How much does a .NET developer make?

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.NET developers are in high demand as more companies adapt to technological advancements. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of .NET developers is projected to grow by 13% from 2020 to 2030.

.NET developers are IT experts who create and manage software applications using the Microsoft framework. They produce user-friendly apps by working with web designers and data scientists.

Due to the nature of their job, .NET developers are paid handsomely. The average .NET developer salary in the USA as per different sources is mentioned below:

  • According to Indeed, the average salary for .NET developer is $98,454 per year.
  • Glassdoor suggests that the average .NET developer salary is $88,947 per year.
  • Payscale mentions that .NET developers earn an average salary of $73,047 per year.
  • Salary[dot]com mentions that the average .NET developer salary is $87,448 per year.

Read on to get an in-depth understanding of .NET developer salary and various factors that affect it.

What Is a .NET Developer?

A .NET developer designs, tailors, and develops software applications as per business requirements by using the Microsoft framework. They are responsible for developing and maintaining the software applications.

The daily task of .NET developers entails the creation and implementation of relevant application programs and specific products, programming languages, frameworks, technologies, and tools that are directly or indirectly associated with the .NET framework.

If there is any problem with the application, .NET developers identify and fix it by working on the system requirements. They also interact with other team members, such as web designers and computer scientists, to offer a seamless application experience to the users.

What Is .NET Developer Salary Based on Experience?

The salary of .NET developers varies with experience. As a .NET developer with years of professional experience, you will earn more than those who have fewer years of working experience.

According to PayScale, an entry-level .NET developer with less than one year of experience can earn an average total compensation of $55,140 per year.

A junior .NET developer salary is $65,764 if the person has 1-4 years of experience. A mid level .NET developer salary with 5-9 years of experience is $82,149 annually.

A senior .net developer salary is $93,483 if the person has 10-19 years of experience. Employees in their late careers with 20 and higher years of experience earn an average salary of $101,589.

While the compensation for other job profiles becomes static beyond a certain point, the remuneration for professionals in .NET development grows significantly with more years of experience.

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What Is the Salary of .NET Developer Related Jobs?

Many jobs share some core responsibilities that are similar to that of .NET developers. These job roles include the following:

  • Testing and documenting the software applications.
  • Collaborating with content developers and web designers.
  • Writing codes, modifying, and debugging the websites.
  • Creating web pages, accessing databases, and running business logic servers with codes.

The profiles that share similar responsibilities along with their salaries are mentioned below:

Profile Average Annual Salary
Software Engineer $88,659
Project Manager $75,926
Web Developer $60,759
Software Developer $73,691
Solutions Architect $121,530
Sr. Software Developer/Programmer $109,306
Senior Software Engineer $121,115
Data Analyst $62,970
Mechanical Engineer $73,121
Full Stack Developer $101,050
Application Developer $87,580
Back End Developer $95,072
Developer $78,475

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Top Companies for .NET Developer Jobs

Some top-rated companies offer a better working environment to .NET developers. Besides the high pay scale, these companies offer a flexible schedule, employee assistance, insurance, and in some cases, even a work-from-home opportunity.

As a .NET developer, you should target to get into the top companies if you want to add value to your resume.

Listed below are some top companies that pay exceptionally well to .NET developers:

Company Average Annual Pay
Selby Jennings $162,837
MySpace $130,995
Iris Software $120,512
Insight Global $112,448
Robert Half $118,000
CYMA Systems $101,619
ApTask $143,548
PwC $139,095
Noir $130,473
Blue Modus $129,617
Wells Fargo $126,704
NTT DATA $124,685
DISYS $117,076
Microsoft Corp. $102,000
TCS America $95,000
Vlink $98,501
V-Soft Consulting Group $98,269

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.NET Developer Salary Based on Location in the US

Location is another major factor that affects the salary of .NET developers. While the demand for.NET developers may be higher in some places, the situation may be different in other areas.

The following are the best US cities to work in if you want to earn more money than the national average as a .NET developer:

US Cities Average Annual Salary
New York $114,030
Atlanta $103,376
Charlotte $100,419
Chicago $106,766
Dallas $102,539
Cleveland $97,824
Redmond $106,470
Houston $100,562
California $100,000
Tampa $97,616
Los Angeles $81,417
Washington $85,536
Arizona $81,497

The data shows that New York and Chicago are the top US cities to work as a .NET developer. The cost of living in these cities is higher, which automatically corroborates a higher pay scale. Besides, these cities are home to some of the world's most prestigious corporations, which means better salaries and good working conditions.

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.NET Developer Salary Across the Globe

The salary of .NET developers varies across countries. Given below is the list of .NET developer salaries in different countries of the world.

Countries Average Annual Salary
US $96,594
Canada $114,030
Australia $103,376
UK $114,030
Poland $103,376
Ukraine $114,030
Singapore $79,634
Switzerland $85,812
Germany $59,125
Netherland $47,065
Sweden $48,655
Denmark $71,070

From the data, it is evident that the .NET developer salary in Canada and Ukraine is the highest. If you can relocate to any of the top-paying countries, you will experience a major jump in your salary.

Skills to Increase .NET Developer Salary

Besides location, experience, and company size, the skills play a vital role in getting higher pay for .NET developer jobs. In the case of .NET developers, both hard and soft skills play a significant role in earning a high income.

Some of the top skills for .NET developers that can increase your pay is listed below:

Soft Skills Hard Skills
Communication jQuery
Team Work Internet Information Server
Problem Solving ASP.NET Framework
Organization Microsoft SQL Server
Leadership Model-view-controller
Analytical Skills Web Development

The impact of various hard skills on the salary of .NET developers is significant. Given below is the effect technical skills can have on the salary of .NET developers.

Technical Skills Impact on Salary in Percent
Microsoft Azure 17%
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML Web Development 16%
SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 11%
Angular 6%
.NET Core 5%
Model-view-controller 4%
WebAPI 4%
Transact SQL 2%
Oracle 1%

You can enhance your skills by opting for online and offline certification courses for .NET developers. Given below are some certifications that you can opt for :

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Key Takeaways

The market for .NET developers is growing immensely. It is estimated that approximately 17,900 openings are projected every year for the .NET developer's job.

  • The median entry level .NET developer salary is $55,140 per year and the average salary for a senior .NET developer is $93,483 per year.
  • Factors like location, skills, company, certifications, and experience level are crucial in determining a .NET developer's salary.
  • Selby Jennings, MySpace, Iris Software, and Insight Global are among the highest paying companies for the .NET developer jobs.
  • Some of the highest paying US cities for .NET developer jobs are New York, Redmond, and Chicago
  • Getting certified is one of the fastest ways to increase your junior .net developer salary .

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