What jobs can you get as a Java developer?

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Java is a high-level programming language that is getting used in numerous technologies these days.

If you have strong command over Java, you can apply for different profile titles like software developer, computer scientist, mobile application developer, big data scientist, android game developer, etc.


Image Source: Statista

According to a recent report by Statista, Java is currently one of the top 5 programming languages used by developers worldwide in 2021.

Considering the report given, we can assume that Java will not be out of the market anytime soon, and you can leverage this programming language to build a strong and promising career path.

To help you in getting a deep insight into what you can achieve with this programming skill, we are answering the following questions in this intuitive guide:

To bag remote java developer jobs, you will need an impeccable java developer resume. You can use different resume templates available online to make one.

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Career Options for Java Developers

Java is a programming language that can offer you different profile titles in your professional journey. Usually Java developers get the following profile titles based on their skills and work experience:

  • Junior Developer
  • Senior Developer
  • Architect
  • Java Web Developer
  • Java Android Developer
  • Java EE Developer

Top Giants Hiring For Java Developer Jobs

Almost every mid-sized software development company across the globe needs a Java developer. Here you can see a list of the top 10 companies for Java developers in the United States:

Name of Company Average Java Developer Salary
Selby Jennings USD 171,282
Health Edge Software USD 148,027
Stefanini IT Solution USD 136,670
Cisco USD 136,571
Capital One USD 135,438
Aditya Birla Group USD 128,161
Leidos USD 128,052
ApTask USD 123,516
NTT DATA USD 116,279

You can check out Java developer jobs according to your experience level. Check out these below-given links to see the latest java developer jobs in USA.

Average Java Developer Salaries in the USA


Image Source: Indeed

Java developer is one of the highest-paying careers in the IT industry across the globe. Considering the pay scale of Java developers in the United States, we have collected some figures from a popular career portal named Indeed. According to that, the average base salary of a Java developer in the United States is USD 100,178.

Top Cities Paying Big for Java Developers in the USA

City Name Average Salary
New York, NY USD 119,212
Dallas, TX USD 101,420
Alpharetta, GA USD 97,265
Irving, TX USD 97,216
Chicago, IL USD 94,403
Houston, TX USD 92,773
Austin, TX USD 92,115
Atlanta, GA USD 89,464

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Similar Positions & Their Average Salaries

To analyze the actual picture of Java developers in the current IT environment, you can compare the salary of a Java developer with the salary range of similar profiles.

Check out the list of profiles similar to a Java developer, along with their salaries in the United States.

Profile Title Average Salary
Full Stack Developer Jobs USD 106,236
Software Engineer Jobs USD 115,267
Back End Developer Jobs USD 14,550
Java Web Developer Jobs USD 49,750
Front End Developer Jobs USD 101,546
Application Developer Jobs USD 80,290

Java Developer Roles and Responsibilities

To get full time Java developer jobs, you should first understand the requirements of your targeted company. You can check out the job description to know all the responsibilities of your desired profile.

The job description will help you get all the essential details related to the profile and frame your java developer resume accordingly.

For instance, let us check out some real-time job descriptions & responsibilities of Java developers based on their experience level:

Entry Level Java Developer Jobs

We are looking for a Java developer who will design, develop, modify, adapt and implement short as well as long-term solutions to information technology requirements via existing and new applications, databases, systems, and applications infrastructure. A perfect match will review and interpret system requirements and business processes. As a java developer, you will code, test, debug and implement software solutions.

Here are some basic responsibilities you will have as an entry-level java developer:

  • Utilize Java and other related technologies to design, develop, test, and deploy different large-scaled, distributed server-side applications.
  • Assist in planning for future applications based on new developments in computer technology.
  • Monitor and evaluate competitive applications and products. Reviews literature, patents, and current practices relevant to the solution of assigned projects.
  • Work closely with Operations & Infrastructure groups to understand challenges in production environments.
  • Build tools to improve application reliability, quality, and programmer productivity.
  • Work with the Quality Assurance team to determine if applications fit specifications and technical requirements.
  • Research, write, and edit documentation & technical requirements, including software design evaluation plans, test results, and technical manuals.

Senior & Junior Java Developer Jobs

Hiring a Java developer who can customize and deploy SailPoint products as part of the Identity and Access Management team. Develops and implements IAM Java APIs on the cloud and implements SSO for applications. Develops back-end scripts and automated tests using Selenium and performance testing scripts as needed and performs unit testing, performs design and code reviews.

