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As members of the fast-paced film industry, production assistants have a lot of responsibilities to ensure minimal delays in the production process.

Some of these responsibilities include handling paperwork related to filmmaking and production and overseeing the optimal functioning of all equipment, including lighting, sound, and film sets.

Production assistant cover letters are incredibly useful to increase your chances of getting a shortlist. So, while you should get the format right, ensuring an impressive delivery of information will earn you more brownie points.

Assistant producer cover letters usually go hand-in-hand with resumes and so are supposed to be complementary to the resume. In this case, you must focus more on how your skills will benefit the organization more than your skills alone.

Here are a few FAQs that will get your gears turning:

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How to Write a Production Assistant Cover Letter

Keeping in mind that you only get one shot at nailing your application, here are a few tips that you need to cross off before sending in your production assistant cover letter and resume.

Film assistant jobs usually entail a lot of responsibilities, so the key to getting a shortlist is to tackle all of those requirements in an optimized manner.

Show That You are Qualified

The main purpose of production assistant cover letters is to show the recruiters that you are a great fit for the job. To effectively do that, you need to mention your skills concerning the role right in the beginning.

Within the first few lines, as you introduce yourself, you must mention how your skills will bear fruition at the company and how you can maximize your potential with their work environment.

To know more about it, you can check this guide on How to Start a Cover Letter.

Here is one of the production assistant cover letter examples for the opening paragraph:


Don’t Copy-Paste Details From Your Resume

Since your resume already has all the information about your professional life, writing them again will be a classic case of redundancy.

Instead, you can write about how your skills and experience will benefit the company. Needlessly going on about your skills and experience will only take up space, which you have to be careful about in a cover letter.

If you are confused as to the difference between writing a production assistant resume and a cover letter, you can check this guide on creating a Production Assistant Resume.

Quantify Achievements

Production assistant cover letters are extremely brief and to the point. Adding in achievement figures will drastically improve your chances of getting a shortlist because of the clear exhibition of your capabilities.

Such achievement figures could be there in your resume too, but adding them in cover letters can interest the recruiters into knowing more about you.

Here is a production assistant cover letter example to show you how you can integrate achievement figures:


Use Strong Power Verbs to Describe Yourself

To accurately depict your expertise, using appropriate action words can prove to be extremely helpful. Power verbs can also create an instant impression of professionalism and shows that you put effort into drafting your cover letter.

Using the right power verb can spruce up the little details that you write in your assistant cover letter.

  • Look at this example:
    I helped team members with roadblocks during projects

  • Here is an improved version:
    I spearheaded a team of 10 wherein I tackled issues by coordinating with team members and completed projects with a 20% reduction in timelines.

For more tips, here is a cover letter guide to equip yourself with all you need to know before you start!

Make it Short

Remember, cover letters are nothing but additions to your resume. So, all you need to do is make sure that you describe how you will be a good fit for the company.

Since the recruiters only care about knowing your qualifications, you should not let your cover letter go beyond a single page. To be more specific, your cover letter can be 3-4 paragraphs, and under 500 words.

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The Don’ts of a Production Assistant Cover Letter

In a cover letter for production company, you must ensure that your assistant producer cover letters have little to no errors in them.

If you think grammatical errors are all you can do wrong, here is an eye-opener and a quick guide to help you perfect your production assistant cover letter.

Sending the Same Cover Letter for All Applications

Jobs in film production are not where you can afford to be lazy, much like any other profession. While production assistant resumes can be customized with each application, you must commit to customizing your production assistant cover letters.

Receiving a random film production assistant cover letter that talks about generic skills are barely what recruiters want to see, as they sift through hundreds of applications.

Production assistant jobs come with different responsibilities and requirements from their applicants, and so the onus is on you to make sure that you hit the target with what employers need.

What Can You Do to Solve This?

Make sure that you talk deeply about how you will fit in their team and company and how your skills are what they need.

Do enough research on their works such as projects or seminars, and talk about that in your cover letter as your inspiration for wanting to join their team. Recruiters appreciate extra homework and knowing enough about the company is a great advantage you can hold above other applicants.

Here is how you can personalize your production assistant cover letter:


Using the Wrong Format

Production assistant cover letters follow the same format as formal letters. This includes:


You must take particular notice to ensure that the details you write on your production assistant cover letter are correct. The last thing you would want is to write the recruiter’s name incorrectly.

Here is how the beginning part of your production assistant cover letter should look:


Rectify This

Make sure that you follow the format given above accurately, with exceptions to any special requests from the company. To identify this, you must diligently go through the job descriptions and cross-check to see if your cover letter fits their requirements or not.

Find out more: How to Address a Cover Letter.

Taking Personalization to an Unhealthy Extent

While it is appreciable when candidates bring in a bit of their personality into their film production assistant cover letters, taking it too far can be unprofessional.

In a cover letter, you need not talk about details like:

  • Why did you leave your previous job
  • Salary expectations
  • Personal reasons for wanting a new job
  • Irrelevant work experience

To be precise, you need not talk about such details in any point of your job hunting process.

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Where Can You Draw the Line?

Usually, production assistant jobs do not require you to be entirely transparent with your reasons for wanting to join them. As long as you satisfy their requirements, you will be a suitable candidate.

Therefore, including personal details can only take away the impression you make with your skills, as it is highly unprofessional. The right way to do this is by writing about your achievements and how you can benefit the company.

The best way to add in personality is through phrases like Film Enthusiast or Detail-Oriented. The more you show your passion for the role, the better!

