Looking for a data entry resume?

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How do you like the idea of earning $12.92 hourly with a high school diploma and good typing speed?

You dig it. Obviously!

The catch is:

You are not alone fancying the idea.

There are millions of aspirants looking to land data entry operator jobs - both stay-at-home or otherwise.

This blog will walk you through:

Data Entry Resume Sample

Check out this complete sample for a data entry resume to get more clarity on how your own final resume should look like.

Jack Johnson
Data Entry Operator
~5 years experienced Data Entry Associate highly skilled in transcription & word processing with proven ability to enter data at more than 95 words per minute. Familiar with data management storage systems. Adept at scrutinizing various data entry terminals and automating data entry systems to record and verify billing information as part of streamlining processes and aligning departmental goals with the organizational vision.
Client Support
Data Entry
Storage System
Process Optimization
Report Generation
Stakeholder Management
Quality Control
Database Management
Issue Resolution
Data Management

Typing Speed: 8,000 KSPH | 95 WPM
Technical Skills: • MS Excel • MS Access • MS PowerPoint • MS Outlook • QuickBooks
Data Entry Operator
LifeLove Corp
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    Life Love Corp is the among the top 3 providers of health food supplements in the US
    Data Entry and Customer Support
    • Resolving concerns around data entry & customer support while securing order processing at an avg. of 600 invoices/day
    • Consolidating reports post data analysis for maintaining evidence of commodity inflow to ensure effective operations
    • Designing standardized correspondence for clients and vendors, and updating the records to expedite access
    Training & Process Optimization
    • Training 10+ employees and guiding them in office procedures and proper coding formats
    • Delegating the receipts of invoices and supporting documents as per fiscal requirements
    • Centralizing data management by batching and archiving files between 3 centers
    Data Entry Clerk
    Star Trek LLP
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Star Trek LLP deals in retail of electronic gadgets in the US
      Documentation, Compliance & Customer Support
      • Remodeled documents and records to facilitate automating of the data entry process for reducing time by 15%
      • Attained business' compliance with regulation and laws pertaining to banking
      Boston University
      Bachelors in Arts (B.A)
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        Enter text here..

        • Languages: English, Spanish
        • 2ndt position, Inter College debate competition, NYU '12
        • Captain of the University Soccer Team ’11 - ’13

        A data entry operator earns from $20K to a vying $40K yearly in the US.

        Most recruiters do not demand a bachelor’s degree or higher education to employ the candidates. All you need is a high school diploma and error-free typing skills to make the cut.

        Yes! You can have your cake and eat it too.

        But first, you need to bake the cake.

        One of the most important ingredients of your cake is a resume. Without a professional resume, your cake won't taste like cake. It will taste like batter.

        Your resume is one among the hundreds of resumes on a recruiter’s table.

        And if you do not make it with finesse, it ends up being the cake without any frosting.

        This is where we come in.

        We may not know how to bake the perfect cake, but with years of expertise, we can help you make the perfect data entry resume.

        Your resume is your savior; we help you to make it your knight in the shining armor.

        In case you want the summary for your data entry resume, here it is:

        • Go for an Objective statement only if you are an entry level professional, otherwise include a Professional Summary section instead
        • Make sure no point exceeds one line in your Professional Experience section
        • Include your typing speed in the Key Skills section
        • Remember to include the job title right below your name.
        • Group every 2-3 points under a unique subheading across all your work profiles

        In this blog, we will explain how to write an impressive data entry resume section by section.

        After going through our 2022 Guide to Data Entry Resume containing data entry samples and examples, you will be able to:

        • Write a job-winning data entry resume
        • The ideal way to showcase your computer skills on resume
        • Make an ATS-friendly resume which appeals to the human recruiter as well
        • Utilize the data entry job description for resume
        • Use our data entry resume sample to make your data entry resume for beginners

        In case you want to cut to the chase, use Hiration's online resume builder and lure recruiters to hire you. In addition, you get 25+ pre-written templates with ready-to-use content which you can use in your own resume for data entry.

