Are front desk jobs in demand?

Well, every office, company, and organization requires a front desk representative to handle valued customers. Looking at the increasing number of businesses globally, we can not expect front desk job scarcity in the 21st century.

In terms of numbers, there were 1,016,200 front desk receptionist jobs available in 2020 across the United States. The statistics are impressive and can fascinate you towards this career niche.

If you are willing to apply for front desk jobs in 2022, we advise you to stick with the guide until the end, as it contains useful information that will help you get a front desk job easily.

You will clear all your queries related to front desk jobs here that will majorly include:

What are front desk jobs?

A front desk professional works as the on-site face of a company or business. As a front desk receptionist, you will have to greet people and listen to their queries and motive of visiting the company.

In simple words, front desk executives deal with everyone who visits an office on behalf of the company. A front office has many jobs that can be seen below:

Popular Front Desk Jobs In the US and Their Salaries

Here you can see some in-demand front desk jobs in America along with their salaries to get an idea of what professionals make per hour in this field.

Job Title Average Salaries Per Hour
Hotel Front Desk Jobs $15.07
Front Desk Receptionist Jobs $15.80
Hospital Front Desk Jobs $16.74
Medical Front Desk Jobs $16.74
Part Time Front Desk Jobs $15.00
Office Receptionist Jobs $15.52
Salon Front Desk Jobs $14.40
Front Desk Gym Jobs $14.47
Spa Front Desk Jobs $13.12
Apartment Front Desk Jobs $13.54

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Educational Requirements to get front desk jobs

You can apply for a front desk job after your high school diploma in the United States. However, it will be great if you have computer skills like Microsoft Office as recruiters prioritize such candidates.

Skills required to get front desk jobs

You can apply for front desk jobs after your high school diploma, but you can not sustain longer if you do not have any of these below-given skills. Being a front desk executive, you will have to deal with customers or office visitors elegantly.

Have a glance at these skills that can help you grab a front desk job in 2022:

Front Desk Jobs Skills Front Desk Jobs Skills
Phone Etiquette Microsoft Office
Customer Service Computer Literacy
Time Management Data Entry
Multitasking Communication Skills
Integrity Interpersonal Skills
Management Skills Organizational Skills

Sectors Offering Front Desk Jobs in the US

Though front desk jobs are available in almost every sector, here are some dominating sectors in the United States:

Sector Name Front Desk Jobs in %
Social Assistance & Healthcare 47%
Scientific, Professional, and Technical Services 12%
Personal Care Services 6%
Administrative and Support Services 4%
Grantmaking, Religious, Professional, Civic, and Similar Organizations 4%

Front Desk Job Responsibilities

Front desk job aspirants must be efficient in handling clients and customers at the company office.

Here are some major front desk job responsibilities you will face in the US if you follow this stream:

  • Attend customers, clients, and other people at the desk
  • Maintain a clean and presentable front desk with every essential material, including forms, papers, and pens.
  • Address complaints and answer questions appropriately
  • Greet and welcome guests effectively with a smile
  • Answer incoming calls, redirect them to staff, and keep required messages
  • Receive packages, letters, etc. and distribute them to staff members
  • Compose outgoing mails by securing parcels, drafting correspondence, etc.
  • Check, sort, and forward incoming mail to people
  • Keep track of office supplies and place orders whenever required
  • Manage other assigned tasks, including travel arrangements, meeting scheduling, etc.

How to Get a Front Desk Job

You need to get a high school diploma first to get a front desk job in 2022. Moreover, you will also need to learn Microsoft Office tools to increase your selection chances during the recruitment process.

You can follow these below-given steps to get a front desk job after getting a high school diploma:

Leverage Online Portals to Find Jobs

Look at online job portals like Glassdoor, Indeed, and linkedin, to find suitable front desk jobs in your desired area. Then, read job descriptions appropriately with a focused mind to check all the job requirements before creating a resume.

Build a Resume

Once you find a suitable job at your desired location, you can start creating a front desk resume in a professional resume format. You need to add technical keywords picked from the job description to your resume to improve its effectiveness.

If you are applying for a job without prior experience, you can use the functional resume format. However, you can try the reverse chronological resume format if you have previous experience as a receptionist or a similar role.

Build a Cover Letter

The absence of a cover letter will not bother you much in the recruitment process, but its presence will give you bonus points. A cover letter will enhance your shortlisting chances as it gives a professional touch to the job application.

After gathering all these documents, you can apply online to your selected front desk job with your genuine information and contact details.

Key Takeaways

Getting front desk jobs in 2022 is not tough, but you can face hurdles without professional guidance.

These below-given points will help you bag your desired front desk job at your selected location without any difficulties:

  • Get a high school diploma and polish your MS Office skills
  • Leverage online job portals to find a suitable front desk job in your area
  • Build a resume with the required skills and other profile-centric keywords
  • Craft a cover letter to increase your shortlisting chances in the recruitment process
  • Apply with the required documents and genuine details

These steps will help you land a front desk job easily. You can also use Hiration’s 360-Degree Career Platform Service to build your resume and cover letter in easy steps.

It comes with 24/7 chat support, which will help you every time you face a hurdle while operating this digital tool. In case of any other career-related query, reach out to our experts at

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