How much does a digital marketer earn in the USA?

Digital marketing is the backbone of businesses these days. Every company worldwide needs or digital marketing team to strengthen its online presence and grow exponentially.

According to Indeed, the average digital marketer salary in the United States is $61,315/year. Additionally, more than 316,800 digital marketers are currently working in America.

The number of digital marketing jobs is enhancing with new companies and tough market competition every year. With this tough competition comes competitive salaries.

If you are also willing to grow as a digital marketer in the US, you should know the industry salary range of a digital marketer.

This guide elaborates on the latest digital marketing salary demographics and factors affecting it in the United States. Here you will get answers to the following Digital Marketing salary queries:

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Digital Marketing Salary in The US by Experience

Like any other profession, the digital marketing salary increases with time and experience. We have curated some salary data from to give you a clear vision of the salary increment of a digital marketer in the United States. We have listed salary details of every level professional from an entry level digital marketing salary to the digital marketing director salary. Check out the digital marketing salary difference by experience below:

Work Experience Average Annual Digital Marketing Salary
0-2 Years $80,400
2-5 Years $98,700
5-10 Years $140,000
10-15 Years $163,000
15-20 Years $180,000
20+ Years $190,000

The salary details can differ based on the job location and information source. However, this data clearly shows how you can get a salary hike with experience in your professional journey as a digital marketer in the United States.

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Digital Marketing Salary of a Freelancer

According to and found that the average freelance digital marketing salary per hour in the US is $53 and the salary range falls between $46/hr and $63/hr.

Highest Paying Cities of US for a position in digital marketing

The location of a company plays a significant role in determining digital marketing salary. You can check out the salary difference at different locations of the United States in the below-given table:

City Name Average Annual Digital Marketing Salary
New York, NY $71,604
Denver, CO $65,787
Irvine, CA $63,784
Chicago, IL $62,023
Charlotte, NC $57,655
Las Vegas, NV $57,459
Houston, TX $56,453
Phoenix, AZ $54,112
Tampa, FL $53,489

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Top 10 Companies Hiring For Digital Marketing

Company size is also a key factor that affects the digital marketing salary in the US. Check out the top 10 companies with higher salaries hiring for digital marketers in the United States listed below:

Company Name Average Annual Digital Marketing Salary
Fortira $173,593
Deloitte $142,536
DISYS $131,330
Accenture $125,812
Synchrony $102,391
The Reynolds and Reynolds Company $97,352
Bryant Associates $95,412
Trilogy Education Services $93,298
Travel Zap Inc. $88,968
Gannett $87,985
Impact Networking, LLC $85,727

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Factors Affecting Digital Marketing Salary

The salary of a digital marketer depends on many factors. You can check out the key points that can affect your digital marketing salary in 2022:

Company Location

The location of a company will play a significant role in determining your digital marketing salary. Therefore, we advise you to try fining a job at an IT hub to get the best in the market salary as a digital marketer.

Market Niche

The product you are advertising will also affect your digital marketing salary. Hence, it would be best to choose your market area wisely before applying for a digital marketing job.

Educational Qualifications

Your educational qualifications can help you get a higher position as a digital marketer. Hence, if you have a bachelor's degree, try to get a master's degree to get a better digital marketing salary in 2022.

Work Experience

We advise you to be patient and enhance your work experience. It will help you to upgrade your skills and learn new digital marketing methods to get a digital marketing salary increment.

Technical Certifications

Technical certifications will help you stand apart from the crowd of regular applicants. In addition, certificates in your portfolio will prove your specialization as a digital marketer and might increase your salary as well.

Other Digital Marketing Profile Titles and Their Salaries

We have listed major profile titles you can grab with the modern digital marketing skills and their average annual salaries in the United States. You can target any of them and upgrade your skills to get your desired job title in your next switch.

Profile Title Average Digital Marketing Salary
SEO Expert Salary $64,000
Content Marketing manager Salary $80,000
Social Media Specialist Salary $64,000
Ad Specialist Salary $60,000
Graphic Designing Expert Salary $55,000
Affiliate Marketer Salary $70,000
Digital Marketing Analyst Salary $71,918
Digital Marketing Specialist Salary $86,766
Digital Marketing Strategist Salary $66,668
Digital Marketing Coordinator Salary $71,164
Director of Digital Marketing Salary $1,19,008
Digital Marketing Manager Salary $1,23,899

Best Way to Increase Your Digital Marketing Salary

You can learn new skills and enhance your experience to increase your digital marketing salary in 2022. Follow these guidelines below to get better remuneration as a digital marketer in the United States.

Do Your Homework Thoroughly

Before appearing for the final interview round, you must do the homework appropriately. You should know all the fundamentals of the digital marketing profession and its status in the current market.

You should have the answers to these questions before your interview round:

  • What is your current digital marketing salary?
  • What is the average salary of digital marketers in your area?
  • What will be your new work responsibilities?
  • How much do you need to earn for a comfortable life?

Analyze the New Responsibilities

You must have read the job description while applying for the job. But, you need to know your new profile and responsibilities in and out before committing to a specific salary figure. You can ask the following questions from your recruiter to analyze your new job profile:

  • What will be my work schedule for every day?
  • What will be my major responsibilities?
  • How will you assess my performance reviews?
  • How many projects will I have to handle?
  • What will be my major tasks in those projects?

Be Well-Prepared for Interview

To get a higher salary, you need to be well-prepared for your interview. Apart from the traditional questions, you must be prepared with the answers for how you can get new social media leads or cut down their marketing expenses.

You can even create a rough digital marketing strategy for the company, and showcase that to the interviewer. It will authenticate your capabilities and show your worth for the offered position.

Don’t Ask For Salary First

You might not want to get a salary lower than what your recruiter planned to offer. Hence you need to be careful with questions like, ‘what is your current CTC? And what are you expecting from this position?’

In such conditions, you can give the answer like:

My current CTC is $XXX and after analyzing the responsibilities of this role and the market condition, I am expecting something between $XXX and $XXX.

Key Takeaways

We have showcased real-time digital marketing salary demographics in this guide. You can follow these key pointsto increase your salary in next job switch:

  • Research about the salary range and job profile before heading to the interview process
  • Analyze the work responsibilities and ask all the queries you have in mind from the recruiter before deciding the salary
  • Be prepared to answer basic interview questions along with the skills and expertise you can bring to the table
  • Tell your recruiter a salary range rather than a fixed figure as your salary expectation

These guidelines will help you get higher remuneration as a digital marketer in the United States.

You can use Hiration’s Online Resume Builder to craft an impeccable digital marketing resume in 2022. If you face any issue while using this digital tool, you can use its 24/7 chat support or mail at Our experts will be happy to help you build a sparkling career.

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