Why is it important to create a spectacular job description?

The job description is the first point of contact between the company and the potential candidates.

An ideal job description includes eligibility criteria and position requirements for a specific job profile. It outlines the necessary skills, education qualifications, and experience required to perform the job.

Hiring without a detailed job description can get very confusing for the prospective candidate to decide if the position is suitable for him. It can be tough for the management as well in screening and in evaluating the performance of potential applicants during the interview & measuring their performance if they are selected.

Let us discuss some FAQs around job description examples:.

Importance of Writing a Job Description

A good job description informs the candidates what the vacant position may involve or require. It is of paramount importance for both employers and employees. Here is how:

Attracting Potential Candidates

A powerful job description is a cornerstone for captivating the attention of qualified candidates. With so many job posts on social networking platforms and job boards such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Naukri, Glassdoor, etc. a good job post is the optimum way to attract potential talents.

Setting Clear Expectations

A well-crafted job description will set clear expectations for both employers and employees. It makes it easy for the prospective employer to decide if a particular job profile matches their qualification and therefore applies accordingly, thus saving a lot of time and effort for employers to filter through resumes.

Interview Preparation

A clear job description helps both the applicants and the interviewer prepare for the discussion. The candidate is judged on the right metrics as the employer has a clear vision of what is expected of him and the interviewer knows what to expect from the applicant.

Set the First Impression Right

The job description is the first point of contact for the candidate with the organization, how the resume is for the employer. So it is always advisable to invest considerable time in curating an effective job description to set a positive company’s image.

Simplify Research

A job description allows a prospective employer to search the relevant information about the company including salary, perks, work culture. It also helps the applicant to connect with the current and previous company’s employees to understand if it is worth applying.


Perfect Your Job Description Format

With millions of job postings on various portals, your job description must stand out to attract the right talents. A word count of 300-600 is a sweet spot for an ideal job post to retain a candidate’s attention.

Draft an effective as well as attractive job post following the tips mentioned below:

Job Title

Keep the job title as specific as possible. Avoid using jargon that only your company understands as that will confuse the job seeker.

E.g., Use job titles such as ‘Junior Data Analyst,’ ‘Senior Digital Marketing Manager,’ and ‘Senior Software Developer,’ etc.

Avoid being creative with job titles as it can make it sound abstruse therefore use industry-standard language to attract the right pool of applicants.

Job Summary

The job summary is the first thing that a potential employer would peruse, make sure it is worth the read.

A job summary is a short and engaging overview of the company and what the position is all about. It also includes the company's mission and culture for the candidate to understand the organization's working style.

Also, optimize the job post by including the exact job location for appearing at the top in the search results.

Roles and Responsibilities

Explain the job functions as precisely as possible for the potential candidates to comprehend if they are qualified for the job.

The roles and responsibilities must include all the basic and high-end functions for the candidate to see the whole picture and understand how the role impacts the business growth.

Qualifications and Skills

This section must include the educational background a potential candidate must have coupled with years of professional experience required to perform the role.

The ultimate job description must include both hard and soft skills required for the job role.

This will help the candidates learn if he is suitable for the role and they can focus on upskilling themselves by pursuing required certifications and training programs.


Secret Sauce for Effective Job Description

Interactive and Innovative

A standard job description has the potential to catch the reader’s eyes at one glance. Since the job-seekers spend hours scouring the web looking at countless job descriptions, therefore, your job description must stand out to incite the applicants to apply for the job.

Grammatical Accuracy

It is crucial to proofread the job description multiple times until you are sure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors.

Just like how resumes are important for the hiring managers, similarly, job descriptions are crucial for the candidates to make a choice.

Culture Fit

In addition to the standard job description, the hiring managers must put a significant emphasis on the company’s culture, values, and mission to avoid making a bad hire.

Urgent Hiring

Create a sense of urgency for the position to compel the candidates to apply seriously. It will tempt the applicants to act promptly. Therefore, it is viable to showcase urgency even if you are not desperate to fill in the position.

Job Description Examples for Various Industries

Different job positions have different job descriptions since the requirement for each varies.

We have mentioned a few job descriptions of different profiles for your reference:

Retail Sales Job Description Example

Job Brief

We are looking for a retail sales representative to assist customers in selecting the right products and addressing their queries. We are looking for a candidate with good communication skills and a welcoming attitude.


  • Provide product knowledge to customers
  • Inform customers about available discounts and offers
  • Render customers’ feedback to the store manager
  • Address and resolve customers’ queries
  • Manage store inventory


  • 1-2 years of experience in retail sales or similar roles
  • Flexible with work timings
  • Graduation in any discipline; Degree in marketing or a related field is a plus
  • Cool temperament with customer management abilities

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Marketing Job Description Example

Job Brief

Do you live and breathe marketing? If yes, we are looking for you. We are looking for a versatile marketer who will contribute to organizational success by formulating sound strategies and developing marketing campaigns to promote a product or service.


  • Improve the brand image by integrating both organic and paid marketing.
  • Conduct competitor analysis to formulate marketing strategies for increasing brand awareness and market share.
  • Coordinate with cross-functional teams to manage budget, branding, advertising, and promotional campaigns.
  • Oversee and approve the quality of content on the website and social media platforms


  • Proven 5-7 years of experience in marketing or related field
  • BSc/MSc degree in Marketing or related discipline
  • Genuine love for numbers to track ad campaigns and experience in creating a great marketing copy with good communication skills
  • Up-to-date knowledge of latest marketing trends with a solid knowledge of analytical tools

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IT Technician Job Description Example

Job Brief

We are looking for an IT technician with a demonstrated ability to install and maintain computer systems and networks. You will be responsible for ensuring safe usage of IT infrastructure to optimize the role of technology on business sustainability.


  • Install, configure, and maintain hardware and software components as per the specifications
  • Repair or replace damaged hardware including HDD, mouses, keywords, etc.
  • Perform tests to ensure compatibility of systems for optimal performance
  • Troubleshoot to diagnose and resolve issues & develop local networks for improving performance


  • Proven experience as IT Technician or related field
  • Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field
  • Excellent problem solving and time management skills
  • Diversified knowledge of computer systems and networks
  • Additional certifications in IT Technician is an added advantage

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Accounting Job Description Example

Job Brief

We are looking for an accounting professional to manage end-to-end financial transactions. You will be responsible for preparing reports to furnish information w.r.t financial position of the organization in compliance with tax regulations.


  • Monitor accounting transactions and prepare budget forecasts
  • Analyzing financial performance to take appropriate actions to reduce costs and increase profitability
  • Keep accounting records updated and ensure that financial statements comply with the latest rules and regulations
  • Ensure timely bank payments and conduct database backup as when needed


  • 2-3 years of working experience in accounting or related field
  • BSc/MSc in Accounting, Finance, or related discipline
  • Advanced MS Excel skills with working knowledge of accounting software including FreshBooks and QuickBooks
  • Up-to-date knowledge of accounting principles and practices, including GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)

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Key Takeaways

A job description serves as a basis to measure employees’ growth on real metrics. It also serves as a baseline for performance reviews and giving hikes & promotions. Therefore, a job description is very crucial for both employees and employers.

Let us wrap up the article by summarizing succinctly what we have discussed above:

  • Make the job description as clear and succinct as possible to attract the right pool of candidates
  • Mention the job brief, roles & responsibilities, requirements in every job description to set clear expectations
  • Ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors in the final draft of the job description
  • Use the job description to evaluate applicants, orient new employees, and assess job performance

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