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A cover letter is one of the essential elements that can boost your selection chances in a recruitment process.

Cover letters back you up with things you could not mention in your professional Java developer resume.

Many people believe that a cover letter only includes technical skills and professional experience, which is certainly not the complete picture.

A perfect cover letter includes your qualities, achievements, and abilities that are not fully explained in your professional resume.

To clear all your doubts regarding a cover letter and its building process, we are answering the below-given questions in this guide:

Crafting a professional cover letter is not everyone’s cup of tea. Though there are numerous cover letter examples for Java developer profiles available online, you might get confused in appropriately framing a cover letter sample for Java developers.

Hence, we recommend you consider using Hiration’s Online Cover Letter Builder for this task. It is an Artificial Intelligence Powered tool that comes with a marvelous auto-suggest feature to help you write a cover letter elegantly.

What is a Java Developer Cover Letter

A java developer cover letter is a supporting document for your Java developer resume. It backs you up during the application screening process with the information absent in the Java developer resume.

You can elaborate on your professional achievements, skills, and qualifications in your java developer cover letter to strengthen your resume's performance during the recruitment process.

Moreover, you can also explain the reason for your career gap or low GPA in your cover letter. Ultimately, a cover letter is a big plus if you apply for an MNC in 2022.

What Recruiters Look for in a Java Developer Cover Letter

In a Java developer cover letter, recruiters look for profile-centric achievements, communication, and leadership qualities. In addition, they look for the skills and qualities that make you a perfect fit for their offered profile.

Majorly, a recruiter will check the following elements in your Java developer cover letter:

  • Profile-specific achievements
  • Understanding of company goals
  • Your interest in the position
  • Your communication skills
  • Your technical skills
  • Your learning abilities
  • Relations with previous employers

Write a Sample Cover Letter for Java Developer

Writing a technically sound Java developer cover letter can be challenging for many individuals. You can consider referring to any Java developer cover letter available online.

To form a clear image of the perfect Java developer cover letter before you, we are showcasing a sample cover letter for Java developers below:

Entry Level Java Developer Cover Letter

Take a look at the entry level Java developer cover letter provided here:

Robert Jonas
Java Developer
15th March 2021

Daisy Doss
Hiring Manager
Wayne Global Services Ltd.
101, Brooks Lane
San Francisco, CA 94016

Re: Suitability for Java Developer

Dear Ms. Doss,

I am a meticulous and result-oriented Java Developer armed with experience in web app development and a B.S. degree in Computer Science from St. Clarontzo College. I am interested in the position of Java Developer at Wayne Global Services Ltd. I believe that my skills in developing intuitive applications will prove to be an invaluable asset to your company.

Over the course of my stint as a Java Developer Intern at Stark Technologies, I gained expertise in utilizing Java, J2EE, and Spring to craft user-friendly web applications. I rendered support in developing web applications with the help of Java and JavaScript & have worked extensively on other programming languages like C#, C++, Python and SQL. Additionally, I assisted in enhancing the user interface of the company's website to increase user retention, leading to a 25% rise in lead generation.

The values and passion for transcendence that Wayne Global Services Ltd. displays have been nothing short of extraordinary. I am amazed by Wayne Global Ltd.'s work culture that encourages teamwork, coordination, trust, and undying fidelity towards its employees. Coupled with enthusiasm and dedication to achieving success in Java development, I believe I will swiftly surpass your expectations for this role.

Enclosed for your consideration is my resume. I’d appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my suitability and qualifications with you on call or in person.

Robert Jonas

Enclosure: Resume

Structure of a Senior Java Developer Cover Letter

The global IT job market is flooded with new applicants. Considering this, you will need a highly professional resume and cover letter to beat your competitors in the recruitment process of your targeted job.

Let us see the essential elements and modern format for a senior Java developer cover letter to increase your shortlisting chances in 2022:

Address Your Hiring Manager Directly

Personalization is the key factor to engage the recruiter during the screening round. Hence, we advise you to address the recruiter, hiring manager, or whoever is responsible for the job posting on your cover letter.

The most effective way to personalize your cover letter is using the name of the hiring authority instead of general greetings like, “Dear Sir/Ma’am” or “To whom it may concern”. You can use a suitable title before the recruiter’s last name such as, “Mr. Potter” or “Ms. Granger”.

Start With an Introduction

Start your cover letter with a brief introduction in two or three sentences. After that, you can smartly showcase your highlighting skill demanded in the job description like “proficient in Java”.

You should also try using a one-liner statement claiming that you are the best fit for the applied Java developer job. It will impress the recruiter and will also portray your confident image for the applied role.