        After that, proceed to get it reviewed by our resume experts owning years of experience in making data entry resumes.

        Scope of Data Entry as a Profession

        Data entry is one of the most important tasks in data management. Data entry ensures that companies align their data with long-term objectives.

        Data entry job description comprises manual entry of data using automated technologies.

        Data production is taking the world by storm. With an accelerated need to assemble, validate, and structure data, the demand for data entry clerks is an all-time high.

        But high demand does not mean it's guaranteed that you'll get a data entry job with a respectable pay.

        You need to top thousands of candidatures with technical knowledge and rich work experience.

        These thousands of candidates have the same experience as you do. They have the same willingness and expertise.

        So how exactly do you top them?

        The answer lies in an impeccable data entry resume.

        According to a study by TheLadders, a recruiter spends 6 seconds on an average on one resume.

        Does it mean that the reading time for your entire resume should be 6 seconds?

        No. It means your data entry clerk resume has six seconds to impress a recruiter and convince him/her to read the entire document.

        Fortunately, you have the experts at Hiration to help you out with this difficult task.

        Use Hiration's online resume builder to make a resume that will impress the heavens out of a recruiter.

        Refer our exhaustive guides on the topic:

        Resume Writing - Services vs. Self Written:The 2022 Guide to Writing a Professional Resume

        How to Write a Resume? The 2022 Guide for Beginners (Samples & Examples)

        What is a Data Entry Resume?

        A data entry resume represents the professional experience and ability of a data entry operator.

        A data entry operator is responsible for collecting and entering data accurately in computer databases. He updates and maintains the valuable records of a company.

        It ranges from typing and word processing to making complex numerical entries such as accounting and banking.

        A data entry operator handles documents, letters, and mailing list.

        The scope of data entry is vast.

        A data entry operator can earn a handsome salary in any industry which utilizes computers.

        Thus, pretty much every industry needs a data entry operator. Healthcare, accounting, human resources, and marketing are a few to name.

        It is also the first choice for people looking for remote, flexible, or stay-at-home jobs.

        Most companies offer an option to freelance.

        The flexibility, pay, and technical skills (or lack thereof) make data entry job market one of the most competitive ones.

        Therefore, you need a professional data entry resume to get though the cut-throat competition.

        A piece of paper is all that stands between a non-taxing, well-paying job and you.

        If you follow this blog, section by section, you will have an attractive resume by the end of it.

        To help you out, we have devised an easy-to-use online resume builder containing ready-to-use content template for your data entry resume.

        Further, get your resume reviewed by the resume experts at Hiration.

        Length of a Data Entry Resume

        Remember that TV show where you fell in love from the get-go only to lose interest in the end because it kept going on and on?

        The same applies to your resume.

        The data entry resume should not exceed two pages, no matter how exhaustive your experience is.

        To become an entry-level data operator, you need a high school diploma or an equivalent degree and data entry skills. Most recruiters provide on-the-job training.

        People with 5+ years of experience become data entry operators for senior profiles.

        In both cases, the length of data entry resume is definite. You need to arrange your data entry skills smartly while ensuring that you don't exceed 2 pages at any cost.

        Your resume shouldn’t miss out anything nor should end up becoming an endless rant.
        Refer How Long Should a Resume Be? The 2022 Resume Length Guide to know more in this regard.

        We provide you with 30+ templates so that you do not go wrong with the length of a data entry resume.

        Further, our resume review experts help you to refine your resume with their valuable feedback. Opt for resume review option at Hiration.

        Format of a Data Entry Resume

        The second thing to decide since the onset of resume making process is identifying the format of your resume for data entry.

        There are three types of data entry resume formats to choose from:

        1. Reverse Chronological
        2. Functional
        3. Combination resume

        You can know about the format of a resume by referring to our exhaustive guide on Resume Format 2018-19: Guide to the Best Resume Formats (+ Examples)

        To get a respectable pay as a data entry operator, you need 5+ years of experience.
        The best way of presenting the data entry skills on a resume is showcasing an upward-growing career.

