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A cable technician is a skilled worker who is employed by a cable service provider. These professionals install, repair, and maintain residential cabling for internet and television services.

In the advanced stages of their career, they often work on trunk lines (mainline) for an entire service area. A cable technician should possess skills to fulfill duties like laying ground cable, inspecting cable lines, and driving work vehicles to the various job sites.

To ensure success as a cable technician, one must have a strong knowledge of electrical systems and cable technology.

Our structured cable technician resume sample will help you understand how a strong resume should look like for this role. Study it to craft your cable technician resume with Hiration’s Online Resume Builder powered with AI-oriented tools and 250+ pre-made templates.

Stated below are some FAQ’s answered in this blog with regards to cable technician resume:

Cable Technician Job Description

A cable technician is responsible for installing, troubleshooting, and restoring a variety of residential and commercial voice and data cables.

Be it for servicing feeder lines delivering cable access to multiple homes or working with drop lines that provide access for only one home, cable technicians are the point of contact.

We have amassed the expected job responsibilities of a cable technician from multiple job sites, and here is a compiled data of the same:

  • Installing and repairing cable infrastructure
  • Maintenance of existing cable lines
  • Identifying and removing redundant cabling
  • Troubleshooting problems with cable networks
  • Repairing cable poles and towers

A cable technician should be able to work in cramped spaces, at heights, and interact well with clients in order to understand the core issue and resolve it.

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How to Become a Cable Technician

A cable technician must know how to understand and solve problems without supervision. These professionals should have a high level of manual dexterity and decent background in math and science.

Consider the following steps as a guide to becoming a cable technician:

  • Earn a high-school diploma or GED: The employers in this field prefer individuals armed with a high school diploma or GED to be able to master the basics of this position.

  • Pursue a certification program: You can receive an added advantage with a certification program or by enrolling in science and technology classes at a community college.

  • Get a driver’s license: One of the duties of a cable technician is to travel for onsite installation and maintain cable at various locations. Also, maintaining a clean driving record is necessary to show that you will be responsible for the company vehicle.

  • Get an apprenticeship: Many cable companies offer apprenticeships to people interested in becoming a cable technician where you can receive on-the-job training from experienced professionals.


Cable Technician Resume Sample

Tips & Guides
Jess Abayomi
Senior Cable Technician
5+ years experienced cable technician armed with a prolific record of installing, maintaining, and repairing cable infrastructure for commercial and residential units. Highly skilled at maintaining positive customer feedback by acknowledging their concerns and conducting routine follow-ups. Adept at resolving trunk line issues in cramped spaces as well as at heights to enhance durability of complex connections.
• Feeder Line Installation • Ground Cable Connections • Fault Diagnosis & Repair • Cable Infrastructure & Maintenance
• Safety Compliance • Equipment Handling • Troubleshooting • Field Training • Team Management
• Customer Servicing • Hand & Power Tools • Hardware & Software Setup
Senior Cable Technician
Tele Systems
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    Tele Systems is the 5th leading nationwide cable, broadband, and telecommunications company with 200+ branches serving >2M users across the U.S.
    Cable Installation & Troubleshooting
    • Performed installation, repairs, diagnostics, and administered work orders for 80+ commercial and residential customers
    • Troubleshot signal leakage and connectivity drop outs with 90% accuracy to ensure uninterrupted services
    • Installed feeder lines, laid ground cables, and set up associated equipment to provide cable access to customers
    • Acknowledged maintenance calls and processed troubleshooting requests efficiently to boost customer service
    Field Training & Team Management
    • Trained 15+ new cable technicians every month as part of preparing them for fieldwork including in-house wiring fixtures
    • Supervised 10 service upgrade projects commanding 4 employees per project resulting in increased efficiency by 19%
    • Oversaw and coordinated status reports on equipment and ~150 personnel to the upper management on a weekly basis
    Equipment Handling & Customer Servicing
    • Adhered to state safety guidelines and protocols to ensure personnel safety and secure company equipment and vehicles
    • Educated 80+ customers on optimally utilizing installed components to avoid issues related to router and modem
    • Maintained 5 company vehicles and respective gas cards to avoid unavailability issues and service delay
    Cable Technician Intern
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      VIBGYOR is a trade name of Boxer Communications that markets consumer and commercial cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services.
      Issue Resolution & System Testing
      • Installed and tested CAT5 telecommunication cables to provide high speed ethernet connectivity for ~20 consumers
      • Diagnosed and troubleshot underground cabling issues to ensure proper functioning of wires preventing further problems
      • Established J-hooks, cable trays, and ladder racks successfully supporting a 9000 sq. ft. cable infrastructure
      Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering
      Georgia Institute of Technology
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        A public research university and institute of technology in Atlanta enrolling nearly 40.000 students per year with 37 undergraduate courses.
        • GPA: 3.5/4.0
        • Electrical Repair and Maintenance Certification | Milwaukee Area Technical College | Milwaukee, WI | Jul 2021
        • Languages: English (Professional) and Yoruba (Native)

        How to Make a Cable Technician Resume?

