How much does a software developer make?

Software developers are technical professionals who use their coding, communication, and analytical skills to develop new computer programs or improve existing ones.

Some software developers specialize in the front-end of software, and some software developers focus on the back-end of the applications.

The yearly average Software Developer salary in the USA:

We will tell you everything you need to know about software developer salaries and how to get better pay as a software developer.

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Highest-paying Cities for a Software Developer?

It is no secret that a software developer’s salary depends heavily on the location you are applying for a job.

However, when you do choose a location to apply for a software development job, you should consider the living cost at that location along with the salary bump.

To get a better idea of the salaries in the USA, here is an in-depth breakdown of salaries in different regions in the USA:

Region Average Salary
Software developer salary California $122,500 per year
Massachusetts $121,566 per year
Virginia $122,486 per year
New Mexico $117,250 per year
Georgia $117,000 per year
New York $116,834 per year
Illinois $115,000 per year
New Hampshire $112,700 per year
Rhode Island $112,501 per year
Colorado $112,095 per year
North Carolina $110,070 per year
Maine $110,000 per year
Connecticut $110,000 per year
Washington $110,000 per year
Minnesota $108,699 per year
Maryland $107,518 per year
Pennsylvania $107,500 per year
New Jersey $107,347 per year
Alaska $107,250 per year
Arizona $105,000 per year
Software Developer Salary Texas $105,000 per year
Nevada $102,250 per year
South Carolina $101,346 per year
West Virginia $100,000 per year
Tennessee $100,000 per year
Utah $100,000 per year
Iowa $100,000 per year
Indiana $99,400 per year
Oregon $97,500 per year
Michigan $95,000 per year
Florida $95,000 per year
Oklahoma $93,600 per year
Vermont $92,500 per year
Alabama $91,874 per year
Hawaii $90,000 per year
Delaware $90,000 per year
Kentucky $90,000 per year
Missouri $88,077 per year
Nebraska $87,750 per year
Ohio $87,750 per year
Louisiana $85,000 per year
Wisconsin $85,000 per year
North Dakota $83,880 per year
Arkansas $83,750 per year
Idaho $82,500 per year
Kansas $81,450 per year
Wyoming $75,758 per year
Mississippi $70,000 per year
Montana $64,500 per year
South Dakota $53,625 per year

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Highest Paying Countries for Software Developers

According to the data provided by, the USA has the highest salary for software developers.

In the USA, the average software developer salary in 2022 is $127,278 per year.

Here’s a country-wise breakdown of a software developer's salary

Country Software Developer Salary
The USA $110,638
Switzerland $95,394
New Zealand $46,229
Norway $64,202
Denmark $72,151
United Kingdom $42,394
Sweden $51,396
Germany $60,162
Netherlands $54,025
Finland $49,203
Australia $53,669
France $46,508

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What Are The Factors That Affect a Software Developer's Salary?

Different factors that affect the salary of a software developer are:

  1. Your experience level
  2. Company size
  3. Industry
  4. Skills
  5. Your location
  6. Your college

All of these factors play a role in determining your salary. For example, if you work in a service-based company, your salary will be far less than in a product company.

Similarly, if you have a niche technology skill, your salary will be comparatively higher than other people in the same industry.

Level of Relevant Experience.

The more experience the developer has, the higher they can expect to be paid. This is particularly true for senior developers with 15 years or more experience.

If you have demonstrated that you can do the job, you are worth investing in.

Moreover, you can be assigned critical tasks assuming that your skills will grow with these tasks.

Experience (in years) Salary
0-2 years Entry level Software Developer Salary $64,000 per year
2-4 years Junior Software Developer Salary $71,000 per year
5-9 years $84,000 per year
10-19 years $95,000 per year
20+ years $99,000 per year

Source: Payscale

2. Company Type & Size

A software developer who works for a small startup company might earn less than a developer who works for a large corporation or government agency.

The reason being that large companies typically have more money to spend on developing software and can therefore afford to pay their developers better salaries.

Also, because they are larger and has higher scope , they will often hire developers who have more experience than those working for smaller companies and startups.

Top companies for Software Engineers in the United States

Company Average Salary
Apple $173,236 per year
Meta $161,175 per year
Google $159,262 per year
Walmart $154,055 per year
Octo Consulting $153,511 per year
Visa $148,047 per year
Tesla $141,092 per year
Intuit $138,977 per year $138,464 per year
Cisco $138,148 per year
Wipro $134,500 per year
Hewlett Packard Enterprise $133,818 per year
Intel Corporation $128,032 per year
General Atomics $127,707 per year
Charles Schwab $126,311 per year
Salesforce $126,239 per year
NCR $125,613 per year
Expedia Group $123,437 per year
Nokia $122,377 per year
Wells Fargo $121,975 per year

3. Industry

The type of industry you work in seemingly impacts on your salary.