        Thus, the reverse chronological resume format is suitable for data entry operator.

        This type of resume shows recent work experience, recent awards, and recent certifications followed by the preceding ones.

        To get a clear idea on a reverse chronological resume, refer to the image below for a sample Brand Manager resume:

        Resume Foprmat in a Data Entry resume

        When it comes to template design and format, avoid using excessive design.
        Your resume is not your 8th-grade art project. Keep it simple.

        You can check out 25+ designs on Hiration's online resume builder for professional designs that will level-up your existing resume.

        Sections of a Data Entry Resume

        1. Data Entry Resume Header
        2. Personal Information in Data Entry Resume
        3. Job Title in a Resume for Data Entry
        4. Carer Objective and Career Summary in Data Entry Resume
        5. Key Skills in Data Entry Resume
        6. Professional Experience in Data Entry Resume
        7. Education in Data Entry Resume
        8. Certifications & Training in Data Entry Resume
        9. Awards & Achievements in Data Entry Resume

        Data Entry Resume Header

        The first section in your resume is the header. The header in data entry resume contains your name.

        It is the largest font in the entire resume. Write your name in 14-16 pts.
        This is the first thing a recruiter will notice on your resume.

        Write your first name and surname in aforementioned font size. If you have a middle name, write the initial of the middle name, add a full stop and write your surname.

        After that, proceed with the next part of the resume header:

        Personal Information in Data Entry Resume

        The personal information in data entry resume consists of:

        • Phone Number
        • Email
        • Your address

        Most candidates tend to go overboard with the personal information section in the data entry resume.

        They include their entire address, parents’ names, passport availability and so on.
        Further, they add labels such as ‘Name’, ‘phone number’ and 'Location’.

        In this section, you only mention the phone number, your email address, and location without any labels.

        You can also provide hyperlink of your social media accounts if you think that is going to add to your professional credibility.

        The correct format of mentioning this format is as follows

        Phone number: Add country code, add space and five digits of your number followed by another space and the remaining digits. Mention a phone number on which you are available 24*7.

        Location: For the location, you have to mention your current address. Do not go on writing the entire residential address. Mention the county and city code as given in the image.

        Contact Details: Aside from your phone number, add an email address. The most tactical way of communication is via email. Regardless of a number of email IDs you have, mention the one you use for the professional purposes.

        Add social handles if you think that is going to add weight to your professional competency.

        Job Title in your Resume for Data Entry

        You're making the recruiter's job easier by placing the job title right below your name.

        The recruiters should not have to scan your work profiles or your summary in order to gauge how relevant you are to them. A crisp no-frills job title will ensure that the recruiter knows exactly what they're going to expect in the document below.

        No need to use assistive phrases or flowery language while writing the job title. Keep it simple.

        Here's the sample image for the Resume Header in a data entry resume comprising the name, contact information and the job title:

        Header section in a Data Entry resume

        Data Entry Resume Key Sections

        Career Objective and Career Summary in Data Entry Resume

        After the personal information, you have to mention the career summary or objective in data entry resume.

        Though this is the first section, it is advisable to write this section in the end. Your career summary is an overview of your entire experience, abilities, and your professional journey.

        You need to hit right in the middle of the target with it.

        You can refer Resume Summary Guide: [How to write a Powerful Summary for Resume 50+ Resume Summary Examples and get a clear idea on how to proceed with your own summary in your resume for data entry.

        A recruiter goes through your data entry resume summary and then decides whether he wants to scroll through the entire resume.

        Most people include a career objective in data entry resume along with a career summary.

        It is a mistake. Unless you are a fresher, your resume should not contain a career objective.

        It should contain a career summary not exceeding more than 4 lines. This summary should talk about the value you can deliver as a professional in your next organization.

