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Is your coaching resume a hindrance to landing the dream job?

A coach is responsible for mentoring and training athletes for national & international level competitions at a scholastic, collegiate and professional level.

A coaching resume is a great opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise, but if you fail to organize it effectively, it can be a big obstacle between you and the coveted job position.

In this article, we will drill deeper into the mechanisms of drafting an industry-standard coaching resume to bolster the chances of shortlisting and get you more interview calls.

Read the below-mentioned points to learn the key components of the blog:

  • Read the job description carefully to implement relevant keywords in your coach resume to beat the bots.
  • Frame one-liner bullet points to write your work experience and mention quantifiable achievements.
  • Group similar bullet points under relevant subheadings and further highlight important words and numbers.
  • Draft a coach resume summary in 4-5 lines while establishing a cause and effect relationship in each line.

In this article, we have answered the following questions:

Roles & Responsibilities of a Coach

  • Train and discipline athletes while evaluating performance and providing constructive feedback.
  • Monitor teams' performance and identify key areas of improvement.
  • Develop training programs as per the requirement of an individual requirement or a group.
  • Encourage participants to develop and enhance knowledge, skills & techniques.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses while instilling confidence & self-belief in the participants.

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Coaching Salary in the United States

  • According to Indeed, the average salary for a sports coach is $17.74 per hour.
  • According to Payscale, the average base salary of an athletic coach is $43,83 yearly.

How to Describe Professional Experience in a Coaching Resume?

Read the following points to avoid repeating them in your coaching resume:

  • Do not write long sentences to describe your contributions and achievements in the coaching industry.
  • Not using the right power verbs or repeating actionable power verbs in bullet points.
  • Failing to establish a cause and effect relationship by just mentioning what you did without showcasing the results/outcomes of the same.
  • Not providing enough numbers to highlight your achievements in prior positions.
  • Highlighting important words and numbers to make sure the recruiters don’t miss out on any relevant information.


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What to Include in the Education Section of a Resume?

Coaches and sports professionals are required to have a bachelor's degree in Physical Education, Fitness, Sport Science, or any related field.

While listing the education background, ensure mentioning the below-mentioned details:

  • Name of the school/university you have attended
  • Name of the courses you have pursued
  • The location of your school/university in City, State Code format
  • Provide dates for both enrollment and graduation

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How to Design the Skills Section of a Coaching Resume?

Before writing the skills section in your coaching resume, it is crucial for you to read the below-mentioned points.

  • Read the job description carefully of the organizations you are interested in working with.
  • Identify the keywords from the job descriptions to make your coaching resume ATS-friendly.
  • Read your work experience and extract key & technical skills relevant to the job profile.
  • Shortlist and prioritize the skills that you possess and are mentioned in the job description.

Does this sound too much of a hassle? We will tell you why this is an important step in your job hunting process.

To speed up the recruitment process, 75% of hiring professionals utilize Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to filter out the candidates. Hence, adding keywords to your coaching resume is of paramount importance.


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Other Crucial Sections to Add to a Coaching Resume?

Below are a few sections you must add to your coach resume to include all the necessary details about your candidacy. Give them a read to know why they are important to add.

Coach Resume Header

Read the points mentioned below to curate a perfect header section for your coaching resume:

  • Avoid writing CV or Resume, instead write your full name as the coach resume header
  • Ensure the font size of 16-20 points for the coaching resume header
  • If you have a middle name, write the initials followed by a full stop.

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Personal Details & Profile Title for Coaching Resume

Profile title is the second-largest text in your resume. A font size of 14-16 points for the coaching resume profile title is recommended.

Adding contact details to the resume is crucial. No matter how stunning your coaching resume is, if the recruiter can't get in touch with you, you have lost the opportunity.

Following details should be added to your coach resume:

  • Your phone number
  • The location in the 'City, State Code' format
  • Your professional email id

Have a look at the example below to understand what exactly are we talking about:

Personal Information
Contact Number: (615) 812 6250
Email Address:
Current Location: New York, NY

Coaching Resume Summary

A resume summary is an insight into the entire resume. It is a professional statement highlighting relevant experience, skills, and achievements.

