What job allows you to work alone?

If you are an introvert pondering this question, you’ve come to the right place.

Although every introvert can have different characteristics, they generally have shy, introspective, and reserved personalities.

Introverts enjoy having your alone time and are not as comfortable with recurrent social interactions.

And while public speaking and collaborating on projects with a large group of people may not be your forte, introverts have skills that can help them thrive in certain roles.

Read on to probe which jobs for introverts suit you the best and get clarity on the following questions:

Perfect Jobs for Introverts

The key to having a fulfilling career wherein you can leverage your skills and personality to excel is by assessing the type of jobs that suit your personality and interests.

Studies show that your personality influences the early outcomes of your career and thus, by finding the best jobs for introverts, you can discover what career suits you the best.

The best jobs for introverts generally check the following boxes:

  • Jobs that primarily involve independent work over collaborative work with large groups
  • Prioritizes active listening skills as a key requirement
  • Quiet work spaces rather than busy or fast-paced work environments
  • Doesn’t involve constant work reporting or presentation
  • Involves more one-on-one interaction rather than public speaking
  • Doesn’t require one to be socially pleasant around the clock

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Highest-paying Jobs for Introverts

Given below are some of the highest-paying jobs for introverts that you can consider applying for:


Accountants are one of the best jobs for introverts because it usually involves working independently and dealing with clients one-on-one.

You will be responsible for preparing, reviewing, and analyzing financial statements/reports for your clients to help them make the best financial decisions.

Accountants can be employed by large-scale companies or they can also choose to work independently with private clients.

Aspiring candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance, along with a state license.

The average annual salary for accountants in the US is $66,500.


Architects generally work alone by planning, designing, and creating blueprints for buildings, houses, offices, and other structures, making it a suitable job for introverts.

To land a job as an architect, you must have a bachelor’s degree in architecture and the necessary licenses, coupled with exceptional problem-solving skills.

You will mostly be working with individual clients with minimum social interaction while earning a comfortable average income of $76,000 per annum.


If you enjoy working with numbers and are skilled in maths, statistics, and financial theories, an actuary is one of the best jobs for introverts.

The general responsibilities of an actuary include:

  • Advising companies on pricing insurance policies and ways to comply with regulatory standards and balance the capital
  • Forecasting financial risks to companies or clients and strategizing plans to mitigate said risks
  • Designing and testing insurance policies and other investments for clients to minimize risk and increase profitability

Most of the work that actuaries are tasked with is done from a computer, minimizing the need of working in large groups.

One of the most important requirements to become an actuary and earn a median annual salary of $113,000 is that you must clear the Actuarial Common Entrance Test (ACET) and Actuarial Science Stages to become certified.

Professional Photographer

One of the most interesting jobs for introverts, becoming a professional photographer is a great option if you despise 9 to 5 jobs and have an eye for beauty.

As an introvert, you can choose a niche that doesn’t include people photography and take professional pictures of wildlife, landscapes, and nature.

You can either sell your photos on online platforms like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Canva, etc. or choose to work for large-scale companies. Both ways, you will mostly work alone.

Plus, you don’t need a formal degree to become a professional photographer. All you’ll need is good creativity and technical knowledge about working a camera.

On average, professional photographers earn between $35,093 and $78,488 per year in the US.


A silent workspace that allows very little chit-chat equals an ideal workplace scenario for introverts.

Becoming a librarian offers just that and therefore, is one of the best jobs for introverts.

As a librarian, you will be responsible for helping visitors find books, and preparing catalogs and periodicals while maintaining an inventory of library supplies.

Most librarians have a master’s degree in library science or information studies and earn a median salary of $58,190 per year.


A writer is a no-brainer option when it comes to jobs for introverts as it requires minimal social interaction.

If you have a natural flair for writing, you can become a writer and choose from an array of niches, depending on your interest.

From writing intriguing stories and poems to creating technical manuals and booklets, your work will vary depending on the niche you choose.

Writers can also take up editing, copywriting, and proofreading work, while working independently or with a company.

On average, writers in the US earn an annual salary of $56,986 per year, or $22.58 per hour.

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best jobs for introverts with anxiety

Entry-level Jobs for Introverts

While most of the high-paying jobs for introverts require relevant experience in the industry, there are ample jobs for introverts with no experience as well.

Here’s a list of entry-level jobs you can choose from:

Animator Graphic Designer
Blogger YouTuber
School Counselor Underwriters
Veterinarians Video Editors
Translators Bookkeeper
Transcriptionist Carpenter
Artist Landscape Technician
Programmer Drivers
Day Trader Gamer

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Online Jobs for Introverts

Since the onset of the pandemic, most of the jobs are now virtual and offer a work-from-home option, which is very suitable for introverts.

Take a look at the following remote jobs for introverts that you can bag:

Blogger Virtual Assistant
Proofreader Amazon Seller
Drop Shipper Notary Loan Signing Agent
Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) Search Engine Evaluator
Game Designer Social Media Manager
Web Developer Website Designer

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Tips for Finding Good Jobs for Introverts with Anxiety

Although being an introvert with anxiety brings a different set of difficulties while finding jobs, with the right guidelines, you can streamline the process for yourself.

Given below are some tips that will help you bag rewarding jobs for introverts with anxiety:

  • Identify Your Strengths: Most introverts are detail-oriented, are good listeners, observant, and empathetic. Find a position that values these qualities.

  • Build a Great Resume: Your resume is the first thing that recruiters will see to assess your potential and decide whether or not to call you in for an interview. Ensure that your resume highlights your strengths and achievements and is tailored to the specific job description. Doing so will help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Write a Cover Letter: If you have good writing skills, a thoughtful cover letter can help you express more as an introvert. You can showcase how exactly your strengths, skills, and experiences are aligned with the recruiters' requirements to exemplify you're a great fit for the role.

  • Prepare for Interviews: The best way to reduce anxiety and relieve the pressure of interviews is by preparing well ahead of the day. This is especially important for introverts as practicing common interview questions and knowing what to expect during interviews will help you prepare mentally and ace your interview. Frame your interview answers by researching the company and analyzing the job description.

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Key Points from the Blog

  • The best jobs for introverts involve independent work over collaborative work with large groups and prioritizing active listening skills as a key requirement.
  • Architects, actuaries, accountants, librarians, writers, and professional photographers are some of the highest-paying jobs for introverts.
  • Animator, graphic designer, driver, artist, school counselor, and underwriter are some of the entry-level jobs for introverts.
  • Blogger, virtual assistant, proofreader, drop shipper, and web developer are some of the online jobs for introverts.

Should you require expert assistance to find jobs for introverts, visit Hiration’s Career Activator Platform which offers 24x7 chat support. You can also write to us at support@hiration.com.

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