The IT industry is one of the rapidly growing and developing sectors of the 21st century.

It has become a booming industry as it hasn't slowed down even during the pandemic.

Amidst new technologies, many new employment opportunities are accelerated, including network engineer and network administrator.

These are two popular jobs in the IT industry with a high pay scale.

Network engineer jobs focus on overseeing the ins and outs of all applicable computer network systems.

They ensure the synchronization between business goals and network specifications within an organization. Here, we will walk you through:

Network Engineer Jobs

What do you mean by a network engineer? What are network engineer jobs?

Network engineers, also known as network architects, are professionals that work to maintain smooth and effective network connectivity, including phones, computers, routers, intranet, and extranet.

A network engineer plans, constructs, and manages networks on which the company is dependent.

If you want to become a network engineer, you need to be an experienced technical specialist who knows to maintain network connectivity. Additionally, you must have the ability to oversee the ins and outs of all applicable systems.

What is the Demand For Network Engineer Jobs?

Technology does not appear to be coming to a standstill anytime soon. Every passing year witnesses the industry's technological aspect of operations evolving.

As a result, the demand for effective computer networking is also increasing rapidly. From medical to insurance, banking to education, we are all connected to a network.It emphasizes the need for network engineer jobs in every industry.

A network engineer job description may not be popular now but will emerge as one. According to BLS, it is estimated that network engineer jobs are estimated to grow 6 percent from 2016 to 2026.

Let us look for some reasons of 'why is network engineering a good career?':

  • Valuable position

A network engineer plays a vital role in the growth of an organization. In this position, you will be responsible for managing and securing the entire networking system within a company.

  • Work with new technologies

As a network engineer, your job is to be the backbone of the company. You are responsible for maintaining and managing the entire network system. This requires an in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies.

  • Limited workforce

Considering the high demand, the number of network engineers is very less in the United States. This reason makes it some of the most prominent career niches of the current time that can offer you a fascinating remuneration.

As an ever-evolving industry , this career will offer endless possibilities for growth. The latest technologies will introduce you to growing opportunities. For instance, cloud computer engineers, network security engineers, network architects, and more.

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Network Engineer Job Outlook

Arecent study revealed that, computer network engineer jobs are expected to grow 5% between 2020 and 2030.

Computer network engineers are expected to have roughly 11,000 opportunities each year on average over the next decade despite the slow job growth.

Most of those opportunities are projected to emerge from the need to replace people who change occupations or leave the workforce for other reasons, such as retirement.

Network Engineer Jobs Salary

A network engineer's salary ranges between between $85k to $100k per annum in the United States. The average base salary for a network engineer job is $87,248/yr in the United States.

The salary range depends on skills, experience level, and geographic area you bring on the table.

While another data suggests a junior network engineer jobs salary with less than 1-year experience on an average is $60,516 per annum. As an early career with 1-4 years of experience, you can earn an average total of $68,784 per annum.

A senior-level network engineer jobs salary with more than 10 years of working experience is $86,994 per annum. The data discussed salary range for network engineers is according to Payscale.

You will also get the opportunity to earn bonuses, and some employers offer profit-sharing programs. The working hours for network engineer jobs are 40 hours a week.

How to Become a Network Engineer?

You’ll first need a bachelor's degree for a junior-level network engineer job. You can secure your bachelor's degree in network operations, information systems, or computer engineering.

In case you don't have a relevant bachelor's degree, you can gain critical on-the-job experience. Your experience will add value to your career path along with your organization's growth.

Since network technology is changing rapidly, you should train yourself and earn several information technology certifications. These certifications will upgrade your skills and can offer you senior level network engineer jobs.

Here is a list of common tips on how to become a network engineer:

  • Study your bachelor's degree in a relevant field
  • Read the current job postings to get an idea of the qualifications needed
  • Get a junior level network engineer's job to gain experience
  • Talk to industry experts and find mentoring to understand the best possible opportunities
  • Gain knowledge and get recognized institutions certifications
  • Learn about specific devices and brands which are helpful in your role

Certifications Required

Get certifications as they will look great on your resume. At the same time, they will also help you harness the right skills to excel as a network engineer. For example, Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, and Linux offer brand certifications.

Here is a list of some recognized certifications:

Network Engineer Skills

We have read above how skillset and other factors can vary the average base salary for entry level network engineer jobs.

Not only the basic skills, but there are some specific technical and soft skills a network engineer should acquire. Most recruiters look for these mentioned skills in their resumes.

Technical Skills Key Skills
Firewall and security Analytical skills
Networking design Time Management skills
Programming language Excellent Communication
Cloud computing Reliable Documenting skills
Networking Effective Leader
Basic knowledge of operating systems Creative skills
Good communication Team Building skills
Problem-solving and troubleshooting Multi-tasking skills

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What Does a Network Engineer Do on a Daily Basis?

Network engineer jobs revolve around the network of an organization. You must be good at troubleshooting issues in your company's enterprise-wide networks.
You have to maintain security and firewall software on computer network systems. You also need to have the right mix of IT knowledge and problem-solving experience.
And as this kind of engineer, your activities and responsibilities will include:

  • Configuration: installing the necessary equipment including routers, VPNs, proxy servers, switches, WAN accelerators
  • Maintenance: network updates, upgrades, and installation of patches or service packs.
  • Performance: monitoring, troubleshooting network systems, and ensuring new ways to improve network performance
  • Security: managing security systems, and performing data storage best practices
  • Optimization: working with vendors and software providers to ensure optimal network operation.

What Does an Associate Network Engineer Do?

If you are wondering what does an associate network engineer do, then keep in mind that the duties are more or less similar. An associate network engineer eases the work of network engineer by maintaining quality and stable systems in collaboration with the workforce.

Here is an answer to what does an associate network engineer do:

  • Take care of the network programmability and engineering policies.
  • Maintain and monitor LAN and WAN infrastructure.
  • Look after the hardware components such as cabling and wiring.
  • Prevents easy access to confidential data.
  • Performs diagnostic testing and suggests debugging techniques.
  • Examines the performance of networks and telecommunications systems.

Network Engineer Job Description

A network engineer is a tech expert. You must know how a computer network system, hardware infrastructure, and other associated systems function from the inside out.

A network engineer jd will focus on developing, maintaining, and managing existing network systems. As a network engineer, you have to install new network systems to ensure that network quality standards are maintained. The role also includes the responsibility for managing network security.

A great network engineer works ahead of time. You need to identify issues timely and resolve them. As per the network engineer job description, you should have a bachelor's or master's degree.

You require a strong understanding of the hardware infrastructure. Also, a skilled network engineer should have analytical, communication, and time management skills.

However, many companies prefer network engineers who are fluent in coding languages such as Python, C++, or Java.

Key Points

Network engineer jobs are growing tremendously. Yes, it is a good career option in the IT sector with a limited workforce. So the competition is relatively less, and the pay is good.

Let us have a quick view at some points through this guide:

  • Keep learning new programming languages to maintain error-free connectivity
  • Stay up-to-date with the technologies so that you don't lack behind in the competition
  • Keep acquiring skills with the necessity to grow
  • Gaini work experience with startups or freelancing to enhance organizational skills
  • Network engineering roles often require years of experience. After getting your degree, you can look for positions like network technician, systems administrator, network administrator, and similar titles as a start.

These guidelines will help you kickstart your network engineer career. In addition, you can try Hiration’s Career Building Platform to boost your career and bag your targeted job in 2023.

It is an AI-powered platform that has a 24/7 help service for all your job & career-related queries.

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