Wondering how to share private GitHub repository on resume?

Well, it is a simple task!

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But don't just let it slide because it can help you make a mark on the job application process and leave a positive impact on the hiring managers.

You just need to ensure that it is placed in the right place in your resume in the right manner so that it is easy to be noticed right away.

GitHub on a resume can say a lot about your professional involvement and skills.

Adding GitHub on a resume shows recruiters that you have the required basic knowledge of software version control systems.

Read on to get an insightful guide through all the dos and don'ts of listing GitHub on a resume that can intrigue the recruiters during your job applications.

Get a clear idea of the following questions to understand where to put GitHub on your resume:

GitHub projects can do the talking for you and validate the fact that you have the required set of skills while highlighting your efficiency to code.

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What Is GitHub?


Before we get into the rest of the details for including GitHub on your resume, let us discuss some basics of what it is in brief.

GitHub is in a way a social platform for developers to collaborate on projects.

It is a place where like-minded developers communicate and collaborate on various projects at the same time.

In other words, it is a file or code-sharing service and is a highly used software used for version control.

For instance, if a team wants to create a website and every individual needs to simultaneously update their codes then they can create a centralized repository where everyone can upload, edit, and manage the code files.

Therefore Github can be considered as a common channel wherein like-minded professionals can collaborate and work on projects at the same time.

What Projects to Add on GitHub

There is no restriction to what you add to your GitHub profile as long as it is in compliance with the community policies and standards.

Focus more on adding projects related to web development that you have worked on or currently working on that may intrigue the recruiters towards your potential.

Create a strong GitHub profile by adding examples of coding projects.

Post your own work to give companies a sense of your skill level and allow other programmers to contribute to the project.

Sharing your code, files, scripts, etc. that you can work on with others can throw a positive light on your capabilities as a developer even if you are a beginner.

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Should You Include GitHub on a Resume

Should you put GitHub on resume?

Hiration's resume experts would go with a YES!

Yes because it can help you stand out amongst the rest.

As a technical professional, you need to communicate your background to ensure that the hiring managers identify you as a suitable applicant for the targeted job profile.

Adding your GitHub link can allow the recruiters to get a clear understanding of your active participation and contributions to open-source projects.

Having said that, you need to ensure that your profile highlights your real-life involvement in projects that validate the technical skills that you mention on a resume.

Since most software engineering companies use GitHub, listing GitHub on resume is an ideal means of showcasing your technical exposures.

Read on to know all the dos and don'ts of listing GitHub on a resume and how it can help you make a positive on the recruiters.

Add GitHub Link to Linkedin

Adding your GitHub profile URL on LinkedIn can be another way to get recruiters and like minder professionals interested in you as an efficient developer.

It can give you an opportunity to gain more exposure in the job market and connect with other developers.

So, how to link GitHub to LinkedIn?

The following steps can help you how:

  • Go to LinkedIn homepage
  • Click View Profile > Contact Info > Edit Icon > Add a Website
  • Once this is done, type in your GitHub Profile URL
  • Make sure to set the tab next to it as "Other"
  • Click "Save"

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Where to Put GitHub on Resume

The best place to place GitHub on resume is the personal information section wherein you add your contact details.

Check out the given snapshot to check out the ideal place to list your GitHub link:


You simply need to provide the URL to your GitHub profile and it is good to go.

Do keep in mind that your GitHub profile ought to be well maintained before you mention the same in your resume.

Your GitHub profile should be active and contain codes that are constantly updated so that it reflects your persistence and commitment to your works.

There are no strict rules set in stone wherein you have to mention your GitHub details in a specific place on a resume.

However, you simply cannot just place it in a random segment of your resume.

The whole point is to give an insight into your technical expertise and projects for the recruiters to validate your involvement in your field of work.

In some cases, you may add your GitHub link in the project section wherein you describe your mention-worthy projects.

Doing so may give you a higher chance of being recognized as a qualified applicant and a higher chance of being shortlisted.

How to Add GitHub to Resume

Where to put GitHub link on resume?

Now that you are familiar with where to list your GitHub details, let us check out how to link to GitHub on resume with perfection.

It should be strategically placed in your resume so that it does not affect the rest of the layout of your resume while it is easily noticed by recruiters.

Listing GitHub on the Personal Information Section

The ideal place to place your GitHub link on resume is the personal information section wherein you add all your contact information.

GitHub on Resume Example 1:

Contact Number:+1 234 234 2345
Email Address:melanie@xyz.com

In the above example of GitHub on resume, you can see that it is listed along with your other contact details which is an easy way to ensure that the recruiters notice it right away.

