Are you tired of spending hours creating the perfect resume, only to have it overlooked by potential employers?

A good resume builder can come to your rescue, but which one exactly? We will discuss Hiration's Resume Builder and Novoresume's Resume Builder in our blog today, two top-rated options for job-seekers across the United States.

With customizable templates and easy-to-use options, these resume builders take the stress out of the job search process. But which one is the best fit for you?

We have created an outline that will help you compare Hiration Resume Builder and Novoresume's Resume Builder, highlighting their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

The Importance of a Good Resume

Resumes are an essential part of any job search process. A candidate's resume is their first impression of a potential employer, and it can make or break their chances of getting an interview. According to a survey conducted by SHRM, hiring managers decide whether to reject or move forward with a candidate's resume in six seconds on average.

Job seekers might benefit from resume builders as they provide instructions on how to create and format their resumes. These tools frequently include resume writing suggestions that can easily be customized to suit the candidate's experience and qualifications.

Many online resume builders also offer additional features such as the ability to create a cover letter and receive feedback on the resume.

According to a study by TheLadders, professionally written resumes were 40% more likely to result in interviews than those produced by the candidates themselves.

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What are the Features of Hiration Resume Builder?

That is indeed us. You might think we’d be slightly biased here, but this entire article is a purely objective exercise to find the best resume builder for you, period.

That being said, we kid you not, but Hiration is mind-boggling! It is the ultimate AI-powered suite for showcasing your best self to help you move one step closer to your dream job! It has never been so simple to write a professional and ATS-friendly resume.

Our 30+ resume templates are designed to highlight your skills and accomplishments in the most effective way possible. You can modify and personalize your resume with a single click.

You can choose a pre-written sample based on your experience from 100+ resume examples. Trying to get a career in the creative sector or perhaps finance? We cover a wide range of subtle and eye-catching templates to neat and compact ones.

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To top it all off, Hiration’s resume builder also includes a groundbreaking AI assistant that can recommend bullet points based on your designation and work experience and help you make them more professional.

Take a gander at the features of Hiration’s resume builder that sets it apart:

  • AI Assistant that can recommend bullets based on your experience and job title
  • AI Review provides a real-time review of your resume that gives you a score based on your resume structure, skills, contact info, reverse chronology, and bullet analysis. Bullet analysis helps you create better points in your resume.
  • Job Match helps you to create customized resumes for every job you apply to by analyzing your target job description and determining if any critical key skills are missing from your resume. You can make your resume score better by following its suggestions.
  • Tips and guides to help you create an effective resume, with a number of personalized suggestions catering to each section.
  • Resume examples that are pre-written samples on the basis of your work experience or expertise/niche
  • Additional preferences are also present such as date format, page size, product tour, and FAQs


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What are the Features of Novoresume's Resume Builder?

Novoresume's Resume Builder offers you 16+ resume templates with a variety of double-column designs and an option to change the layout of the resume as per your preference. The tool is rather easy to use.

You choose a template based on your experience and the section of your choice that you wish to highlight. You can change the template design, fonts, color theme, layout, and other elements.

Along with that, Novoresume's resume builder provides you with a ‘My Content’ feature which is a dashboard where you can separately contain all the data that you use most often. You can copy this data and paste it into the current template.

With that being said, let us take a brief look at some of the features Novoresume's Resume Builder has to offer:

  • Optimizer gives you suggestions for each section of the resume and recommends input based on your profile
  • The ‘My Content’ is a comprehensive dashboard where you can gather section-wise data to refer to it while working on a new document
  • Layout gives the freedom to position sections as per your preference. There are both pre-designed and customizable options present
  • There are plenty of dual-color themes and background options present for all template designs
  • You can change the alignment of each section with the scale on the top of the resume editor

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Hiration vs Novoresume - Which one is better for you in 2023?

We are certain that by now you must have a basic idea about Hiration’s resume builder and Novoresume's Resume Builder. Now we come to the point where we help you decide as to which resume builder will be the best fit for you!

Let us start with some commonalities first. Both Novoresume's Resume Builder and Hiration demand only a minimal amount of technical expertise in order to operate. Users ought to be able to easily navigate the site and generate a polished resume because they involve little to no learning curve.

Both Hiration and Novoresume's Resume Builder have a free plan and a paid one that costs $9.99 per month. With their subscription plan, you can access premium templates, download resumes in Word and PDF formats, and share resumes with a unique URL.

But this is where the similarities end. Hiration’s Resume Builder leverages groundbreaking AI to personalize the resume for you.

Category Hiration Novo Resume
Guaranty 30-day money-back 14-day money-back guarantee
Customer Support Email, Chat and Phone Support Email Support
Job Description Analysis Present Absent
Bullet Recommendation Present Absent
Services Resume and Cover Letter Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Review, Interview Prep, and Digital Portfolio

Hiration’s AI-powered services set a class apart and are certain to be a treat for all job seekers out there struggling to craft a perfect resume!

Key Takeaways

Hiration's resume builder is a user-friendly tool that offers a variety of templates, customizable sections, real-time content optimization, and AI-powered writing assistance to make creating resumes a breeze.

Whereas, Novoresume's Resume Builder is more focused on the layout and visual elements of resumes to make them as pretty as a picture.

  • Studies show that professionally written resumes were 40% more likely to result in interviews than those produced by the candidates themselves.
  • Hiration has some more advanced tools as compared to Novo Resume when it comes to perfecting a resume such as AI review and job matcher.
  • Novo Resume provides email support whereas Hiration provides email, chat, and phone support.

Therefore, we recommend you avoid further delay and check out Hiration’s all-encompassing career service platform with 24/7 chat support for all your professional needs - from building a shortlist-worthy resume and cover letter to optimizing your LinkedIn profile, preparing for interviews, and more!

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