“You never get a second chance to make the first impression”.
-Andrew Grant

First impressions play a significant role in social situations, be it an interview, a networking event, or a social gathering. Everyone wants to be remembered and hence try their best to make memorable conversations.

Sharing fun facts about yourself is a great way to introduce yourself and begin conversations. Fun facts generate interest and induce curiosity in the interviewer.

Authentic fun facts about yourself might just be the foundational stone to your professional relationship. At times, people themselves might ask you to share interesting aspects of your personality. Thoughtful responses in such circumstances might not come naturally to you.

Read on to learn more about how to introduce yourself and what information to share.

How to Introduce Yourself Using Fun Facts about Yourself?

Is there an ideal fun fact?

Yes, an ideal fun fact is authentic to you, interesting to listen to, and appropriate for the interview setting. Fun facts about yourself strike a balance between fun and professionalism.

Keeping this in mind, you could choose various instances from your life to answer ‘Tell me 3 fun facts about yourself’ or ‘Can you tell me a fun fact?’.

Introspect and try to answer questions such as: What did you wish to become when you were young? Do you have an interesting travel story to share? Do you have a unique hobby? The audience is ready to listen to your ‘atypical’ instances of life!

We have curated a list of 60 prompts to help you answer ‘fun facts about me’.

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Top 20 Personality-based Fun Facts about Me

What makes you stand out?

Share your preferences, choice, taste, and quirks to give insights into your personality. This can bolster the relationship and initiate discussions with the interviewer, peers, and friends.

Here are some ‘fun facts about me example’ ideas to help you drive the conversation and engage with the audience:

  1. “I wanted to become a”: I wanted to become a pilot when I grew up because I wished to see the world. I wished to visit Paris, London, Italy, anywhere and everywhere you could put a finger on the globe.
  2. “One thing on my bucket list is”: One thing on my bucket list is to skydive in Prague. The thrill of it overtakes the fear of falling from 14,000 ft.
  3. “I am most proud of”: I am the most proud of making it to the Dean’s List every semester and graduating summa cum laude.
  4. “My high-school title”: I was the “Prom Queen” in high school. It was the best day ever. I had been working towards it for a long time. I was popular, participated in various activities at school, and helped my peers.
  5. “The most embarrassing moment at work was”: The most embarrassing moment at work was when I wore mismatched shoes for a presentation. I could not concentrate and forgot what I had to say. It was an important presentation and my boss got furious.
  6. “If I had a superpower, it would be”: “If I could have any superpower, it would be doubling my net worth every second. I would use the extra money to end world hunger.
  7. “I would love to meet”: I would love to meet Rihanna. I am a fan of her music and would love to have lunch with her. We could go for a karaoke night in Barbados.
  8. “The biggest risk I've taken”: The biggest risk I've taken is to invest in cryptocurrency. Seeing so many people believe in a new class of risky financial assets fascinates me. I love the high of making instant profits, but at times I become the greater fool.
  9. “My dream home is”: My dream home is a comfortable and cozy place for my family equipped with amenities of the modern day in Vermont. It has a view of the lush green mountains.
  10. “If I could go back in time”: If I could go back in time, I would learn to play tennis and win the Grand Slam.

Other ‘interesting facts about me’ examples that would help you with introducing yourself are:
11. “People remember me about..”
12. “The bravest I have ever done is..”
13. “My hidden talent is..”
14. “My favorite artist is..”
15. “A lesson for my younger self would be..”
16. “I am most passionate about..”
17. “My dream job is..”
18. “My favorite subject in school was..”
19. “My inspiration is..”
20. “One of my pet peeves is..”

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Top 20 Professional Fun Facts to Share

What better way to start professional conversations than to share your professional goals and experiences?

