With an average annual salary of $109,659and ranking as one of the top 10 list of America’s best jobs, the job profile of a product manager is highly lucrative and promising.

Amongst the various types of product managers specializing in different backgrounds, two of the most common product managers belong to the technical and product background.

However, to land a job as a product manager, having relevant experience and the right skill set is not enough. You also need to be able to effectively showcase your potential on your resume.

The technical product manager resume highlights technical expertise and experience that showcases your potential to bridge complex product development processes with business objectives.

Meanwhile, resumes for product managers with product background emphasizes your experience in driving product strategies and customer experiences.

Read on to see two brilliant product manager resume samples from technical and product backgrounds.

Product Manager Resume Sample for US - Technical Background

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Bella Swan
Product Manager
3+ years experienced technical professional with a prolific track record of managing cross-functional teams and overseeing product development from inception to deployment whilst ensuring seamless communication with stakeholders. Adept at conducting targeted user research to identify bottlenecks and propose suitable product enhancement solutions. Skilled at designing and engineering requirements to define metrics for measuring success.
User & Market Research • Project Overhaul • Strategic Planning • Feature Integration • SaaS • Budget Management
• Agile Methodologies Product Deployment Project Management Product Roadmap
Technical Skills: SQL, Google Analytics, Tableau, Unix, Notion, Figma
Assistant Product Manager
Global Solutions
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    • Completed a 16-week Carrer Accelerator program with a focus on tech product psychology, teardown, and management
    • Assisted in listing out detailed requirements for a PRD to improve product discoverability for Global Solution's returning users
    • Collaborated on a PRD to optimize experiences feature awareness for new Airbnb users and to increase brand awareness
    • Created wireframes for new features to increase user engagement and retention for Agoda mobile application
    Infrastructure Engineer
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      • Served as the primary contact of the Praxair Cloud Platform team for 3+ xPass technologies like Gridgain, Redis, and Kafka
      • Designed and developed a Cloud troubleshooting platform to identify specific issues with the company's Cloud infrastructure
      • Resolved user problems by gathering diagnostic information and improved developer experience for 2k developers
      • Monitored and tested network performance to compile statistics and report findings to management on a weekly basis
      Junior Engineer
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        • Developed 5+ applications to record employee information for 50k+ staff members by streamlining data into multiple platforms
        • Formulated 6+ automation initiatives by building use cases from scratch to automate reports and infrastructural gaps
        • Designed and built databases and APIs for the company's onboarding platform to streamline the hiring process
        • Formulated a hypothesis to do an RCA by gathering data and identifying precise pain points faced by the users | Sep '21
        • Created wireframes for the prioritized solutions and defined metrics to define success as part of a college project | Mar '19
        Technology Intern
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          • Assisted in designing a slack bot to automate job operations by integrating Control-M functions and reduced time to process large job batches by 50%
          • Conducted 10+ customer interviews to identify and resolve interface issues and prepare personalized demos for clients
          Stanford University
          Bachelor of Technology
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            • GPA: 4.5
            • Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner (ACPMPO) Certification | Coursera | Feb '22
            • Google Analytics Training | Udemy | Sep '22

            With technology companies having one of the highest recruitment rates of 51% for product managers, it is imperative to have a resume that highlights your technical background as demonstrated in the above sample.

            The candidate has over 3 years of relevant technical experience coupled with hands-on experience in product management.

            This product manager resume sample showcases the candidate’s career trajectory in a concise yet impactful manner, following the reverse chronological format and clear segmentation of the information with different sections.

            To highlight the candidate’s experience in product management, there is an additional section showcasing their key experiences with product work.

            Furthermore, a certification & training section that lists relevant courses that the candidate has completed adds to his credibility and proves his expertise in product management.

            If you are an aspiring product manager with a tech background, you can use this resume sample as a reference to create your own.

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            Product Manager Resume Sample for US - Product Background

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            Dennis Roger
            Product Manager
            4+ years experienced management professional proficient in analyzing business requirements to develop innovative program outlines that meet the company requirements. Armed with a demonstrated track record of leadership and interpersonal skills that facilitates smooth workflow and timely completion of the product lifecycle. Adept at driving efficient quality control throughout the product life cycle by implementing agile methodologies.
            • Project Management • Market Research • Business Analysis • Product Development • Process Optimization
            • Product Design • User Research • Root Cause Analysis • Product Consultation • Competitive Analysis
            Technical Skills: Figma, Postman, MS Visio, Signavio, SQL, Excel, Kibana
            Assistant Product Manager
            Trade Link
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              • Developed product-based case studies to increase user engagement in the Buzzfeed news application
              • Updated a PRD to re-engineer product features by analyzing new market trends and user feedback
              • Conducted market research and competitive analysis to formulate effective PRD for a new product
              • Enhanced SQL queries and added benchmark tests to improve product performance
              Product Consultant 
              Catalyst UX
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                • Provided 20+ clients with information and support related to product functionality & features on a daily basis
                • Automated material cost estimation process by re-engineering product lifecycle and saved $5k per month
                • Collaborated with cross-functional teams and 5 SMEs to develop business plans with timelines, milestones, and deliverables
                • Conducted target user research to optimize product roadmap and identify bottlenecks to save eliminate delays and waste
                • Created product presentations and presented them in 5+ trade shows to introduce new products to potential customers
                Software Engineer
                The Edge
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                  • Performed root cause analysis to identify bugs and established processes to reduce production failure rate by 80%
                  • Designed high-quality test plans for 10+ projects via requirements traceability to save the company $50k in annual costs
                  • Streamlined the refunds process by creating a single source of all refund requests and increased customer satisfaction by 60%
                  • Developed and maintained 5+ web-based applications and project documentation using SDLC developing standards
                  PRODUCT WORK
                  • Engineered 5+ product integration by deploying tools for campaign marketing, product development, and customer service
                  • Optimized processes by creating 2+ wireframes and defining metrics to measure product performance and success
                  Market Analyst (Intern)
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                    • Conducted in-depth research to identify target customers by analyzing web analytics to optimize marketing campaigns
                    • Analyzed sales funnels and customer intent to identify leads and growth opportunities for increasing product sales
                    Bachelor of Technology 
                    City College of New York
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                      • GPA: 4.5
                      CERTIFICATION & TRAINING
                      • Agile Certified Product Manager| Coursera | Nov '22
                      • Google Analytics Training | Google | Mar '23

                      With extensive experience in product management, this resume sample showcases the career trajectory of a candidate with 4 years of relevant experience in conducting market research, competitive analysis, and overseeing product development.

                      Since the resume is customized for the role of a product manager with a product background, the candidate’s experience in building product roadmaps, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and working on PRDs has been focused on.

                      To create a more impactful professional experience section, the candidate has described their experience using bullet points, action verbs, and quantified duties & outcomes.

                      This section has not only been used to highlight his duties in past roles but also to lay emphasis on how the candidate contributed to the growth of the company by executing those duties efficiently.

                      Also, the skills highlighted in the resume are not limited to soft skills but key product-focused skills that are crucial for the position.

                      You can use this resume template as a reference if you are an aspiring product manager with a product background.

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