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Environmental Specialist Resume Template for US Students

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John Paul
Environmental Specialist
As an Environmental Specialist with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Sciences and a GPA of 3.89, I possess a deep understanding of environmental health principles, policies, and regulations. Skilled in environment management planning, resource management, site assessment, and data acquisition, I have successfully completed internships in both NGO and private sectors.
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences
Utah State University
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    • GPA 3.89
    • Course Modules:
    • Introduction to Environmental Science | Introduction to Statistics with Elements of Algebra
    • Ecology of Our Changing World | Physical Geography | Introduction to Chemistry | Physical Geology
    Environment Management Planning & Implementation Resource Management
    • Site Assessment • Data Acquisition & Data Review • Environmental Policies
    • Code Enforcement • Safety Regulation • Record Maintenance • Report Preparation
    Environmental Specialist Intern
    Action Organization
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      Site Assessment & Policy Compliance
      • Gained in-depth knowledge of environmental health principles and code enforcement
      • Assisted the Senior Environmental Specialist in conducting 10+ site inspections to ensure compliance with EPA
      • Prepared 20+ inspection reports in compliance with the safety standards and distributed them to clients
      • Liaised with the Sewage Enformence Officer to enforce new regulations and procedures
      Program Coordination & Safety Regulation
      • Reviewed 10+ clients' architectural plans and suggested modifications in accordance with safety standards
      • Rendered assistance in conducting Public Awareness Program on Land-Use Planning and related safety aspects
      Environmental Science Intern
      Water For People - NGO
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        • Assisted the Senior Environmentalist in updating capacity development strategy to meet federal requirements
        • Analyzed 3 states' capacity development programs to suggest improvement opportunities in the current system
        • Coordinated with Source Water Protection Unit to improve the Source Water Protection Plan
        • Liaised with Tallahassee Public Drinking Water Branch to enforce new Water Infrastructure Act requirements

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