Leverage your Linkedin profile to its fullest

By default, everyone has a Linkedin profile. If you do not have one yet, you must create a Linkedin profile immediately.

Now, once you have a presence on Linkedin, are you sure you are leveraging it to the maximum?

In this blog, we will give you a comprehensive breakdown of every single aspect of Linkedin so that it can translate into something tangible in your professional life.

In this blog, we shall discuss the following topics:

What is Linkedin?

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Linkedin is a social networking site for professionals. It helps you connect with millions of other working professionals across the world.

The reason why the internet is so powerful is chiefly because of social networks, and a social network dedicated solely to working-professionals from across industries is certainly an opportunity you should never miss.

Linkedin Search

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It is very important to know how best to leverage the Linkedin search functionality. Linkedin search is very sophisticated given the nature of the search.

On Linkedin, you can search for people, posts, companies, jobs, groups, schools, events and courses.

Linkedin People search

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People search functionality is very handy on Linkedin as you can reach out and connect with the people whom you intend to meet.

Apart from people search, you can filter your Linkedin search appropriately to find the best possible result.

You can connect with individuals or follow groups depending on what you are seeking.

Linkedin search is a magnificent feature that facilitates the users to filter down their requirements as accurately as possible.

The Linkedin search is immensely helpful if you are targeting to connect with individuals from a certain company or location.

You can also search Linkedin without logging in. However, your results will be very limited and it is advisable to search once logged in.

Additionally, you may also be wondering how to search anonymously on Linkedin. You can search Linkedin anonymously if you have access to the premium feature offered by Linkedin.

Linkedin Groups search

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So you may be wondering, how to search for groups on Linkedin?

Linkedin groups search is quite easy. You can simply click on the search bar and enter the name of the group.

Once the results show up, you can further filter them. You can also click on the top right-hand corner of the website and click on ‘work’ and then choose ‘groups’.

Linkedin Companies search

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This is most definitely one of the best features because you can easily get to know more about the company, their employees, location and other details on Linkedin.

Searching for companies on Linkedin is very easy as it is just a click away. You have the option to filter your company search results based on its location, industry, number of employees and various other filters.

Linkedin Boolean OR search

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Linkedin being a professional network has accommodated a handy search functionality called the Boolean OR functionality, wherein you can search for two or more similar search terms.

For example, you may want to search for ‘Test Engineer’ or ‘Quality Engineer’ which are used interchangeably. In such a case, you can type in both the search terms separated by ‘OR’.

Please note that you have to use ‘OR’ in capitals for this functionality to work.

Linkedin Boolean AND search

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Similar to the ‘OR’ functionality, you can also search with the Boolean ‘AND’ function. This will give you the Linkedin search results for both the terms specified.

You can also combine both the 'OR' function and the 'AND' function. For example, you can search for (Data OR Business) AND (Analyst OR Architect). Pretty cool, huh?

Linkedin Boolean NOT search

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Wait, it's not over yet. There is another helpful feature called the NOT function. This command excludes the search term specified after it.

For example: (Data OR Business) AND (Analyst OR Architect) AND NOT Database.

Linkedin Advanced search

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Another good feature on Linkedin is the Linkedin advanced search.

The Linkedin advanced search lets you filter the search results with more custom filters so that you can find your target more easily.

If you are very specific and know what filters to apply, the Linkedin advanced search will prove to be immensely helpful.

This search functionality will give you more relevant Linkedin search results as compared to the normal Linkedin Search.

Let us see an example: Say if you want to search for someone who is currently working at Company A. In this case, you can use advanced search to specify the respective name and company in the allotted search field to get the exact results.

You may also use the ‘refine search’ functionality to refine your Linkedin search results.

Linkedin Sort function

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Now just like in any other application, the sort functionality does the same job of sorting the search results as per your priority.

In order to sort your Linkedin search results, you have to use the ‘refine search’ option on the header of the search results page.

(Optional) Linkedin premium

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Linkedin offers some premium features which you can check out. It is completely up to you to choose to use this feature.