        You can use the given pointers to write an impressive data entry resume summary

        1. Start with total experience you have
          ‘5+ years of experience’

        2. Add the job profile you are targeting
          ‘5+ years experienced Data Entry Operator’

        3. Elaborate by emphasizing on your key skillset by using phrases such as

        • “Highly competent”
        • “Proficient in”
        • “Skilled at”

        Enlist some of your achievements and key skills as a data entry operator.

        Have a look at data entry resume samples to write an impressive data entry summary:

        Summary section in a Data Entry resume

        Use Hiration's online resume builder and write an impressive summary.

        Key Skills in Data Entry Resume

        Whether you are an experienced data entry operator or a fresher, you need the following skills to perform your duties as a data entry clerk

        Computer & Software Knowledge:

        You need experience in databases, spreadsheets, management systems such as NoSQL, MS Office, and CMS.

        Tech Skills

        In addition to impeccable typing skills, a data entry clerk carries out research to correct incompatible or missing data.

        Business/IT Domain Expertise

        It is essential for every data entry operator to have a basic understanding of IT and business functions.

        He needs to be adept at understanding a project’s requirement, communicating with the clients and using specialized software.

        Report Generation

        A data entry clerk should be proficient at generating reports for various departments in an organization.

        These reports may contain data management projects summaries presented in a meaningful manner.

        Your skills showcase your ability to fulfill a certain role in an organization.
        This section is highly important. A recruiter scans this section and looks for specific keywords.

        If your resume is missing those keywords, he may not even bother reading the entire thing.

        Make sure that you include keywords mentioned in the data entry clerk job description to present a promising candidature.

        You can divide this section into two parts.

        • Technical skills
        • Soft Skills

        Under technical skills section, list data entry related keywords as shown in the resume. Some of the data entry skills encompassing both technical skills and key skills you can use in your resume are:

        • MS Excel
        • MS Access
        • MS PowerPoint
        • Outlook
        • QuickBooks
        • Customer service
        • WPM (Tying speed)
        • Report Generation
        • PeopleSoft
        • Order Entry

        Soft Skills:

        ‘Communication, presentation, team player, and hard worker’

        These are some of the skills people tend to mention under data entry clerk skills section.

        Make sure not to go overboard with soft skills. These are the qualities that most people are expected to have as an employee.

        What a recruiter looks in a resume is the technical skills required to fulfill the data entry clerk role.

        Thus, make sure to do enhanced research regarding the keywords and incorporate the same in your resume.

        Some of the data entry soft skills include

        • Multi-tasking
        • Confidentiality
        • Ability to work an individual contributor
        • Customer service
        • Attention to detail
        • Administrative skills
        • Computer technical skills
        • Proficient typing

        What is Data Entry Speed?

        Technical skills and soft skills are good to have but nothing sells a data entry resume better than speed.

        A hiring manager’s biggest concern will be KSPH and test results.

        Let’s have a look at the different types of typing speed you need to mention in your resume.

        Traditional Data Entry Speed

        A traditional data entry speed calculates your ability to type words per minute or per hour. It is measured for QWERTY- style keyboard.

        For a data entry operator, a traditional typing speed is in the range of 70-80 WPM.

        10-Key Pad Data Entry Speed

        This is the speed measured for numeric keypad. A numeric keypad is simpler to use than a traditional keypad. Hence, for 10-keypad, the speed is measured as keystrokes

        An ideal 10-key speed ranges from 10,000 to 12,000 keystrokes per hour.

        You should list these speed separately on your resume:

        10 Key: 14500 KPH
        Alpha Numeric: 8500 KPH
        Typing speed: 75 WPM

        Make sure to mention the correct data.

        You can include KPH test result in your LinkedIn Profile as a proof.

        Keep the ‘Data Entry Skills’ section below the data entry clerk summary section as shown in the data entry resume sample above.

