As we’ve mentioned previously, one of the reasons why candidates get rejected during interviews is due to their lack of knowledge about the company.

Employers want to hire people who are serious about working with the company and are genuinely interested in the position.

And a simple way you can showcase that is by researching the company before the interview and framing thoughtful interview answers based on your research.

You can start learning about the company by visiting their official website, LinkedIn & Facebook pages, and also by googling the company to check on any news related to the company.

You want to learn things about the company like:

  • What are the company’s core vision and mission statement?
  • What type of work culture do they have?
  • What are their recent milestones and achievements?
  • What products and services do they offer in the market?
  • When was the company established and who is the CEO?
  • Who are their major competitors?
  • How many people are employed by the company?
  • Does the company have any international operations?

Your research will also help you to identify aspects of the company that you can respect and relate to. This will help you frame impressive answers for common interview questions like:

Why do you want to work for us? & What do you know about the company?

In addition to that, the research will help you come up with rapport-building questions that you can ask the interviewers at the end of the interview.

This is how simple research can do wonders for you and give you a serious edge over other candidates.

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