Whether you're a passionate conservationist looking to make a difference or a seasoned environmental educator seeking new opportunities, crafting an impressive wildlife management resume is essential.

We present a carefully curated wildlife management resume sample for the year 2023. This up-to-date resource will provide you with valuable insights and expert tips to showcase your skills, experiences, and dedication to wildlife ecology and management.

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Wildlife Management Resume Sample

Tips & Guides
Jose Malcolm
Environmental Educator
Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Ecology and Management
Utah State University
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    • GPA 3.8
    • Course Modules:
    • General Ecology | Natural Resources Professional Orientation | Fundamentals of Soil Science | Mammalogy
    • Wildland Resource Techniques | Calculus Techniques | Introduction to Geographic Information Sciences
    • Wildland Plants and Ecosystems | Plant and Animal Populations | Range Plant Taxonomy and Function
    • Environmental Campaigns & Education • Module Creation • Fundraising • Planting • Ecological Surveys
    • Press Releases • Report Generation • Paper Review & Citation • Volunteer Supervision • Data Management
    Technical Skills: MS Office
    Environmental Educator
    Save Nature Org
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      Environmental Campaigns & Education
      • Conducted 10+ guided walks and events to initiate actionable campaigns for environmental issues
      • Coordinated with ~5 content writers to develop educational materials for schools, colleges, and other institutions
      • Prepared press releases and reports to bring attention to the damage to local nature and wildlife
      Fundraising & Plant Distribution
      • Liaised with schools to conduct seminars for students and held interactive planting sessions
      • Organized fundraising events by coordinating with community groups to fund Jackie Forestation Project
      • Attended Prickley College's "Plight of Nature" by representing the company and fostered relationships with potential sponsors
      • Assisted 30+ members in distributing plant seeds, pods, and fertilizers to encourage farming
      Ecology Research Assistant
      Dr. Klara Lvokich
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        Ecological Surveys & Report Generations
        • Undertook ecological surveys on Utah flora such as Barneby Reed-Mustard by adhering to industry regulations
        • Prepared reports within stipulated timelines and budget by complying with Ecology Style guidelines
        • Supervised volunteers for surveys and data collection while arranging their data to glean information
        Paper Review & Citation
        • Performed extensive paper reviews to use for study while documenting citations under the supervision of Dr. Klara
        • Followed safe working practices and adhered to industry protocols during research
        • Endangered Species | Utah State University | May 2021 - Nov 2021
        • Analyzed flora and fauna of Utah and studied list of endangered species in both categories
        • Identified causes and posited corrective actions to restore wildlife and save the species
        Days for Girls
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          • Assisted 30+ members to create menstrual care kits for women of all ages by arranging sanitary products
          Green Club Utah
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            • Rendered support in planting 20+ mango trees in designated areas to promote reforestation

            Now, let's understand the significance of the above sections:

            • Education: Obtaining a strong educational foundation is crucial in wildlife management. Highlight your academic achievements, including degrees, relevant coursework, and any honors or scholarships earned.

            • Key Skills: In this competitive industry, it's essential to showcase your unique skill set. Emphasize technical abilities such as data analysis and habitat assessment. Highlight interpersonal skills like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. Showcasing a diverse range of skills will make you a well-rounded candidate.

            • Professional Experience: Illustrate your practical experience in wildlife management through internships, fieldwork, or employment. Detail your responsibilities, accomplishments, and specific projects undertaken. Highlight your ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations, demonstrating your proficiency and adaptability.

            • Projects: Discuss any research or conservation projects you've contributed to. Outline your role, methodologies employed, and outcomes achieved. These experiences demonstrate your proactive approach, ability to collaborate, and passion for making a positive impact on wildlife conservation.

            • Campus Involvement & Volunteer Experience: Highlight your engagement with environmental clubs, student organizations, or volunteer work related to wildlife conservation. Showcase leadership roles, community involvement, and initiatives that demonstrate your commitment to the cause. These experiences showcase your dedication and ability to contribute beyond the classroom.

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