Highlight Your Experience & Skills

After a brief introduction, write about your skills and abilities that make you worthy of the applied position. Always ensure the relevancy of your skills with the requirements mentioned in the job description. For example, if the job requires proficiency in the MVC framework, you must add it to your cover letter.

You can consider adding skills like AngularJS, SQL, Unix, version control, etc., in your cover letter. Apart from this, you can mention some lines about your experience as a Java developer and your recent responsibilities that align with the job description of the applied profile.

Showcase Your Achievements

Your achievements can impress your recruiter and make you stand apart from the crowd of other applicants. We recommend starting with your most significant accomplishment in your previous job to maximize benefits. For example, At Click Services, I developed an interactive UI with JavaScript and utilized used Spring & Hibernate for application layering to address the client requirements.

Moreover, you can also add figures to emphasize the impact of your achievements. For example, I developed a lead generation app that increased revenue by 20%. Numbers will strengthen the authenticity and effectiveness of your information.

Celebrate the Organization

After showcasing your professional details, it’s time to talk about the new company. You must do a little research on the company you are applying for and mention two-three things you liked about that. For example, company culture, milestones, market reputation, etc. You need to express why you want to be a Java developer at this company. For example, The vision to explore newer horizons of artificial intelligence propelled me to apply at this company.

End With a Call to Action

In the end, you can refer the recruiter to your attached documents, portfolio, or website. Try to make them visit your Java-based websites and applications for a deeper look at your abilities. Mention your contact details and write politely that you eagerly expect a positive response. End your cover letter with a thanking note and your full name.

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Software Engineer Cover Letter Example

Check out a job-winning software engineer cover letter example showcased below:


Most Common Questions Regarding a Java Developer Cover Letter

You might have numerous questions in mind for a Java developer cover letter as it is considered to be an essential element by many recruiters. Here we are answering the most common questions regarding a Java developer cover letter that will help you clear out the fundamental doubts in the cover letter building process:

What should be the optimal length of the cover letter?

Cover letters must be one page long and can be divided into four to five paragraphs. The optimal length for a cover letter is 350-400 words. Recruiters usually ignore the cover letters having more than this word count.

What to include in your java developer cover letter?

To frame a job-winning Java developer cover letter, you can consider writing the following details:

  • A brief introduction
  • Key Skills & Abilities
  • Work Experience
  • Achievements
  • Admirable Facts About The Company
  • Call to Action

How to highlight your Java developer cover letter?

To impress the recruiter with your Java developer cover letter, you must highlight the following details smartly:

  • A passion for technology
  • A knack for solving technical challenges
  • A detail-oriented mindset
  • Good communication skills
  • Understanding about the company along with its vision & mission
  • The willingness of joining the team

What are the key elements of a technical cover letter?

You must ensure the appropriate placement of the following details in a technical cover letter:

  • Information About You
  • Date
  • Contact Person’s Name, Title, Employer, and Address
  • Salutation
  • Opening Paragraph
  • Second Paragraph
  • Third Paragraph
  • Closing Paragraph

To get a deep insight, you can also look at our detailed guide on "How to write a Cover Letter?".

Benefits of Using a Java Cover Letter

Using a cover letter with your resume to apply for a job will portray your professional image in front of the recruiter. Cover letters back up up with the highighting information that you couldn't show on your resume.

Check out these points to know the significant benefits os uding a Java cover letter in your next job application:

  • You can even highlight your personal achievements in the cover letter to impress the recruiter
  • Demonstrate your interest in the cover letter to show your worth for the applied job
  • Frame the cover letter in a way that can reflect the research you have done in the industry
  • Present yourself as an expert Java developer and a reliable team player to bag the job

Java Developer Job Assistance at Hiration

To build a highly effective Java developer cover letter, software engineer cover letter, or computer science cover letter, you need an expert’s guidance.

We are fulfilling that requirement with our AI-powered Online Cover Letter Builder. It is equipped with the AI technology and 24/7 chat support to help you build a technically sound and easy-to-read Java developer cover letter.

At Hiration, we have built multiple career assistance tools with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Take a look at the significant offerings at Hiration:

Key Takeaways

Have a glance at the key takeaways of this intuitive guide:

  • Address your hiring manager directly instead of using general greeting terms
  • Introduce yourself in two-three lines along with a statement presenting you as the perfect fit for the role
  • Highlight your skills and experience but do not write much on these elements as they are already present in the resume
  • Showcase your achievements in your previous job with figures to strengthen the information
  • Mention the details you admire the most of your applied organization
  • End your cover letter with a thanking note and a statement that shows you are eager to receive their response

To build a highly professional Java developer cover letter, you can follow the above-given guidelines. Still, if you need any other career assistance, you can feel free to contact us at Our experts will be highly obliged to help you bag your dream job.

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