Hiration pro tip:
Adding your GitHub on resume can be more effective if listed along with other contact details so that the recruiters can easily have access to it.


The given snapshot is taken from a resume sample from Hiration wherein you can easily add your GitHub on resume along with your contact details.

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Listing GitHub on the Project Section

You can also mention the link to your GitHub on the project section of your resume.

Once you list the details of your projects simply add a link to your GitHub profile.

However, providing the URL of your profile alone may not be enough so you can add your project details along with the GitHub URL of your project.

GitHub on Resume Example 2:

Project Name: GitHub on Resume Project
The project code can be accessed from this link: https://github.com/...

The current job market is filled with the best of the best professionals and one needs to try and stay on top of the ladder to be recognized as the most suitable applicant.

Build a good rapport with hiring managers by letting them know that you have what it takes to deserve the software development or web development job profile that you are targeting.

And the best way to do so is by making them see your involvement in relevant projects or work related to your targeted profile.

Check out the given snapshot to see where you can add project URL in resume:


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What to Put on GitHub for Resume

Including GitHub on your resume can add weightage to your chances of being shortlisted by recruiters during a job application.

One very important thing you need to be very clear about while listing GitHub on resume is to ensure that your profile is maintained well and contains notable projects.

Also, it needs to be an active profile.

If your profile is stagnant with no record of your involvement in relevant projects or activities it may backfire. So always ensure that you have something worthy that the recruiters can take away from your GitHub profile.

It can be complicated for recruiters to identify your technical skills and problem-solving skills just through a resume so adding GitHub on resume is a good call.

Taking everything into account, your projects on GitHub should demonstrate your software-developing skills so you can introduce yourself as the best candidate for the technical job profile that you are applying for.

GitHub on Resume Sample

Vivian Gettleman
Software Engineer
Certified Java and AWS developer with 3+ years of experience in developing software, web-based applications, and conducting tests on new programs to ensure smooth functioning. Adept at writing clean codes and preparing technical reports for identifying issues in the systems and troubleshooting for smooth functionality. Highly skilled in coordinating with a high-performing team of professionals and transforming business requirements into technical solutions.
• Software Development • Coding • System Enhancement • Data Analysis • Unit Testing • Application Development
• System Design • Issue Resolution • Performance Improvement • Technical Documentation • Reporting Generation
  • Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, Java
  • Web Design: HTML, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Frameworks: Spring Boot, Nodejs, Scrapy, Selenium
  • Database: MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
Software Engineer
Soulightning Private Limited
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    An international company providing software solution to 100+ large-scale business establishments around the globe
    Software Development
    • Designed an inhouse application to track the progress of daily workflow and saved 10 manhours per week
    • Collaborated with 5 developers and built the company's point of sale system features via Java and Angular languages
    • Liaised with designers and developers to create an application interface for the company's web-based application

    Program Testing & Performance Improvement
    • Tested 2 new programs, 1 software upgrade, and resolved a software issue
    • Customized and analyzed data for the effective installation of new systems to improve performance by 25%

    Technical Documentation & Reporting
    • Coordinated with 3 technical writers and documented software FAQs & manuals as per the requirements of each project
    • Wrote efficient code and prepared reports on various specifications of 5 programming project
    • Compiled and analyzed ~3 web analytics reports on a weekly basis while ensuring accurate documentation
    Project 1: Web Application | Jan '21 - Aug ‘21
    • Developed a web application to manage customer data and track sales
    • Added features to automatically generate bills and invoices for customers

    Project 2: Journal Website | Nov '19 - Aug '20
    • Created a website to allow writers to store their content and edit them whenever needed
    • Added features to sign in and modify content while offline
    • Oracle Certified Java Developer|Microsoft| May '19
    • AWS Certified Developer | Microsoft | May '18
    University of San Francisco
    B.S. in Computer Science
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      The University of San Francisco is one of the top public university in the United States with 500+ teaching faculty
      • GPA: 3.8/4.0

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      Key Takeaways

      Here are some key points that you need to keep in mind while adding your details of GitHub on resume:

      • Post your projects on your GitHub profile and ensure that you update your codes regularly.
      • Add your GitHub link on resume only if you have mention-worthy projects listed in your profile wherein you are currently working on or have worked on.
      • The personal information section should be a priority segment while listing GitHub on resume.
      • Your GitHub project URL in resume can be provided in the section where you list your project details.
      • Always make sure that the link you provide is the correct one to serve its real purpose.

      If you are still wondering how to share private GitHub repository, link GitHub on your resume, or where to put GitHub on resume, go to Hiration resume builder that has 24x7 chat support and create a professional resume for yourself.

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