What is the answer to sell me this pen?

There is no rigid answer to the question, but there are ways that can help you respond professionally during interviews.

Most interviewers jump on the whole "sell me this pen" charade during sales job interviews to identify the candidates' potential in making the perfect sales pitch.

And to give the perfect answer to this question, you need to understand what the pen stands for and how it relates to the company's products or services.

You should try to demonstrate your marketing and business skills and convince the interviewer that you are the perfect candidate for the sales job.

Read on to learn how to answer sell me this pen questions in an interview and also have a better understanding of the following points:

Why Selling a Pen is Relevant During Interviews

By asking you to "sell me this pen" the recruiters are simply trying to assess your marketing skills.

They may also ask you the same to get an insight into your expertise in convincing the customers to sign up for a service or buy a product.

Selling a pen is both a trick and a trap question for the interviewer to filter professionals from amateurs. Hence, you need to handle this in the best way!

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How to Respond When Asked "Sell Me This Pen" During Interview?

Always be prepared for questions during an interview because every interviewer has a different way of unraveling a candidate's potential.

Though it is common for recruiters to ask candidates to sell a pen during a sales or marketing job interview, it may come as a surprise for many.

To make a good impression on the recruiters when asked to sell a pen during interviews, keep the following points in mind:

Be Confident & Creative

Illuminating confidence when you are caught off guard or when you are under pressure can make the recruiters identify you as a potential employee.

Being creative while selling a pen can also elevate your take on the "sell me this pen" situation during interviews.

Just stating that the pen can write smoothly and the ink lasts longer than any other pen is such a cliché. Instead, be original and highlight features of the pen that the interviewers least expect.

Connect the Pen with the Company's Products or Services

Being relevant can help you connect better with the interviewer. So, focus on features that the interviewers would value.

For instance, if you are applying for a job that requires you to sell computers, then you can state that the pen has an inbuilt Pendrive. And with this small but effective feature, you can proceed with your sales pitch.

Maintain a Value-added Approach

Another smart way to keep the sales pitch going is by maintaining a value-based approach. By adding value to the pen, you can elaborate on how you can attract more customers and hence boost revenue.

For example, you can state that every material used in the production and packaging of this pen is eco-friendly.

And by doing so, you can enhance the value of the pen and further elevate your sales pitch.

Keep the Demonstration Brief

Keep in mind that you are on borrowed time during an interview and you need to know when to wrap up while selling a pen.

Once you catch the attention and interest of the interviewer, close the deal!


"This pen is one of its kind with a unique feature, i.e the inbuilt Pendrive that no other pen has. It is also eco-friendly, which makes it safe for the environment. Now would you like to make a purchase?"

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Tips & Sample Answers to Tackle "Sell Me This Pen" Situations

The pen is the metaphor for whatever the company sells to its clients, so you must provide a relevant demonstration for the same.

Keep in mind that there is no specific way to answer this interview question, but you need to keep the flow as per the recruiters' answers during your sales pitch.

Here are some samples to help you respond to the recruiters when they ask you to, "sell me this pen".

Ask Questions to the Interviewer

Reason: By asking questions, you can get a rough idea of what they expect from you. This will help you give out an impression that you are concerned about the customer's needs and accordingly build up your sales pitch.

Sometimes the interviewer may refuse to provide an answer or simply ask you to come up with anything. But no matter what the circumstances be, you need to keep it together and go ahead with your sales pitch.

Sell Me This Pen Interview Question Samples:

  • Before I get you on board with what this pen offers, can you give me an insight into what you are looking for as per your previous experience with other pens?
  • What was the one thing that was lacking in the previous pen that you would want in this pen?
  • How was your experience in using your previous pen?

Add Features that Resonate with the Interviewer's Answer

Reason: By adding relevant features, you can make an impression that you can highlight the positive qualities of the products and make a strong sales pitch.

Once you get an insight into what the interviewer expects from the new pen, you can build your sales pitch around it.

Add features that resonate with the interviewer's requirements and make up for any points that the previous pen failed to deliver.

Or if you have to start right away without a straightforward answer from them, dive right into what innovative features you would want to add to make the pen attractive.

Sell Me This Pen Answer Examples:

Sample answer if the recruiter highlights something related to the ink refill

"This pen has a special type of ink. They are pellets you need to dissolve in water and you can simply use the pen's nib to absorb the dissolved ink and Voila! You refill your ink."

Sample answer if the recruiter does not provide an answer

"Apart from smooth writing and its sleek features, this pen allows you to change its nib according to your writing needs. 5 different nibs come with it from large to small size."

Close the Deal

Reason: Closing the deal makes the sales pitch seem successful, so once you get the interviewer on board with what you offer, close the deal. You can also wrap up by highlighting the best features of the pen.

Sell Me This Pen Answer Examples:

  • "If you are ready, should I prepare your purchase receipt? Please note that we are ready to gift wrap or home deliver, if required."

  • "By purchasing this sophisticated pen that has its own set of nibs and ink pellets, you can also get a 10% discount on your next purchase."

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Key Takeaways

  • Be confident and creative when an interviewer asks you, "sell me this pen" in an interview.
  • Ensure to analyze the products and services that the targeted company provides to its clients or customers while selling a pen.
  • Time is of the essence, so do not stretch your demonstration for too long when asked to 'sell me this pen' in an interview.
  • Ask questions to the interviewers to understand the features that can be added to the pen to meet their requirements.
  • Keep in mind that the pen is a metaphor for any product or service and hence, you need to focus on the sales pitch and close the deal.

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