        Here's how the Skills section in a resume for data entry should look like:

        Key Skills section in a Data Entry resume

        Also, you can have a look at some of the samples and know more about incorporating skills in your data entry resume with our blog ‘What Skills to put on a Resume: The 2022 Guide with 200+ Sample Resume Skills & Industry-wise Examples’

        Further, you can use Hiration's online resume builder and get an idea of how to add skills in data entry resume.

        Professional Experience in Data Entry Resume

        This is the heart and soul of your resume. The Professional Experience section entails all the tasks you performed under each profile along with accomplishments.

        A recruiter scans this section thoroughly and frames most of the interview questions based on this.

        A data entry clerk resume shows 1-3 years of work experience.

        For exhaustive work experience, you need to incorporate the information prudently.

        No matter how many years of data entry experience you have, your resume should not exceed 2 pages.

        Refer our Blog Work Experience in a Resume - The 2022 Guide with Samples & Examples and get an idea on how to proceed with this section.

        Here are a few important guidelines you can take into account while writing this section:

        Relevant Experience

        Make sure that your work experience is relevant to the data entry clerk job description.

        Remove all instances which are not related to this specific role.

        Mention the duties of your current and past profiles in an achievement-centric tone. Remove all cases of roles and responsibilities.

        For this, you can follow the given steps

        1. Compile a list of all your achievements and skills in a document
        2. Go through the job description thoroughly and make a note of data entry skills and abilities mentioned
        3. Present those skills on a resume while showcasing the quantifiable impact of your contributions.

        Power Verbs

        ‘Familiarity with administrative duties
        ‘Proven data experience
        ‘Typed with speed and accuracy

        These are a few resume samples of data entry clerks we receive at Hiration.

        Applicants have a tendency to include roles and responsibilities mentioned in the JD of their desired profile.

        Every line in the professional section should begin with a power verb. It makes your resume different from the usual copy-paste jobs which the recruiters are tired of reading.

        Power verbs make your resume achievement centric.

        Notice the difference:

        Directed all administrative initiatives as part of leading a team of 3
        Recorded 100+ entries with 12000KPH while ensuring zero errors

        A few more examples of power verbs are:

        • Spearheaded
        • Orchestrated
        • Incubated
        • Trained
        • Conceptualized

        For more on power verbs, refer our guide Resume Action Words & Power Verbs: The 2022 List with 250+ Best Examples & Infographic

        In addition, we have devised a user-friendly tool for professionals to make an ATS-friendly data entry clerk resume.


        Except the summary, make sure the entire resume is in one-liner points.

        If possible, make sure that a bullet does not exceed one line while using a one-column resume template.

        Avoid using short phrases. Every line should reach the end of the margin.


        Buckets are the sub-headings you can create for all your work-experiences under each profile by clubbing every 2-3 points under a unique subheading.

        This helps a recruiter to know your broad-level data entry skills without scanning each point.

        It makes your data entry clerk resume concise and better organized.

        Further, highlight your main achievements under each profile.


        Bold key figures and phrases in your key achievements. Recruiters do not spend more than a couple of minutes on every resume. Your goal is to make them notice your worth in a limited span of time.

        Bolding keywords help focus the attention on your main contributions to data entry profiles.

        For instance, in the above example, bolding relevant keywords like "100+ entries" and "12000 KPH" significantly enhances the impact of your resume and makes it easier for the recruiter to quickly assess your achievements.

        For optimizing the impact of your resume, use Hiration's online resume builder.


        ‘Consolidated reports after analysing data..’
        ‘Drafting correspondence for clients..’

        A data entry clerk job description mostly contains entering data into databases. It is essential to quantify your ability to do that.

        Hence, here is how you should quantify your achievements:

        Consolidated 100+ reports after analysing data..'
        ‘Drafted correspondence for 50+ clients..’

        Instead of mentioning your roles and responsibilities, mention all the goals and achievements you secured as part of your job.

        You can include the size of the budget or scale of your responsibilities to present your resume in a quantifiable manner.

        It is apparent that quantification adds weight to your achievements. A recruiter comprehends that the information in your data entry resume is accurate.

