While it is very unlikely that you may encounter such scenarios after practicing with our interview tool, sometimes, there might just be one curveball question that recruiters may ask and you don’t know the answer to.

For such circumstances, here are some tips that you can follow to handle the situation with grace:

Take Your Time

If you are startled by the question, it’s alright to ask the interviewer for some time.

Instead of panicking and blurting out answers that don’t make sense or will make you look bad, take a moment to process the question and answer in the best way possible.

Know that you also have the option to circle back to the question and address it in your thank you letter.

Redirect the Question and Be Honest

If you are unable to answer the question directly, you can redirect it to something you can talk about.

Be honest and redirect the answer to something you know: “While I don’t yet have much experience with social media marketing, I do have a lot of experience with copywriting, and I am up to date on current SEO practices.”

Instead of lying and finding yourself in hot water, it’s best, to be honest about it and show how you’re working towards learning more about the same.

Recruiters would most definitely appreciate your honesty rather than a made-up story.

Do Not Panic and Stay Composed

If you handle yourself well and stay calm and composed even when you don’t know the answer, it’ll make for a much better impression rather than breaking under pressure.

Pay attention to your body language and expression and ensure that you don’t fidget.

You don’t want the recruiters to think that you cannot work under pressure or when you face a roadblock.

Rather, leverage the situation to your advantage and show how you can be calm, composed, and can handle a roadblock well enough.

You must keep your focus on the overall impression that you’re making on the recruiters.

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