Do you also think getting a highly stressful job is the only way to become successful?

Stress is viewed as part and parcel of a well-paying job. The amount of stress many jobs bring can be immeasurable for many. According to 2019 workplace stress data, approximately 55% of the working force in the US is stressed at work.

In such a case, finding a low stress job can be challenging. If you are struggling with stress at work, it's time you switch to a mellow life with less anxiety. But is it possible?

Read on to learn about the best paying low stress jobs that are satiating, well-paying, and respectable.

What Causes Stress at Jobs?

If you are not enjoying your job or see it as a tedious task you have to get through everyday, you will naturally feel more stressed. However, various factors can make working in a company dreadful, which in turn increases your stress.

Given below are some reasons you might be feeling stressed at work:

  • Low Morale: If you are constantly feeling a dip in your energy level and are unwilling to do the assigned tasks, you can feel hopeless, which will add to your stress level.
  • No Work-Life Balance: If your job occupies most of your time, you might feel constant stress and exhaustion. It is important to balance out your work with other stress-busting activities.
  • Poor Management: No matter how well you perform, if the management is constantly criticizing you negatively and doesn’t appreciate your effort, you will start doubting your work and get stressed out .
  • Job Insecurity: If you are constantly worried about losing your job, you might never be able to perform your best, which could also increase your stress level.
  • Poor Working Ambience: If your office doesn’t have a healthy working environment that includes people with a positive mindset and good hygiene, you might suffer from high-stress levels.

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What are the Key Requirements for Low Stress Jobs?

An ideal scenario for sound mental health will be if your job pays well and is less stressful. While it is true that every job comes with some stress, many create unnecessary stress for the employees.

You can easily handle stress and find less stressful jobs if you are more aware of yourself.

Given below are some points that can help you decide if you fit well for a low-stress job:

  • Qualification: If you have the right qualifications, you will find a suitable job that you will enjoy. It will allow you to perform well, be satisfied with your work, and not suffer from stress.
  • Skill: If you hone your skills, you will be able to grow in your career, which will bring you satisfaction and peace with your work life.
  • Experience: Having relevant experience is the key to any less stressful job. If you know how to do what is expected of you, you will lead a stress-free work life.

Should You Switch Careers to Avoid Stress?

If your job is causing you unmanageable stress, there is no second thought about why you shouldn’t strive to get low stress jobs. Although you might think switching careers might be risky, nothing is more dreadful than turning up to a stressful job every day.

You can expect some stress in every job, but if a job is not allowing you to feel positive and is burdening you with endless stress, it is time to look for low stress jobs that pay well.

Changing jobs has several advantages as besides reducing stress, it might even bring you more money. It can also give you more growth than your previous organization and a better work-life balance.

If the thought of switching careers fills you with doubt as your current job has become your comfort zone, think about how you can improve your skills by witnessing new challenges, which add value to your professional experience.

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What are the Best Paying Low Stress Jobs?

It is not true that if you pursue a low stress job, you will earn less. Many jobs offer a handsome salary and come with little to no stress.

Given below are the best paying low stress jobs with their salary, education, and responsibility that you can consider if you are planning to make a change in your career:

1. Actuary

Average Salary: $111,686
Education: A Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science

Actuaries analyze the financial consequences of certain organizational risks using economic theory, statistics, and mathematical techniques.

They collect statistical data sets for analysis and create estimations to assess the economic implications of unforeseen occurrences like illnesses, accidents, or natural catastrophes.

2. Cartographer

Average Salary: $63,803
Education: A Bachelor’s degree in Cartography or Geography

Cartographers are in massive demand in the current times. They collect information and conduct studies on the geographic characteristics of a specific area to create maps.

Cartographers produce these maps for governments and businesses for political, cultural, and educational purposes using art, science, and technology.

3. Life Coach

Average Salary: $55,774
Education: No degree required

Life coaches assist students or clients in accomplishing a particular personal or professional goal by offering training and direction. This job can be for you if you think you have counseling skills.

The best thing about this job is it does not require any educational degree. This job can be for you if you think you can guide others in the right direction.