        Therefore, make sure to quantify all your bullet points.

        Have a look at this professional experience section sample in data entry resume:

        Professional Experience section in a Data Entry resume

        You can submit your data entry clerk resume for an expert review.

        Education in Data Entry Resume

        This section is of utmost importance in case you are a fresher.

        A data entry clerk needs to have a High School diploma at the least. If you have a bachelor’s or higher degree, mention that in reverse chronological experience. This means showcasing your most recent qualification on the top, followed by the earlier ones.

        First, mention the master’s degree and then proceed with the Bachelor’s and High School Diploma.

        Refer to Resume Education: [2022 Guide] How to List Education on Resume for more clarity on how to list education in your data entry resume.

        Here's a sample Education section in a typical Data Entry Resume:

        Education section in a Data Entry resume

        Mention the name of the college and universities you attended. Mention the date of both enrollment and graduation.

        Certifications & Training in Data Entry Resume

        If you have certifications relevant to data entry job, enlist them separately.

        As mentioned earlier, a data entry clerk job does not require any professional degree. Even with a high school diploma, you can land a well-paying job.

        All you need is on-the-job training or a certificate. Most people end up clubbing Certifications and the Education section which is not a good idea.

        Therefore, it is essential that you mention all your training and certification details in a separate section.

        Include the timeline during the course of which you undertook these training and certification courses.

        Similar to the entire resume, mention the certifications/training in reverse chronological order.

        Technology changes rapidly; thus, a recruiter is more interested in knowing your recent certification or technical know-how pertaining to data entry job.

        Highlight/bold important information such as the name of the institute you undertook training from.

        Mention the name of the certifications along with the certifying authority. This adds credibility to this section.

        Refer our blog How to List Certifications on a Resume - The 2022 Guide and know more about certifications and training in your data entry resume.

        Awards & Achievements in Data Entry Resume

        ‘1st place in the December 2019 Typathon National Championship’
        ‘1st place in the March 2018 Typecast Global Championship’

        These are a few awards that will force recruiters to pick up the phone and contact you. Because they don’t want you to lose to another employer.

        If you have awards that boast of error-free typing with zero errors, make sure to include it in your resume, as these are highly relevant to your data entry profile.

        Opt for Hiration's Resume Review and know whether your awards and achievement section is optimized.

        How to make an ATS-friendly Data Entry Resume?

        Many companies use Automated Tracking Systems (ATS) to select or reject job applications in the first round.

        Quite often, your data entry clerk resume does not reach a human recruiter because ATS does not deem you fit for the role.

        So how do you avoid being rejected by a machine?

        By optimizing your resume for ATS.

        What you can do is search as many keywords for data entry clerk hard skills and incorporate the same in your resume - while ensuring that your work-ex is able to justify the same.

        Be careful though. If the ATS finds that you have stuffed your resume with keywords from the job listing, there is a fair chance it will blacklist your profile.

        Make sure that you're being judicious when it comes to incorporating keywords from the JD in your resume. Include only those functions where you've legitimately worked in, and make sure the skills in the Key Skills section are substantiated in your work-ex below.

        Send your resume for an expert review and know if it is ATS optimized or not.

        Data Entry Resume for Beginners

        Don’t have data entry experience?

        Do not fret!

        Getting a data entry job without professional experience is not impossible.

        All you need to do present your skills in a promising manner and the recruiters will consider your profile over an experienced data entry operator.

        Whether you were waiting tables or entering records in retail, you were in a data input job.

        The main thing recruiter looks for in a resume is typing speed and accuracy.

        Fortunately, most jobs require you to do that. You need to present those skills in the form of relevant work experience.

        A data entry job description is similar to a cashier’s, bartender’s, or anyone who used a computer in their previous jobs.

        All the sections, its order, and resume format will remain the same as explained in the blog.

        As a data entry clerk with no experience, you will have to change your career summary and professional summary section.

        Write a career objective instead of summary.

