With budget constraints and a packed workload, you might be wondering how to stretch your career center’s resources further to better support your students.

Hiring more staff is not an option. So, what's the feasible solution?

The answer lies in embracing the AI revolution.

Platforms like Hiration and Jobscan are here to be the extra set of hands you’ve been looking for.

Hiration, with generative AI at its core, transforms your students’ resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters from average to outstanding. And did we also mention our platform prepares them for interviews too?

Meanwhile, Jobscan harnesses the power of ATS-beating algorithms to meticulously analyze and optimize your students' resumes and cover letters, ensuring they stand out in the competitive job market.

Intrigued to find out which platform could be the better option for your career center?

Let’s dive in to see which one of these platforms can become a powerful extension to your career advisory team, sans the hefty price tag.

Hiration vs Jobscan: What Do They Bring To the Table?

While Hiration and Jobscan serve the same battlefield - easing the work for career centers - they march to the beat of different drums.

Both platforms spotlight resume optimization, yet Hiration brandishes a broader sword.

It’s not just about resumes; our platform offers a comprehensive AI-powered toolkit for interview preparation, optimizing LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters, including a separate dashboard for your career center.

By consolidating all essential career preparation tools under one roof, our platform not only streamlines your process and enhances student support with utmost efficiency but also offers a cost-effective solution, enabling you to serve 10x more students without financial strain.

Jobscan, with laser focus, targets the resume, LinkedIn optimization, and cover letter game, wielding ATS-beating algorithms to ensure every word aligns with employer expectations.

Here’s a deeper look into the products and features offered by Hiration and Jobscan:

Jobsscan vs Hiration: The Resume Builder


Let’s delve right into the heart of Hiration’s resume builder features:

  • Dashboard & Resume Creation: At the core of Hiration is the My Resumes Dashboard, where your students can effortlessly create, adjust, view, and share their resumes. Whether starting afresh, leveraging a pre-designed template that speaks to their individuality, or updating an existing resume, this dashboard acts as a streamlined control center for all their resume crafting needs.
  • Immediate AI-Powered Feedback: With Hiration, your students don’t need to wait for an appointment to get feedback on their resumes. A sidebar loaded with real-time scores and in-depth, actionable AI-driven feedback offers direct, useful tips, helping students to polish their resumes with precision.
  • Rewrite with ChatGPT: With just a simple click, students can get multiple optimized versions of any resume section, thanks to the integrated rewrite with ChatGPT feature. It’s like providing your students with a personal resume reviewer, only better.
  • Expand bullets with ChatGPT: Following the AI resume review, students can enhance the poor and average bullet points through a targeted questionnaire. They can either choose the answers from a set of predefined options or write the responses manually and submit them to generate a fresh, enhanced bullet.  
  • Job Match: Through this cutting-edge feature, students can match their resumes against particular job listings they choose, to identify any skills/areas where they may be lacking and ensure their resume is precisely what employers are looking for. Meaning - 3x more interview shortlists!
  • Adaptable Resume Editing Tool: With Hiration, editing resumes become a blend of ease and versatility. Offering over 30 ATS-compliant templates, it allows students to switch between different design templates and add custom resume sections with a single click.
  • Round-the-Clock Support: Hiration's around-the-clock chat support and a comprehensive FAQ section ensure your students have support whenever they need it, providing timely solutions to any issues they might face.


While Hiration streamlines the resume-building process by bundling features like job matching, AI assistance, ChatGPT rewrites, and resume reviewing into a convenient, unified tool, Jobscan takes a different route.

Jobscan opts for a more segmented approach, dedicating distinct tools to cater to specific needs within the resume-building and optimization process:

  • Resume Bullet Points Generator: This tool allows students to generate detailed and tailored statements about their skills, ensuring that every bullet point on their resume resonates with the job they're aiming for.
  • AI Resume Tool: Leveraging AI, this feature aids in crafting an outstanding resume from the ground up. It guides users through each section, offering insights and suggestions to improve content quality and relevance.
  • Resume Power Edit: Integrating AI-powered software, this editing tool provides users with suggestions for refinement and enhancement in real-time, making the resume editing process more intuitive and effective.
  • Resume Builder Tool: This feature allows users to construct an ATS-friendly resume from scratch, emphasizing the creation of a format that is not only appealing to human recruiters but also navigable by ATS.
  • Resume Optimization Report: This tool analyzes a resume’s alignment with job listings and ATS requirements, offering a detailed report on how to optimize the resume to increase interview chances.

However, handling multiple tools for each aspect of resume enhancement can seem scattered and potentially overwhelming for students compared to Hiration’s all-in-one convenience.

Hiration vs Jobscan: LinkedIn Profile Optimizer


Hiration's LinkedIn Profile Optimizer tool is a game-changer for enhancing online professional visibility. Here’s how it can empower your students:

  • Instant Profile Review: Your students can easily upload a PDF of their LinkedIn profile to receive an immediate, comprehensive analysis.
  • User-Friendly Guidance: A pop-up gif explains how to convert a LinkedIn profile to a PDF, making the upload process straightforward.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation: Our platform reviews critical elements of your students’ LinkedIn profiles, including:  Profile URL Header Location About/Summary Experience Education Skills  
  • Downloadable Report: All findings are summarized in a single report, allowing for easy download and action.
  • Scoring System: Your students receive a unique score out of 100 that reflects the overall effectiveness of their LinkedIn profile, guiding where improvements are needed.
  • Detailed Section Analysis: Each profile section comes with an AI-powered, in-depth review, explaining:  What went well and areas for improvement Why and how to make those improvements Pro-tips for optimization Sample profiles and reference images for inspiration  
  • Iterative Feedback Loop: After updating the LinkedIn profile based on Hiration’s suggestions, students can re-upload it to see how their score improves, encouraging ongoing enhancement.