4. Photographer

Average Salary: $51,946
Education: No degree required

Do you have an eye for capturing beautiful moments?

Photographers generate photographs using various techniques, including printed and digital media, and collect and edit visual information for different platforms.

Additionally, they send the edited final product to various sources, such as internal and external clients, the media, graphic designers, and corporate communications.

Working as a professional photographer can be rewarding if you have a passion for it, and it is one of the best jobs with low stress in the current times.

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5. Farm Manager

Average Salary: $54,836
Education: A Bachelor’s degree in an agriculture-related field

Farm managers evaluate current operations, crops, animals, employees, and financial records and recommend changes. They create planting and harvesting schedules, as well as make sure that the staff knows what is expected of them.

Additionally, they visit other departments to examine animals, crops, water and soil samples.

6. Art Director

Average Salary: $68,827
Education: A Bachelor’s degree in Arts

Being an art director can be highly beneficial if you have an eye for visual details.

Art directors oversee the work of other designers and artists who create pictures for television, cinema, live performances, ads, or video games.

They choose the general look or tone they want for each project and communicate their idea to the artists who create the drawings, graphics, photos, charts, and graphs, as well as stage and film sets.

7. Proofreader

Average Salary: $59,333
Education: A Bachelor’s degree in English

If you cannot bear an error in the written text and get an itch to correct it, you are absolutely fit for this job.

A proofreader ensures that the information is free of typographical, grammatical, spelling, punctuation, syntax, and formatting mistakes. They make changes to the words to convey a better meaning.

Being a proofreader can be one of the best low stress jobs for English majors. So if you are one, watch out for proofreading vacancies to lead a stress-free life.

8. Blogger

Average Salary: $45,400
Education: A Bachelor’s degree in English/Advertising/Media Studies or professional writing

Blogging can be your safe bet if you're looking for the least stressful job. Bloggers may write about whatever they desire, including business, fashion, and cuisine. Although it takes effort to acquire advertising, affiliates, and sponsorships, work would seem less like work if you write about what you are interested in.

Working as a blogger will free you from the stress of deadlines and supervisors since you are your own boss, which makes it one of the best low stress jobs available in the market.

9. Solar Photovoltaic Installer

Average Salary: $59,675
Education: A High School Diploma or GD

As a photovoltaic installer, you have to do is install and maintain solar panels.

Yes! You can earn a decent amount of money for doing that. Your potential earnings will increase as you acquire experience. Stay assured that it would be one of the best jobs with low stress.

10. Massage Therapist

Average Salary: $58,523
Education: A High School Diploma and certificate of Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination(MBLEx) regulated by Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards regulates(FSMTB)

By manipulating the body's muscles and soft tissues with touch, pressure, and movement, a massage therapist helps patients maintain or improve their wellness. They frequently work together with patients to develop a treatment plan.

11. Purchasing Manager

Average Salary: $71,734
Education: A Bachelor’s degree in business, economics, or related field

Purchasing managers create plans for acquiring and procuring supplies, machinery, and services. They establish schedules for deliverables, negotiate costs with vendors or suppliers, and take inventory to identify the organization's supplier needs.

Since their job mainly involves maintaining a good relationship with sellers and vendors, it is one of the high paying least stressful jobs.

12. Audiologist

Average Salary: $96,283
Education: A Doctorate in Audiology

Audiologists examine patients with hearing impairments. They develop a treatment plan based on the patient's issue, recommend hearing aids, and provide training on how to use the devices.

13. Biomedical Engineer

Average Salary: $81,897
Education: A Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical engineering or related field

If you want to add value to the healthcare sector through your scientific innovations, this job would be perfect for you.

A biomedical engineer creates equipment like artificial internal organs and devices that can diagnose illnesses and function in lieu of bodily organs. They are also in charge of monitoring the device’s security, efficacy, and efficiency.

A biomedical engineer is among the best low stress healthcare jobs you can consider if you have biomedical knowledge.

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14. Research Scientist

Average Salary: $81,016
Education: A Bachelor’s degree

Do you like researching scientific phenomena?