        Make your work experience more relevant and specific to the data entry job description.

        Career Objective Statement in a Resume for Data Entry

        "A highly accurate data entry enthusiast with 15000 KPH with zero errors seeking a challenging position of data entry clerk..."

        Professional Experience:

        As a waiter...

        • Complied and prioritized 250+ orders in data management system on a daily basis

        As a cashier...

        Entered 1000+ bookkeeping entries at 14000 KPH with 99% accuracy

        As a bartender...

        Managed 150+ orders/ per day via credit card processing and food order system

        There you have it!

        Any job that requires you to enter data in a computer database with speed and accuracy is a data entry job.

        Add the relevant duties and your data entry resume will look as good as anyone with experience.

        Further, the experts at Hiration are there to help you make a job-scoring resume.

        Use Hiration's online resume builder and make an impressive data entry clerk resume.

        We also provide a resume review option by the experts in data entry.

        Data Entry Resume: Final Touches

        Keep it Concise

        A recruiter spends not more than 6 seconds on one resume in the first go. Thus, include the entire relevant information but keep it short. Remove the information which is not related to data entry job.

        Make sure not to compromise on font size or legibility while doing so.
        Be honest with the skills and abilities you wish to showcase in a data entry resume.

        Do not misrepresent your data entry speed or skills. Write the entire details accurately. Do not fall prey to exaggeration in an effort to make the first impression.

        Follow the Correct Format

        Make your data entry resume in reverse chronological order.

        This is the best-suited format to show an upward career graph. Do not write long sentences or paragraphs. Leave margins so your resume does not look chaotic.
        Make sure that the font and style are consistent throughout.

        Do not leave blank space.

        A resume is either one page or two pages. Add or subtract the necessary information to adjust to the right length. If your resume is o.5 page or 1.5 pages long, make modifications so that you reach the end of the page.

        Make your Data Entry Resume Quantifiable

        Shift the focus from roles and responsibilities to achievements in a particular role.
        Convince the recruiter that you are capable of not only meeting the expectations but exceeding it.

        A brilliant way to do that is to provide figures wherever possible. Even if you're able to provide approximate figures, it'll go a long way in showcasing the impact you were able to deliver.

        If a thousand data entry professionals are applying for a single profile, almost of them would have done the same job. Their resumes would broadly consist of the same set of functions.

        So how will a recruiter differentiate between them?

        Numbers. Plain and simple.

        If one data entry resume says that they

        'entered data in the company database'

        while the other resume mentions

        Recorded 100+ entries at 12000KPH while ensuring zero errors

        which one do you think will appeal more to the recruiter?

        Simple Language

        Keep the overall tone of the resume simple and easy to comprehend. Use power verbs but keep the language basic and readable.

        Write to-the-point statements and make sure to not exceed one line for each point.

        Do not use first-person, and ensure that you're not using excessive designs and fonts in your data entry resume template.

        Run a grammar and spelling check before sending your data entry resume across.

        You can also submit the resume for an expert review and know whether it is up to the mark.

        Key Pointers

        Data entry is one of the best freelance or regular jobs for professionals with impeccable typing skills.

        By now, you are already ahead of most data entry aspirants because you have a fair idea of what making a data entry resume entails.

        • A resume is achievement-based. Do not include a career objective; instead, write a summary.

        • A Professional Summary entails your work experience, personality traits, and skills. Do not include paragraphs anywhere except the summary.

        • Provide quantitative information wherever possible. Mention work experience relevant to data entry job description.

        • Use one-line bullet points in all sections. It becomes easier for the recruiter to filter the necessary information.

        • Choose a well-formatted template for your data entry resume. Make sure it contains all the basic sections and information.

        • The length of your data entry should not exceed two pages. It can be either 1 page or 2, but whatever the length may be, make sure it extends till the entirety of the page.

        • Beginners can add relevant data entry responsibilities and skills in their professional experience section.

        Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at support@hiration.com and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

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