Fun facts give a clear background of your professional accomplishments and aspirations. Use these ideas and prompts to start conversations and build connections:

  1. “My role model”: My role model is Elon Musk. He is a visionary and an inspiration for many. He is a living legend, determined to achieve his goals and impact the world positively.
  2. “My colleagues would describe me as”: My colleagues would describe me as a natural leader, who is thoughtful and takes pressure well.
  3. “One of my hidden talents is”: One of my hidden talents is connecting the dots and looking at the big picture. I have an uncanny ability to tell if a project is headed in the wrong direction.
  4. “One of my main professional goals”: One of my main professional goals is to become the CXO of our firm. I have developed a roadmap to achieve the feat in 15 years.
  5. “Something I can improve about myself”: Something I can improve about myself is getting enough sleep. Lately, it has been challenging to manage work along with social life.
  6. “My goal for the year”: My goal for the year is to build realistic strategies to realize a 10% quarter-on-quarter increase in sales.
  7. “The bravest professional thing”: The bravest professional thing that I have done was telling the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals that my company was illegally sourcing prohibited animal skins to develop their clothing line.
  8. “My favorite part of the job”: My favorite part of the job is being in the front-face of the company and dealing with clients. I love to negotiate and crack deals with existing and new clients.
  9. “I got my first job”: I got my first job when I was 15 years old. I served food at a local café and cleaned the dishes. It has been a roller coaster since.
  10. “My biggest fear”: My biggest fear is losing professional relevance as I grow old. So, I make sure to stay updated about the recent developments in technology and its adaptations within companies.

Some other ways to share professional fun facts are:

  1. “If I could change one thing about my job..”
  2. “Before getting this job, I was a..”
  3. “My best day at work was..”
  4. “My perfect day is..”
  5. “I have struggled with..”
  6. “If I could trade jobs, I would..”
  7. “I support..”
  8. “The most important thing for me is..”
  9. “I get stressed over..”
  10. “My earlier boss would describe me as..”

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Top 20 Fun Facts Related to My Hobby

“What you do is who you are.”
-Ben Horowitz

Hobbies are usually what comes to one’s mind when asked about themselves. They reflect our identity.

Discussing hobbies and shared interests is a great way to connect with people. Here are some ways to share your exceptional skills and hobbies with other people:

  1. “One of my favorite things to do is”: One of my favorite things to do is collect coins. The ‘Walking Liberty Half Dollar’, and ’50 State Quarters’ are a part of my prized collection of coins.
  2. “I love to”: I love to read books. It feeds my curiosity for good stories. The ever witty and brilliant Mark Twain is my favorite writer. I am a fan of his distinctive humor, which shines through his work.
  3. “I like learning”: I like learning new languages. It allows me to tap into another aspect of my personality. I like to learn about grammatical structures and sentence formation in foreign languages.
  4. “I am a”: I am a food connoisseur. I seek new food experiences. I appreciate food from the streets to fine dining.
  5. “I do”: I break a sweat whenever I get the chance to. My workouts run the gamut from beginner to advanced level.
  6. “I go on”: I go on runs with my dog. We share a great bond and it is our time together. It sets the tone for my day.
  7. “I love to play”: I love to play the guitar. I first played during school and then with a small band from college. It helps me unwind and forget about everything else.
  8. “I plan”: I plan group-based hiking experiences with a local travel company. My call to action is instant adrenaline.
  9. “I usually spend my leisure time”: I usually spend my leisure time learning new skills. Currently, I am learning to meditate. It has helped me to maintain a better mental well-being.
  10. “My favorite past-time is”: My favorite past-time is writing songs. I write on topical subjects close to my heart. It includes a lot of research and brainstorming.

Some other ways to share your hobbies are:

  1. “My hobbies are..”
  2. “I like to participate in..”
  3. “I absolutely love..”
  4. “I take pleasure in..”
  5. “I am fond of..”
  6. “I volunteer at..”
  7. “In my free time..”
  8. “At the weekend..”
  9. “I enjoy..”
  10. “I am into..”

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Key Takeaways

Fun facts about yourself are great to begin conversations in social situations. You could choose to share about your quirky personality, hobbies, or professional goals and break the ice. People themselves might ask you questions about your interests and hobbies at events or gatherings.

  • Remember to keep it fun yet professional.
  • Share instances authentic to you that also relate to your job to keep the conversation going.
  • Share your embarrassing stories about work or your biggest accomplishment ever, unique aspects of your personality, and hobbies.
  • You could add such fun facts to your LinkedIn bio to keep it interesting.

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