Meanwhile, Jobscan’s LinkedIn Optimization tool includes features like:

  • Profile Scoring: Jobscan evaluates profiles based on keywords, completeness of key fields, and the quality of critical sections like the headline, summary, and work experience. This ensures each student's profile is competitive and recruiter-ready.
  • Insightful Comparisons:  Unveils essential skills and keywords missing from the student's profile. Offers a full optimization report with specific LinkedIn search insights. Provides actionable tips and example phrases to enhance profile content.  
  • Tailored Optimization Advice: Students can input three of their dream job listings, receiving personalized guidance to elevate their profiles and better match these roles.

Hiration vs Jobscan: Cover Letter Builder


Hiration's Cover Letter Builder offers a streamlined, user-friendly experience similar to its resume builder.

Here's how it can empower your students to create standout cover letters:

  • Design Flexibility: By clicking "Create A New Cover Letter," students are presented with 30+ templates, paving the way for them to choose one that aligns with their career goals. Whether starting from scratch with a blank template or selecting one tailored to a specific role, the platform caters to every student’s unique needs.
  • Enhanced Customization: Students can tweak designs anytime, engage with the formatting toolbar for strategic emphasis, and refine the aesthetic appeal through adjustments in margins, color themes, and line height.
  • Job Match Customization: The Job Match feature allows students to tailor their cover letters to the nuances of a specific job description, ensuring relevance and impact.
  • Simple Finalization and Sharing: Students can easily preview, edit, download, or share their cover letters in a few clicks.


On the other hand, Jobscan, just like its approach to resumes, offers 2 distinct tools for perfecting cover letters:

  • Cover Letter Generator: This tool is a quick fix for students needing to draft a captivating cover letter without spending too much time. With just a few inputs, it generates a personalized cover letter that speaks directly to the student's strengths and goals.
  • Cover Letter Optimization Report: Taking it a step further, this tool focuses on fine-tuning the cover letter to ensure it passes the muster with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and catches the recruiter's eye. By analyzing the cover letter against industry-standard keywords and phrases from the job description, it provides a detailed report on how to optimize the letter to increase the chances of landing interviews.

Hiration Bonus: ChatGPT-powered Interview Preparation

Hiration sets itself apart with its Interview Prep tool, a feature currently unmatched by Jobscan, providing your students with a distinct advantage in interview preparation.

This product demystifies the often daunting process of interview preparation, breaking it down into two manageable actions: Practice and Learn.

Once your students access the Interview Practice tab, they're guided smoothly into either the Practice Module or Learning Module, equipped with intuitive pop-ups for direction.

Key Features Include:

  • Diverse Question Bank: Students have access to questions assigned by you for a single attempt and counselor plus AI review, alongside pre-curated mock interview questions for limitless practic with instant AI feedback.
  • AI-Powered Feedback: With just camera and mic access, Hiration's AI evaluates body language and speech in real-time, providing personalized feedback on aspects like posture, eye contact, and speech patterns, contributing to a holistic preparation approach.
  • Comprehensive Answer Analysis: Post-interview, students receive an overall score and in-depth reviews powered by ChatGPT, detailing both strengths and areas for improvement. Our platform goes the extra mile by offering Refined Answers and dissecting speech and body movement to highlight how each response could be better aligned with recruiters' expectations.
  • Learning Module: For in-depth preparation, the learning module presents two paths: a fast track with 7 modules and 14 video lessons or a deep dive with 13 modules and 32 video lessons, catering to different learning styles with text, visuals, and quizzes.

But that's not enough, of course!

  • Hiration offers a dashboard specifically designed for career services professionals to oversee and streamline the career preparation process efficiently. This unique feature ensures seamless onboarding, the ability to invite team members, manage student cohorts, and initiate comprehensive email outreach campaigns.
  • Coupled with an unwavering commitment to data protection and privacy, Hiration aligns with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), providing a secure and trustworthy platform where students' personal and educational information is guarded with the utmost care.

Conclusion: Why Hiration Triumphs

Wrapping up our exploration, you've seen how Hiration and Jobscan bring unique advantages to the career prep table.

Between Hiration’s comprehensive, AI-powered platform enhancing everything from resumes to interview skills, and Jobscan’s focus on beating ATS systems, the choice becomes clear.

Hiration emerges as the superior choice offering a streamlined, all-encompassing solution to career services.

Our platform is built to accommodate thousands of students at once, guaranteeing constant availability without any limitations on operational hours, thus offering limitless scalability to match every requirement.

Unlike Jobscan, which segregates its tools, Hiration's integrated platform encompasses a comprehensive AI-powered toolkit, simplifying the process from resume and cover letter crafting to LinkedIn profile optimization and, distinctively, interview preparation.

Plus, our platform’s dedication to data protection & privacy, along with a specialized dashboard for career services further elevates its appeal, providing a secure environment for you and your students' growth.

Top universities and colleges like NYU Stern School of Business, Brandeis University, APUS-AMU, and several others are already scaling their career services through us.

So why the wait? Book a free demo as per your schedule with us and see for yourself how easy and effective preparing your students for their future careers can be.

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