Linkedin Jobs

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Once your Linkedin profile is ready, you can start hunting for Linkedin jobs. There is a multitude of filters you can apply to filter the Linkedin jobs which are suitable for you.

If you are planning to move to a different location, you can search for Linkedin jobs in a different location.

You will typically have plenty of options on Linkedin if you are a job seeker. Recruiters are increasingly hiring on Linkedin and hence it is not a bad idea to get your Linkedin profile professionally reviewed.

Linkedin Job Search

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Almost every professional on Linkedin will use Linkedin for job search. It is very convenient for job seekers to find their intended Linkedin jobs without leaving the website.

Post-pandemic, if you are wondering how to search for remote jobs on Linkedin, then it is very easy. You just need to use the filter which says ‘remote jobs’ and voila! You will get only remote jobs as search results.

Optimize your Linkedin profile for Linkedin search

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It is of great importance to not only use the search functionality provided on the website, but also to improve your profile so that you appear more on Linkedin search result.

To harness your Linkedin profile, let us break it down and look at the best approach to make it more relevant.

Linkedin Profile

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In order to appear in the most relevant Linkedin search results, we need to tweak the Linkedin profile and optimize it.

Let us look at each and every aspect of the Linkedin profile.

Linkedin Profile Picture

On an online social-networking website such as Linkedin, a professional profile picture is very important to have to be able to apply for Linkedin jobs.

Most millennial job seekers are already familiar with the know-how of social media.

However, it is important to stress the distinction between a casual-looking, fun profile picture on Instagram or elsewhere and a profile picture that is intended for professional networking and Linkedin jobs.

Think of it as a virtual meeting where you are meeting people from various backgrounds and on that basis, you may choose how to project yourself in their midst.

It certainly must not be boring or lackluster, like say - a photo on your driving license.

A profile picture must project your personality in a nutshell. Things like confidence, cheerfulness, ambition, etc must be expressed well in a desirable Linkedin profile picture which can win you Linkedin jobs.

Cover picture

While you are at it, make sure that the cover picture is well chosen too! Never miss out on a chance to leverage anything to go the extra mile.

Yes, it is completely fine to not choose one but think of everything you can demonstrate at the very top of your profile!

As the popular saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. How is that relevant you ask?

Well, think of all your competitors now that remote work is the norm. How many job seekers are aiming for the same Linkedin jobs as you are. Do not leave any stone unturned on your path to professional success.

Hint: The trend across all social media platforms is to sport a badge. You may consider one if it is not too intrusive and if you feel it is beneficial.

Linkedin Headline

On a platform like Linkedin, you are identified more by your designation rather than your name. Linkedin headline defines who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing.

Headlines are typically short, one-line description of your current employment status. Be mindful of the choice of keywords while choosing the proper headline.

Choose strategically so that your profile visibility increases enabling you to grab those Linkedin jobs. You do not have to strictly use the designation given by your employer. So choose wisely!

Let us look at some of the examples of a good Linkedin jobs headline:

Financial Analyst at _ I Fintech I MBA, Manipal Uni

UI/UX Dev - PHP/MySql/JS - Open to work remotely

Contact Info

Depending on your privacy preference, set your contact details so that recruiters may contact you easily for vacant Linkedin jobs.

State your availability
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Linkedin has a feature that enables you to easily display what you are seeking. Under the option ‘Open-to’, you can decide if you want to announce yourself as available to work.

You can also showcase what services you are providing, whether as an individual or as a registered company. Linkedin will optionally display a badge on your profile depending upon what you choose.

This is a terrific feature that can be very useful for both job-seekers and recruiters. This will increase the chances of you landing up with any of the Linkedin jobs at the earliest.

Linkedin About section

Perhaps the most challenging section to update on your impressive Linkedin profile - the About section. This is about you, but how do you go about it?

The first rule of thumb is to quantify everything. More statistics mean more footfalls to your profile.

Whether it is the number of years you have invested in your profession or be it an achievement or a milestone, this is the primary factor to be considered in this section.