        We will break down the highlights of a structured cable technician resume for you to gain an in-depth understanding:

        Resume Header

        4 things we need to include in a cable technician resume header are:

        • Name
        • Location (City, State)
        • Phone number
        • Email address

        You can also include your LinkedIn ID, website, etc. if it holds relevance in the industry you are applying for. Generally, employers contact potential contenders via phone or email and for this reason, it is no longer mandatory to provide complete addresses.


        Resume Objective/Summary

        A cable technician resume objective should be focusing on you, your suitability for the role, and your goals in about 2-3 sentences. Whereas, a summary should mention your qualifications and work experiences as a cable technician.

        Whether to write an objective or a summary statement will depend on your work experience. Stated below are an example for each:

        • Objective: Detail-oriented cable technician armed with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering determined to join a renowned cable service company. My skill set will bring value to the team and help me grow in a result-oriented environment.

        • Summary: 3+ years certified cable technician skilled in managing underground cable installations and diagnosing technical problems. Proficient in carrying out repair activities for poles & towers while following safety guidelines. Adept at resolving customer complaints to ensure positive customer feedback.


        Soft Skills and Hard Skills

        The cable technician skills are a blend of hard skills and soft skills, which we have listed for you in the table below:

        Soft Skills Hard Skills
        Communications Hardware/Software Setup
        Problem Solving Cat-5 & Cat-6
        Troubleshooting Fiber Optic
        Time Management Driving
        Hand & Power Tools Ethernet & Internet

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        Average Cable Technician Salary

        The average base salary of a cable technician in the United States is $75,556 stated by Indeed. Also, the per hour salary is $39.38.

        The darker areas on the map below display the states where cable technicians earn the highest salaries across the country.


        Source: Zippia

        Highest Paying Cities in the United States for Cable Technicians

        Highest paying cities in the United States for cable technicians are as follows:

        City Salary/hour
        Tampa, FL $40.79
        Charlotte, NC $39.46
        Philadelphia, PA $33.90
        San Diego, CA $25.69
        New York, NY $23.88

        Growth Opportunities as a Cable Technician

        BLS states despite limited employment growth, average 21,500 openings for telecommunications equipment installers and repairers are projected each year over the past decade.

        A career as a cable technician can be rewarding for individuals with high mechanical aptitude and who enjoy physical jobs. Finding a position always depends upon submitting a strong application and resume to potential employers.

        Learning the craft to customize your resume for the jobs you are targeting can help distinguish you from other candidates and elevate your chances of securing an interview.

        With Hiration’s Online Resume Builder, you can build a customized resume with its vast template options categorized for all specializations with a user-friendly interface.

        Is Being a Cable Technican Hard?

        Being a cable technician requires a considerable amount of physical labor, which is mostly not intense. The hardest aspects of the job would be doing one of the following:

        • Climbing a telephone pole
        • Ladder related tasks
        • Crawling under a house
        • Irregular work hours and extensive travel
        • Dealing with bad weather

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        Is Being a Cable Technician a Good Career?

        You can make a good living in this trade. The Job Bank says cable technicians in Ontario earn a median salary of about $55,000. At the top end, technician salaries can be more than $83,000.

        A wide range of career paths is open to you as a cable technician. You could pursue roles like:

        • Network cabling specialist
        • Fibre-optic technician
        • CATV technician
        • Telecommunications contractor
        • Computer technician

        You could work for IT firms, telecommunications carriers, Internet providers, network installation companies, and more.

        Key Takeaways

        • A cable technician is a telecommunications professional specializing in installing, repairing, and maintaining a variety of data and voice cables for residential and internet services.
        • Possessing a high school diploma or equivalent and a driver’s license holds a lot of significance in this role.
        • Whether to write an objective or a summary statement in your cable technician resume will depend upon the years of work experience you possess.
        • BLS study shows a high number of openings each year for telecommunications equipment installers and repairers.

        This calls for a wrap, and we hope our examples and resume samples gave you a structured outline for you to proceed with your cable technician resume.

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