Check out some fundamental Java developer responsibilities at our company:

  • Develop code following the system design and coding standards with minimal supervision.
  • Demonstrate having a strong knowledge of development methodologies, best practices, and procedures, and apply them to projects to ensure that development objectives are achieved.
  • Develop and accurately maintain program documentation according to CMS XLC / SDLC template standards.
  • Designs, codes, and tests software modifications for assigned applications to address changes or fixes as necessary for problem resolution.
  • Independently prepares estimates of effort to develop and execute approved application changes in primary applications, prioritizes work assignments, and facilitates peer review of work products.
  • Review, analyze, and modify programming systems, including encoding, testing, debugging, and installing for a large-scale system.
  • Support Senior development staff in completing gap analysis and analyzing the impact of system software.

Lead Java Developer Jobs

Actively seeking a Lead Java Developer. This position will interface with key stakeholders and apply your technical proficiency across different stages of the Software Development Life Cycle including Requirements Elicitation, Application Architecture definition, and Design; play an important role in creating high-level design artifacts; deliver high-quality code deliverables for a module, lead validation for all types of testing and support activities related to implementation, transition, and warranty.

Here are some responsibilities of a Java developer at our premises:

  • Analyze and develop application requirements with database systems developers to assist application areas.
  • Must have strong knowledge of Core Java and J2EE and all aspects such as Eclipse IDE, Java runtime, JDBC, spring-batch.
  • Experience with Spring frameworks (i.e., Spring Boot, Spring REST, Spring Web, Spring Data Repository, Spring Security, Spring Cloud).
  • Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, and Support of business applications align with company goals and objectives.
  • Development experience utilizing best practice techniques as well as providing solutions to complex development tasks.
  • Leverage strong understanding of data modeling techniques and foundation in SDLC best practices, including test-driven development, unit testing discipline, agile development, and CI/CD strategies.
  • Experience with modern web technologies using full-stack development in any of these JS frameworks (ReactJS, GraphQL, NodeJS, Web Sockets, etc.).

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Technical Skills for Java Developer Jobs

The skills and experience of Java developers play a great part in determining their salary and position. Hence, we recommend you keep upgrading your Java development skills with the latest tools and methodologies.

Take a look at some of the essential skills these days for a Java developer. Proficiency in these skills will help you in getting your targeted full stack Java developer jobs:

Technical Java Skills Technical Java Skills
XML, Xquery, XSL Enterprise Java Bean (EJB)
Oracle database, SQL & JDBC Linux/Unix & Windows Platform
Service-Oriented Architecture Java XML Parsing, Coding
Java-based Web services I Text for RTF Generation
JSP, jQuery, Ajax Java Servlet Technology

Trending Technologies in Java

Java is an object-oriented programming language that is getting used to empower numerous technologies of the 21st century.

Check out the list of some futuristic technologies engaged with Java and opt for a suitable one for steady career growth.

  • Artificial-Intelligence Driven Applications
  • Big Data
  • Serverless Architecture
  • Spring Framework
  • Cloud-Based Models
  • SaaS & PaaS
  • Remote Access Solutions

Becoming a Java Developer Without a CS Degree

You do not need any classroom training to become a Java developer. All you need is a focused mind, a good book, and a willingness to use online resources.

To make the process easier, we are mentioning some do's and dont's to start your Java development training in 2022:


  • Devour too much theory
  • Try to learn everything in one day
  • Fret over your mistakes
  • Afraid to experiment with new things
  • Burn yourself out in practicing


  • Set your learning schedule and be disciplined
  • Learn by experimenting & coding
  • Prioritize practical over theory
  • Go steady and stay focused
  • Try to code as much as possible

Java Developer Jobs Assistance at Hiration

To apply for Java script developer jobs, you will need to upgrade your skills and build a marvelous Java developer resume.

Though Hiration does not give you any facility to upgrade your skills, you can find some out-of-the-box AI-powered tools here to help you apply for jr java developer jobs and prepare for interviews.

Here are the highlights of Hiration career-building tools:

You can use our 24/7 chat support if you face any hurdle while using our career-vuilding tools.

Key Takeaways

Take a look at the key takeaways of this reference guide:

  • You should read the job description carefully before making changes to your resume and applying for a java developer job.
  • You must keep upgrading your Java skills to experience exponential career growth.
  • With the help of Java, you can grab the path of some futuristic technologies like Artificial Intelligence.
  • The fundamental requirement for junior Java developer jobs is a degree or diploma in computer science with coding skills.

Java is not a piece of cake for every developer, which is why IT companies always look for good Java developers. So, if you have a good knowledge of Java, these guidelines can help you get a Java developer job. For detailed assistance, you can contact us at support@hiration.com, and our experts will be obliged to help you make your career.

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