Enumerate your skills by demonstrating simultaneously how those skills helped the company or project achieve its goals.

Keep everything contextual, crisp, and easy to read. You can do so by adding a call-to-action portion to your about section.

You will also come across as result-oriented, which is very important when you are competing against many talented professionals.

You are used to drafting your resumes in the third-person. However, you must address yourself in the first-person on a social networking site such as Linkedin where it is convenient to find Linkedin jobs.

Open to work remotely

Well, this is the post-pandemic phenomenon. Although remote work was a regular thing before, it has become the new norm.

Let everyone know how excited you are to work remotely.

You will naturally mention where you are currently located, but it is very effective and helpful for recruiters to know that you are open to work remotely, simply by going through your profile.

If you already have a history of working remotely, that is even better and you must certainly mention it on your profile. Tell them you are more effective working from home, be it any of the Linkedin jobs.

Featured section

The featured section on Linkedin allows you to showcase your best work. It is a portfolio of sorts within your Linkedin profile.

The best way to showcase your achievements is to mention everything in reverse chronological order so that your profile stays very relevant.

Hint: Leaving any of the sections blank may raise a question in the reader’s mind. So do not leave it blank, even if you have to mention a modest achievement.

When using this section, make sure that the reader can see tangible evidence of your achievement in one form or the other in your Linkedin jobs.

Substantiate everything with proof so that your profile is more valued.

Work Experience

Next, the most important section in Linkedin is, of course, your work experience. List out your professional experience with sufficient details succinctly.

You can follow the chronological order or functional format when you are mentioning your work experience, just as you would in your resume.

Encapsulate your work summary as briefly as you can.

Ensure that the entire section is easy to read and impactful. How to have an impact while mentioning your work experience?

Education section

This is pretty straight-forward so fill out this section without missing out any details.

You can go into the details such as your GPA or any other curricular or extracurricular achievements, as there is a provision to mention it on Linkedin.

As mentioned earlier, do not miss out on any details or leave anything blank. The more you complete your profile, the better it is for you when hunting for Linkedin jobs.

Skills and endorsements

This is perhaps the most important section of your Linkedin profile. This section, in a nutshell, validates your entire profile.

The more endorsements you have, the more valuable an asset you are. If the endorsements are from a professional with repute or clout, then there is no way to contain your professional growth.

However, do not seek out an artificial way of seeking endorsements. Rather build more valuable connections and add value to the organization you are working for.

This will ensure that you increase your chances of getting more Linkedin jobs.

Skills and endorsements are very important but do not forget - that alone cannot decide our self-worth.

Custom URL

You will be assigned a URL randomly by Linkedin. However, you have the option to edit it so that it becomes a user-friendly and SEO-friendly URL.

It is easier to share your profile on other platforms if you have a user-friendly URL. It also looks professional with a custom URL.

Not to mention, it is easier for recruiters to find you and offer you good Linkedin jobs.

Custom URLs are based on availability so do not worry if you do not get the URL that you had in mind.

Keywords Optimization

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One of the very important aspects of leveraging Linkedin is to optimize the keywords effectively. Whether it be your job title, skills, or Industry, you need to use appropriate keywords.

Keywords are, pardon the pun, key to accessing the search and visibility functions on Linkedin and find those lucrative Linkedin jobs.

Let us see a demonstration of the proper usage of keywords:

Job title:
Appropriate keyword - Software Development Engineer in Test (2)
Keywords to avoid - Senior Test Engineer (Keyword mismatch)

Appropriate keyword - Copywriting
Keywords to avoid - Writing (specify what type of writing)

Appropriate keyword - Healthcare Industry
Keywords to avoid - Medical industry (too vague)

Optimizing keywords is akin to opening the right doors for Linkedin jobs. Keep them optimized to be on top of the game.

Make connections

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Well, what is a social networking site for? To make valuable connections. It is not uncommon to find folks out there hitting that connect key blindly and indiscriminately.

But do not think of just the numbers, think of the value your connection brings. This will be more effective in your Linkedin jobs search.

