, we have come to some pro-tips to help you get through:-

  1. Go bold to highlight the important information like quantities, numbers, achievements, sub-heading in work experience section.

  2. Font size: 16 pts. for heading, 14 pts. for sub-headings and 12 pts.for text
    This size structure gives a look of a professionally made resume.

  3. Which font: Sans Serif turns out to be the best bet as far as a good resume design is oncerned.

Serifs are the small lines tailing from the edges of the fonts. It looks good in a printed text.

Open sans which is a sans serif typeface is minimalistic and modern font.

Reason for preferring open sans in a resume design is that web has a resolution of 100 dots per inch whereas prints have a resolution of 1000 dots per inch.

You can also prefer to use sans serif for small text and serif for normal text.

Hiration Pro Tip: Choose a font which diverts the reader's focus on the message conveyed and not on the font used.

A good resume design showuld never use more than 4 font size and 3 font style.

For more elaborate information, visit our Guide on Fonts

1-pager or 2-pager?

It all depends.

Yes. That is right.

It definitely depends on how much experinece you have and what the employer has aksed you to present.

So let us boil it down to few standard rules:

  1. Use a 1-pager resume if:

a. You are a fresher and looking for an entry level job.
b. You have been specifically asked by the employer to present a 1-pager resume.
c. You have less than 10 years of work experinece with not more than 2 jobs changed.

  1. Use a 2-pager resume if:

a. You have more than 10 years of work experience and have changed more than 2 jobs.
b. Employer has not given a restriction of number of pages.

For more details, please visit our Guide on 1-page Resume

Single coloumn or Double-coloumn

There is again no set rule. It is individual's preference and both the resume design formats go in the industry.

Double- coloumn resume design template appear to be more appealing, gives concise information in the very first page without the recruiter having to flip pages.

If the content is light in work experience section, double-coloumn template can be specifically used to give a content-rich yet organized look to the resume.

At the same time, 1-coloumn resume design template gives a sophisticated and sober look and can be definitely used if you have heavy content to present.

Key Takeaways

  1. While choosing the best resume designs for you, take note of your industry and decide what would work the best.
  2. Use bold colours only if you are very sure that it does not ruin the professional feel of the resume.
  3. Rule of thumb is to go light on colour palette for a good resume design template and do not use more than 3 colours. 2 colours are known to be the best.
  4. Use creative resume designs when you are in a creative arts industry like graphic designing, interior designing, etc. but use sober ones if you are in non-arts industry like banking, research, science, etc.
  5. While printing your resume, use a professional quality printer and paper. You can use a bond paper. You can use a patterned paper as well but it does not copy that well in a photostate machine.

Do you have any other creative resume designs which you would like to share?

For any queries, please comment below. We will be more than happy to help.