Practice this:
  • Write the resume summary in a paragraph
  • Limit the summary within 4-5 lines
  • Establish a cause and effect relationship in each line of the resume summary
Avoid this:
  • Mention skills irrelevant to the job profile
  • Act funny or add any sort of humor
  • Exaggerate or mention any information that is not true

Certification Section in Coaching Resume

Create a separate 'Certification' section to add relevant coaching-related certifications and list the following details:

  • Name of the certification/course name
  • Name of the certified authority
  • Mention dates for both enrollment and course completion

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Other Sections to Include in Your Coaching Resume

Adding a few sections may seem irrelevant for a formal document, but including them can enhance your resume.

  • Awards & Recognitions: Mention all the awards and honors you were accorded with to date in this section.
  • Volunteer Experience: Include the name of the organization you volunteered for along with its location, the time period, followed by a bulleted list explaining your contributions & and key achievements.
  • Additional Information: Mention your hobbies and languages known in the additional section of your coaching resume.

Coaching Resume Sample

Jason Rodes
Sports Coach
4+ years experienced certified high school coach with a prolific record of training students and upgrading their sports performance. Proficient in developing player skills and game strategies as part of improving team performance in external and internal sports events. Adapt at preparing diet charts and daily schedules for players to boost their stamina and on-field capabilities.
• Sports Training • Diet Planning • Game Performance • Sports Event Management • Motivation Seminars
• Team Management • Equipment Management • Skill Development • Stamina Building • Game Strategy Development
Basketball Coach
Columbus High School
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    One of the top 10 high schools in the United States serving 10k+ students with a staff of 50+ teachers
    Skill Development & Sports Event Management
    • Conducting 5+ training sessions every week to improve player skills of 20+ students by 45%
    • Assisting 15+ basketball players to improve their game performance and enhance stamina by 50%
    • Collaborating with 5+ coaches to organize annual sports event including 20+ sports activities

    Game Strategy & Seminar Execution
    • Preparing new game strategies for 10+ sports to upgrade team performance by 30%
    • Organizing 5+ sports seminars every year as part of motivating students for sports and athletics
    • Providing transportation facilities, snacks, and uniforms to 25+ students for 10+ external sports tournaments
    Assistant Coach
    Spring Valley High School
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Leading high school in Ohio with 5k+ student strength studying Arts, Science, and Commerce as major subjects
      Sports Training & Schedule Development
      • Trained 50+ students for inter school athletics with a focus on the importance of teamwork and leadership
      • Coordinated with teachers and students to plan 10+ sports activities without affecting studies
      • Assisted head coach in preparing diet charts and daily schedules of 20+ student athletes

      Performance Monitoring & Equipment Management
      • Monitored the performance of 10+ basketball players to improve team coordination by 40%
      • Managed sport equipment and school ground condition to ensure 100% sports training quality standards
      Bachelor of Education in Sports Coaching
      College of Education And Human Ecology
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        • CGPA: 3.7/4.0
        • OHSAA Coach Certification | Ohio High School Athletic Association | Mar '18
        • Team Captain | College Basketball Team | Mar '15 - Jan '17
        • Trained 20 hours per week to strengthen and improve team performance
        • Won inter college basketball championship in December 2016

        Key Takeaways

        Here is a quick roundup of our coaching resume guide so that you don't miss out on important details:

        • In the bulleted one-liner points, make sure to focus on the why and the results of your actions.
        • Make sure to add keywords in your coach resume to make it ATS compatible
        • Ensure that your coach resume summary is an amalgamation & summarization of the skills and accomplishments relevant to the job position.
        • Make suitable resume sections based on your career trajectory to effectively add all the required details.
        • Complement your resume with a customized cover letter explicitly stating how you can be an asset to the organization.

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