As a job seeker who is starting out their career or simply switching jobs for better opportunities, having a compelling resume is imperative.

But, most of us are not aware of all the dos and don’ts of building a great resume and have no idea where to start.

And, with the added pressure of making it stand out to the recruiters within 6 seconds and ensuring that it ranks high in the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used by 75% of employers to filter resumes, it can be nerve-wracking to start from scratch.

The good news is, there are plenty of resume-building tools available in the market, some of which are free and simple to use.

With a single google search, you’ll find hundreds of platforms offering the same resume-building service. Among these are platforms like Overleaf and Hiration.

But then again, which is the best resume-builder that offers the most advanced features for free or at a limited cost?

Read on to get clarity on the same and other related queries like the following:

What is a Resume Builder and Why Should You Use One?

As the name suggests, a resume builder is a tool or software that helps users build a professional resume in less time.

Most resume builders come with pre-formatted templates, job-specific design and layout options, AI-backed features, pre-written content, and other customizable features.

Some resume builders like Hiration allow users to upload their old resumes, get them reviewed, and implement the AI-suggested actionable tips to improve and update their old resumes.

Using an advanced and feature-rich resume builder is crucial for job seekers due to the following reasons:

  • It saves a lot of time and streamlines the entire resume-building process
  • Ensures that your resume is ATS-friendly
  • Optimizes your resume for the specific job description or position
  • Comes with pre-formatted resume elements like fonts, spacing, margins, etc.
  • Gives your resume a professional look and layout
  • Best for job seekers who are not abreast with the latest resume trends and formatting guidelines
  • Helps stand out from the crowd of average resumes
  • Users can tailor their resumes to specific job descriptions quickly and easily

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Hiration vs Overleaf Resume Builder Features

To determine which is the better option out of the two, let’s go over the key features of Hiration and Overleaf resume builders one by one.

Hiration Resume Builder Features

Hiration is a comprehensive platform that only offers resume-building services but also comes with other professional tools like a resume reviewer, cover letter builder, Linkedin profile reviewer, interview preparation, and online portfolio builder.

Hiration’s resume builder is an advanced AI-powered tool that offers features that are unique to the platform, meaning, no other resume builder tools offer similar features in the market.

These features include:

  • An AI resume reviewer: Users can not only build a new resume but also get their old resume reviewed with a live score and actionable tips to perfect their resume and improve their resume score.

  • Job matcher: Users can copy-paste the job description of a specific listing they plan to apply to and have their resume assessed based on the skills gap and other requirements. This allows users to make a resume that explicitly showcases their potential to meet the requirements of their target role. (Hence increased chances of getting shortlisted)

  • Content suggestions: The tool also comes with role-specific content suggestions including skills, resume bullet points, and summary suggestions that can be a great help for users who are not sure about what they should write in their resumes.

  • One-click template design switch: With 30+ ATS-friendly templates, users can switch between the templates with a single click. Talk about ease of usage!

  • Customizable format elements: The templates are 100% customizable as users have the option to resize sections, change fonts, adjust margins and spacing, switch the section order, and remove/add custom additional sections.

Apart from these powerful features, Hiration resume builder comes with 24x7 chat support for users, the option to save the resume in Word or PDF format, and free and subscription-based versions at affordable rates.

overleaf resume vs hiration resume builder features

Overleaf Resume Builder Features

Overleaf resume builder is an online tool that offers LaTex format resume templates, an in-built drag-and-drop editor, and the option to add images and tables to the resume.

It offers spell-check and auto-formatting features to help users create a professional resume with ease. Users can also request peers and mentors to collaborate on a single resume with access to edit history.

Additionally, the Overleaf resume tool is integrated with well-known job search sites so that users can apply for jobs directly with their newly made resume.

However, the tool doesn’t offer customization features for text and fonts, and the platform also doesn’t offer a 24x7 customer support service.

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Hiration vs Overleaf Resume Builder: Which is the Better Option?

As you may have seen, in terms of features, support, and ease of usage, Hiratoion is clearly the winner with AI-backed features that not only help users make appealing but compelling resumes that are sure to get you shortlisted.

And since Overleaf resume builder is based on LaTex format, it can be confusing for first-time users and requires them to learn the basics to get familiar with the tool.

Additionally, LaTex is rather a CV-focused tool for research papers, university admissions, and academic purposes while Hiration is better suited for job seekers in the professional world, be they seasoned or freshers.

Hiration pro tip:
If you want more customization or personalization options, Hiration is your go-to option with a money-back guarantee on subscription-based versions.

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Tips for Making Your Resume ATS-friendly

One guaranteed way to ensure that your resume is ATS-friendly is to use Hiration’s resume builder which comes with 30+ ATS-friendly templates.

But, apart from that, you can follow the following steps from your end to ensure that your resume ranks high in the ATS and gets shortlisted:

  • Use the reverse chronological resume format that lists your most recent work experience in the beginning, followed by the older ones.
  • Match the profile title of your resume to the job title mentioned in the job listing.
  • Research relevant industry-specific keywords for your target position and add them throughout your resume.
  • Pick keywords from the job listing and include them in your resume. Ensure to match the vocabulary used in the listing with your resume.
  • Avoid using fonts with special characters, charts, and graphs in your resume as most ATS cannot scan data from illustrations and images.
  • Use a consistent date format throughout your resume. (Either MM/YY OR MM/YYYY)

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Key Points from the Blog

  • A resume builder is a tool or software that helps users build a professional resume in less time and comes with features like pre-formatted templates, job-specific design, and layout options, AI-backed features, pre-written content, and other customizable features.
  • Using a resume builder saves job seekers a lot of time and helps create a better resume that follows the latest resume trends.
  • Hiration resume builder offers one-of-a-kind advanced features like AI review, job matcher, content suggestions, one-click design switch, and 24x7 chat support.
  • Overleaf resume builder offers spell-check and auto-formatting features to help users create a professional resume with ease. Users can also request peers and mentors to collaborate on a single resume with access to edit history.
  • Hiration is a better option than Overleaf resume builder as it offers more advanced and comprehensive features, along with user-friendliness, and affordability.
  • You can make your resume ATS-friendly by including keywords, using the reverse chronological resume format, and using simple formatting elements.

If you want to create a job-winning resume within minutes, use Hiration’s AI-Powered Resume Builder with 24x7 chat support and write to if you have more queries.

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