By curating your connections consciously, you are ensuring that everyone in your connection is relevant to your profession.

That will be more beneficial to you ultimately rather than the sheer number of connections.

The advantages need not be spelled out again but you will discover new opportunities and extend your reach multifold.

It is always recommended that you spare some time and write a note when you are connecting with someone. You can mention your intent in the note and have a meaningful connection thereby.

The main objective of a social network is to connect with more professionals.

If you are looking for an opportunity to work, you can find work in any of the many available Linkedin jobs.

So the whole motive of connecting is to leverage your network to find what you are looking for in your professional pursuits.

But if you mess up on this front, you may not be using your social network the way it was intended to.

Power Verbs

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Use power verbs or action verbs to highlight your experience if you want to land those dream Linkedin jobs. Some examples of power verbs are as follows:
Achieved, pioneered, managed, supervised, etc

Here is an example of impressive work history -
Pioneered a new method of testing in my tenure.

Power verbs will accentuate your role and contribution to the task. This is the same rule to follow while drafting resumes.

Follow inspiring professionals

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You may not be able to connect with every individual that you desire on Linkedin. However, you can always follow the ones that you look up to.

Whilst, there are direct benefits that can be derived from professional networks, there is so much more you can leverage by following the activities of successful professionals.

Linkedin is a great platform to discover fresh, original content like blog posts and announcements. There is so much one can learn and adapt to one’s professional line of work.

This will not only help you in getting Linkedin jobs but also excel in your current job.

The tips, recommendations, and other important pieces of advice given by professionals who have been there, done that can add so much value to your life that you can incorporate the same and succeed in your profession.

Always follow key people whom you look up to or the companies you would want to work for one day. This will be an enriching experience for job seekers.

Join Groups

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Joining a group is as easy as a click of a button on Linkedin. It is always advisable to join groups that have meaningful activity.

Joining groups like your university or a job seeker’s group or the company you are working with is the best way to keep tabs on what the latest trends are.

You can post anything related to the group to seek help or advice from other members of the same group. It is easy and efficient. All this will indirectly help you in getting offers from Linkedin jobs.

Engage with your connections

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Another important aspect of social networks is to engage with each other meaningfully. Post regularly on your profile and be active by responding to posts that you like or want to state your opinion.

By being incognito on the social network, you may not be able to get the full benefit even if you have made a lot of connections.

By interacting with other members of the site, you will naturally find out more about Linkedin jobs.

However, do not forget to keep everything organic and not be artificial.

Networking on LinkedIn service by Hiration

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Hiration is passionate about helping job seekers across the globe find their dream jobs using AI assisted technology.

With Hiration’s LinkedIn Profile Service Review service, you will receive professional templates for reaching out to people across the following categories:

• Asking for advice from a LinkedIn contact

• Asking for LinkedIn recommendations

• Connecting with recruiters after applying for a job

• Connecting with recruiters for jobs you want to apply for

• Follow up with professionals after an event

• Linkedin request after attending an event

• Asking a contact for an introduction

Profile-wide feedback

If you choose to get your profile reviewed with Hiration, we will give you profile-wide feedback based on the following parameters. This will be in addition to the factors we have already mentioned above.

• Accomplishments

• Publications

• Patents

• Courses

• Projects

• Honors & Awards

• Test Scores

• Languages

• Organizations

• Background

Keyword Analysis

We will analyze your profile for the presence of important profile and industry-relevant keywords to make the probability of your profile appearing in the search results for these keywords better.

Wondering how to review feedback on the LinkedIn profile?

We will show you what keywords you need to optimize for, the appropriate location to add keywords, and how to optimize your profile for an industry you are targeting but have little experience in.

Key Takeaways

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So what are the key takeaways from this blog?

  • An impressive Linkedin profile is a prerequisite to Linkedin job search
  • Use Linkedin for job search
  • Key sections of the Linkedin should be curated for successful job search on Linkedin
  • Leverage the search functionality on Linkedin
  • Value-add to your profession from Linkedin social network
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