What is a career dream?

While on the surface, dream jobs can mean different things to different people, but at a closer look, the aspects that make up an ideal career for most people are similar.

For many people, a high-paying or undemanding job qualifies as a dream job, while for some, a dream job is a vocation that they’re passionate about, which also pays well.

But this is where most people go wrong. Basing your dream job only on terms of the financial security it offers, is not enough to keep you satisfied with your job.

So what factors should you consider when claiming a vocation as a dream job?

Read on to get an insight into the same and other related questions like the following:

What Is a Good Dream Job?

In a broad perspective, dream jobs are occupations that offer flexibility, security, work-life balance, low stress, and are interesting.

However, as stated earlier, depending on what you value, the definition of a dream job varies from person to person.

While some may consider being a doctor as their dream job, given their passion to help people, others might get put off by it due to the work pressure and long work hours.

Meanwhile, given below are some common attributes shared by dream jobs:

  • Engagement:
    Engaging work can hold your attention for a longer period and provide a sense of flow, making it interesting.
  • Adds value to society or other people’s lives:
    Having a meaningful job, in the sense that it helps others directly or indirectly, adds purpose to one’s life and increases job satisfaction.
  • You’re good at it:
    Being good at what you do gives you a sense of achievement. Dream jobs generally leverage your strengths, skills, and talent.
  • A pleasant work environment
    If you dread seeing your colleagues every day or have a boss you don’t like, you can’t consider it an ideal workplace. Having supportive colleagues and a boss is an essential aspect of a dream job.
  • Doesn’t have major negatives
    The absence of small but crucial factors like a long commute, long work hours, and unfair pay are essential for dream jobs.

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Top 10 Best Dream Jobs List

Listed below are some of the most common dream jobs you can refer to and see if they fit your skills, interests, and other criteria:


The job description of an actor needs no introduction. If you yearn for fame, money, and glamour, becoming an actor could qualify as your dream job.

Depending on your interest, you can work in films, television, theater, soap operas, and commercials.

While an actor’s pay in the US can widely vary based on how seasoned you are in the industry, the average salary of an actor is $43,760.


Similar to the job profile of an actor, becoming a model is a quite common dream job among people.

If you check the physical requirements and are interested in traveling the world, meeting new people, and advertising brands, you can consider modeling as your dream job.

While you might not earn a lot of money in the beginning, once you establish yourself in the industry, you can earn as much as $401,500 per annum working as a supermodel.


Entrepreneurship is one of the popular and cool dream jobs that many people aspire to try, at least once in their life (even if it doesn’t come to fruition).

The most appealing aspect of becoming an entrepreneur is the fact that you can be your own boss and the earning potential doesn’t have a cap.

You can choose from an array of niches and hone your leadership and management skills if you aspire to be an entrepreneur.

Sommelier and Food Tasting

People who are passionate about fine dining, wine, and food, in general, consider sommeliers and food tasters as their dream job profiles.

Sommeliers are wine experts who work in high-end restaurants and help to pair wines with meals.

And as the name suggests, food tasters earn their living by tasting food. Their responsibility is to ensure quality, and safety, and to advise manufacturers on ways to improve their products.

The average salary of a sommelier is $61,322 per annum while food tasters make about $36,791 in the US.

Fashion Designer and Stylist

If you are interested in fashion and clothes, and have great taste in style, becoming a fashion designer or a stylist can be a dream job for you.

The job profile of a fashion designer and a stylist is creative and you need to be able to think outside of the box and have original ideas to excel in this industry.

As a designer, you can work independently and build your own brand. While as a stylist, you have the option to work with private clients or with modeling agencies and designers.

Fashion designers take home an average income of $75,810 and stylists, on the other hand, make a median salary of $54,114 in the US.

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Dream Jobs Work From Home

If working remotely is one of the biggest criteria you have for your dream job, the following list of remote-friendly jobs is likely to pique your interest:

Writer Illustrator
Artist Tutor
Interior Designer Animator
Game Designer Musician
Video Game Developer Web Designer
Virtual Assistant Affiliate Marketer
YouTuber Blogger
Social Media Influencer Graphic Designer

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Dream Companies to Work For

Just like dream jobs, some people have dream companies that they yearn to work for.

And while one of the reasons why these companies are on almost, everyone’s wishlist is because of the high pay, it definitely doesn’t end there.

From a great working environment to flexible working conditions, and other cool benefits, the following list of companies checks all the boxes when it comes to being a dream company:

Google Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL)
McKinsey & Company Boston Consulting Group
Procter & Gamble (P&G) Tata Administrative Services (TAS)
Goldman Sachs ITC Limited
Microsoft Bain & Company
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Aditya Birla Group
Apple EY (Ernst & Young)
Goldman Sachs PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
Deloitte Microsoft

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Key Points from the Blog

  • For many people, a high-paying, easy job qualifies as a dream job while for some, a dream job is a vocation that they’re passionate about, which also pays well.
  • In a broad perspective, dream jobs are occupations that offer flexibility, security, work-life balance, low stress, and are interesting.
  • Dream jobs are engaging work that can hold your attention for a longer period and provide a sense of flow.
  • Dream jobs add purpose to people’s lives and leverages your skills and talents.
  • Sommelier, actor, model, entrepreneur, and stylist are some of the most common dream jobs.
  • Google, McKinsey & Company, Apple, EY (Ernst & Young), and Goldman Sachs are among the top dream companies that people wish to work for.

Should you require expert guidance to help you find cool dream jobs, visit Hiration’s Career Activator Platform which offers 24x7 chat support. You can also write to us at support@hiration.com.

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