Follow the Instructions

It is crucial to review the job description provided by companies before sending any document for evaluation. If you value the job, make sure that you do not violate their requests. Not only will you waste your time with the application, but you will also successfully insult the recruiters by not following their demands.

What can you do?

Go over the job descriptions before and after you prepare your documents. The first time you go through them, make sure that you list down all of their requirements and draft your documents accordingly.

After you draft them, go through the descriptions once more to check if you missed any requests. Typically, recruiters mostly request candidates to send their documents in PDF or word format or ask them to answer any questions.

If the recruiter has specifically requested you to answer a question, craft it carefully by not beating around the bush and writing down what they need to hear.

How to Proofread your Cover Letter?

When it comes to jobs in film production, you definitely should not be sending in your first drafts, be it a production assistant resume or cover letter.

However, reading through it once will not be satisfactory either. Here are a few tips to get your proofreading process started.

Proofread by Sections

Production assistant cover letters are not just pieces of self-acclamatory writing, but there are specific factors you need to include.

Your first step would be to check the format of the cover letter and make sure that you entered all of your details correctly.

The second is to check if your film production assistant cover letter has a flow to it. Make sure that you include all of your achievements by following the cause-effect methodology.

Thirdly, ensure that you mention enough about the company and that the research you did is accurate by verifying it on the internet or local sources.

Get it Reviewed

Most times, when you write on your own, your eyes tend to gloss over the mistakes that you usually make out of habit. In this case, it can be advantageous to get your production assistant cover letters reviewed by your peers.

When you do this, you will be more likely to spot grammatical errors or change your content if it does not have a natural flow. In short, your friends and family can act as the added step of verification before you send your final production assistant cover letter.

Technical Assistance

Even if you get your production assistant cover letters reviewed by other people, grammatical or spelling errors can still go unnoticed.

Writing aids such as Grammarly or ProWritingAid can help you tackle those errors and make sure that the technical side of your cover letter is strong.

Production Assistant Cover Letter with No Experience

If you are fresh out of college and you want to apply for entry level film production jobs or internships, your cover letter would look a bit different. As you would not have all the work experience to provide, you would have to depend entirely upon your college activities.

To bag entry level production assistant jobs, you have to show that if not the work experience, you have the skills to be a part of their team. Along with your degree and university name, you can provide details like the clubs you are part of.

As a theatre student, if you have experience acting or producing any of your college shows, write them all down! You can also add your volunteer experience and any relevant course syllabus that you find particularly interesting.

Entry level film production jobs are not entirely challenging to crack, provided you do follow requirements in job descriptions and portray yourself as an amiable candidate.

Example for the skills section of a cover letter for film production internship:

As an actively contributing member of the Marlowe Theatre Club, I assisted in producing 10+ college shows by coordinating with actors and vendors providing stage props. Along with that, I played a pivotal role in expanding the scale of projects by introducing innovative light and sound variations by following budget constraints. By conducting social media campaigns, I assisted in acquiring actors for shows by hosting university-wide auditions.

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Film Production Cover Letter Sample

If you follow all of our tips, your film production assistant cover letter can look a lot like this!

Marva Kreel
Production Assistant
January 17, 2022

Donna Gem
Hiring Manager
Rocket Man Productions
221, Lombard Street
San Francisco, CA 94160

Re: Suitability for Production Assistant

Dear Ms. Gem,

I am stoked at the prospect of applying for the Production Assistant position at Rocket Man Productions in response to the job opening posted on LinkedIn. With extensive experience in managing camera and lighting equipment along with administering pre-shoot set-up, I will prove to be a valuable addition to your esteemed production team.

Presently, as the Junior Production Assistant at Cloudwater Pictures, I successfully trained a staff of 20+ professionals within 10 days to meet the schedule requirements of the lead actors. Additionally, with a great attention to detail, I have been writing press releases, articles, and pitch summaries for over 3 years to maintain positive reputation of the firm. I have leveraged my capabilities in identifying new techniques, resulting in 30% reduced post-production cost. During my stint as a Production Intern at Raymond Holt Theatre, I gained experience in reviewing and editing books and scripts to ensure adherence to film writing standards.

I am truly inspired by the passion for excellence that Rocket Man Productions upholds which makes it stand out as a paragon among other renowned production houses. I am an ardent admirer of your work ethics that values its employees and ensures a professional yet engaging work environment. I believe that my diverse experience in managing administrative duties to ensure seamless production processes will prove to be an invaluable addition to your stellar team.

Enclosed for your consideration is my resume. I’d appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my suitability and qualifications with you on call or in person. I am available at +1 415 653 3346 or

Marva Kreel

Enclosure: Resume

With our Cover Letter Builder, you can fill in your details to achieve the same degree of professionalism as such production assistant cover letter examples!

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Key Takeaways

Assistant producer cover letters act as the mediator that shows recruiters why you are the perfect fit for the position. You can nail your application by exhibiting your skills and qualities complementary to company requirements. Aside from that, here are a few tips:

  • Instead of repeating the information that you gave in your resume, try to give extra content by showing how you will use those skills in their team
  • As your production assistant cover letters should have your achievements, make sure that you include achievement figures to give it a boost of credibility
  • Refrain from sending the same generic film production assistant cover letter to all job openings as customizing is the main factor of including cover letters in applications
  • Proofread your production assistant cover letters by reading them yourself, sending them to friends and family, and using writing aids like Grammarly or ProWritingAid

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