A research scientist’s job is to conduct lab trials and tests. They create research proposals and collect samples for the experiment. Once the experiment is successfully performed, they analyze and come up with inferences.

15. Dental Hygienist

Average Salary: $85,102
Education: A Bachelor’s degree

A dental hygienist evaluates the patient's oral health. They do a preliminary dental checkup and take x-rays of the teeth. Dental hygienists advise patients to care for oral health after developing a treatment plan.

What are the Low Stress Jobs for Anxiety?

Given below are some low stress jobs for people with anxiety that can pay significantly well:

1. Animal Caretaker

Average Salary: $62,551
Education: A High School Diploma

If you love animals, consider being an animal caretaker.

An animal caretaker takes care of the animals by cleaning, feeding, and monitoring information pertaining to the overall health of the animals.

2. Transcriptionist

Average Salary: $44,389
Education: A Bachelor’s degree

Transcriptionists convert spoken or recorded medical, legal, or other documents into written form. If you have a keen eye for precision, the ability to write high-quality records, and computer skills, this job will suit you the best.

3. Librarian

Average Salary: $52,339
Education: A Bachelor’s degree in Library Science

Do you love to read books?

You can work as a librarian, which is one of the most popular low stress jobs, and earn a decent salary.

A librarian maintains the catalogs of books in the library. They keep track of all the informational resources present in the library and help people locate them.

4. Freelance Writer

Average Salary: $58,761
Education: A Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, or Communications

If you have a natural inclination toward writing, working as a freelance writer can fetch you good money with minimal stress.

A freelance writer can write about various topics as offered by their employers. Companies can hire them to write blog posts, articles, or web stories. With experience, freelance writers can even earn more than full-time writers for the projects they take.

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5. Graphic Designer

Average Salary: $59,073
Education: A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field

A graphic designer creates designs for clients or companies. They work from scratch - from choosing colors and designs to creating something that would represent the company.

To create additional money, you could choose to print your artwork on picture paper, canvas, or even T-shirts and sell them online.

For people with some background in the arts and a lot of creativity, being a graphic designer can be one of the best jobs for introverts with anxiety.

What are the Low Stress Jobs for Introverts?

Given below are some of the low stress jobs for introverts that you can consider if you have that personality:

1. Tutor

Average Salary: $51,647
Education: A High School Diploma

Tutors help students become active learners. They answer questions or doubts that the students may have about their curriculum. As a tutor, you can efficiently work in your chosen time, making it a good part time low stress job.

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2. Customer Chat Agent

Average Salary: $45,424
Education: A High School Diploma or GED certificate

A customer chat agent helps customers by connecting with them through chat. They interact with consumers to address their inquiries and problems at the moment.

Working as a customer chat agent can be a good career choice if you want a low stress job that doesn’t involve calling.

3. Bookkeeper

Average Salary: $43,148
Education: An associate degree

Is being a bookkeeper a low-stress job?

Absolutely! As a bookkeeper, you will help the company manage its accounts. You will produce financial statements, record journal entries, and transactions, and handle general accounting ledgers.

If that interests you, bookkeeping can be another good option among slow paced low stress jobs.

4. Social Media Manager

Average Salary: $60,140
Education: A Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Public Relations, or related field

If you like scrolling through social media, why not work as a social media manager?

A social media manager oversees a company's social media presence. They manage the material on social media, including anything from scheduling postings to adopting SEO techniques.

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5. Web Developer

Average Salary: $67,473
Education: A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field

As a web developer, you will write codes to create and run the web page. Your end goal will be to create a website for the company that is visually appealing and offers a seamless user experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Actuary, audiologist, and dental hygienist are some of the best low stress jobs that pay well.
  • Some popular low stress jobs without a degree include life coaching, photography, and animal caretaker.
  • If you are looking for low stress jobs for people with anxiety, transcriptionist, librarian, and freelance writer can be good options.
  • Some popular low stress jobs for introverts include tutoring, bookkeeping, and web development.
  • A high school diploma is the minimum qualification to get low stress jobs. In some cases, like life coaching and photography, you can even excel without a degree.
  • Honing the skills is extremely important if you want to grow your career and thrive in low stress jobs.

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