For example, if you work in healthcare or finance then your salary is likely to be higher than if you worked in retail or hospitality.

In some industries like healthcare, there is a shortage of qualified software developers.

So salaries are high to attract people into these roles.

In other industries such as retail, there may be more applicants than jobs available so employers can afford to pay less for their employees' services.

4. Your Skillset

Another factor that affects your salary is your skillset - what programming languages and frameworks do you know?

If you're familiar with a very common language and framework, then it is unlikely to get a comparatively high salary than someone with a niche language and framework such as “Golang”, “Kafka”, “Swift”, etc.

5. Work Location

Your work location also affects how much money you can make as a software developer.

If you are located in Silicon Valley, California, or Seattle, Washington, then it is likely that you will be able to earn more than someone who is located in a smaller town or city.

More companies are looking for talent in those areas than elsewhere.

Here are some cities where you can get a high salary as a software developer:

City Average Salary
San Francisco, CA $140,079 per year
New York, NY $134,768 per year
Chicago, IL $134,516 per year
San Diego, CA $130,746 per year
Austin, TX $124,047 per year
Seattle, WA $123,793 per year
Houston, TX $123,639 per year
San Jose, CA $123,368 per year
Atlanta, GA $104,615 per year

6. Your College

Another important factor that affects a software developer's salary is the college they attended.

If you went to a prestigious university, such as MIT or Stanford, then you will probably be able to get a job with better pay than someone who went to UC Berkeley or another university in California.

However, there are exceptions to this rule: if someone has an excellent track record and is from a less prestigious school (such as Harvard), then their salary may still be higher than someone else who has an inferior track record but went to Stanford or MIT instead (or vice versa).

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What Skill Do You Need to Develop to lang a High-paying Software Developer Job?

In order to become a high-paying software developer, you need to have some key skills, including:

  1. Programming Languages
  2. Frameworks
  3. Database knowledge
  4. Data structures and algorithms
  5. Source control
  6. Testing procedures

1. Programming Languages

It's essential for any high-paying developers to learn more than 1 programming language so that they can work on different technologies.

Some of the most popular programming languages are:

  1. JavaScript
  2. Java
  3. Python
  4. C#

2. Frameworks

Learning only the programming language is not enough.

Companies use powerful frameworks based on these languages to develop their applications.

So, you need to have this framework knowledge to get high-paying jobs.

Some frameworks are:

  • React.JS
  • Node.JS
  • Angular.JS
  • Django
  • Flask
  • Spring
  • Spring Boot

3. Database Knowledge

Databases are storage systems that allow an organization to store and structure information securely.

A high-paying software developer must know how to use and manipulate these databases to store and maintain sensitive information on the system.

They should also be able to understand how to secure a database and conduct data-backup operations periodically.

4. Data Structure & Algorithms

These are the building blocks of computer science.

Evey high-paying software developers need to understand how data is stored, manipulated, and organized in memory. This helps software developers write efficient codes.

For example, if you want to write an application that calculates the distance between two cities, you can either use an algorithm like Euclidean distance or Manhattan distance to efficiently create the code.

5. Source Control

The software developer does not work by themselves. They often have to collaborate with a team of developers to create the desired software.

The ability to use source control is one of the most important skills for any software developer, especially for this reason.

Because it allows them to keep track of changes made over time. It also helps them recover from mistakes easily by going back in time and undoing changes they've made accidentally or intentionally.

Without source control, it will be difficult for any software developer to collaborate with other team members.

6. Testing Procedures

Testing procedures are another essential skill for all software developers since they allow us to ensure the quality of our code before releasing it into production.

There are different types of testing procedures a software developer must know:

1. Unit Testing

Unit testing is the process of writing and running tests on small units of code (or units) to ensure that they operate as expected. Unit testing can be done manually or through automation.

2. Integration Testing

Integration testing is the process of testing how well discrete components work together in a larger application. An integration test indicates whether the system's components work together properly and perform as expected.

3. System Testing

System testing is used to verify that an entire application or a website works as expected under various scenarios and conditions. System testing involves trying out the application with real end-users. System testing also refers to checking how effective a particular system is at achieving its objectives.

That said, many companies offer to provide training to software developers to help them grow in their careers. And after they acquire more skills, their salaries also grow substantially.

Key Takeaways

Here are some key takeaways from the blog:

  • The average salary of a software developer is around $127,278 per year.
  • The salary of a software developer depends on many factors, such as work location, industry, location, company size, valuation, experience, etc.
  • Cities like San Francisco has the highest salary for a software developer

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