What does a sales manager do?

A sales manager is responsible for running the engine of any company, the sales department. He/she leads and guides a team of salespeople.

The sales team generates leads, brings revenue, and meets customer needs. The sales team has a strong impact on the brand reputation, long-term customer relationships, retention of customers, and business growth.

Hence, a thorough sales manager job description is required to find the right person to lead the sales team.

There are 397,900 sales managers at present in the US. This figure is projected to grow by 7% from 2020 to 2030. So, the job outlook is positive.

Here you will get a clear insight into a sales manager's job description and an in-depth understanding of the following areas:

Importance of a Sales Manager Job Description

A sales manager’s job description conveys the expectations of hiring managers and office management professionals. It is equally important for candidates to land sales manager positions.

A job posting shall contain the expectations of the employer. It contains all the important information that can give potential employees an insight into what is expected of them.

An ideal sales manager job description includes

  • Job Title
  • Sales Manager duties
  • Sales Manager responsibilities
  • Sales Manager qualifications
  • Sales Manager requirements

For instance, refer to this sales manager job description:

Company Overview: ABC is USA’s leading on-demand delivery platform with a tech-first approach to logistics.

Job Title: Sales Manager I

Job Description:

  • Sign contracts with clients and handle the inquiries from existing and new clients
  • Gather sales leads from the market and approach clients actively
  • Maintain a strong relationship with clients and advise them on issues related to the market and offer solutions
  • Manage the sales administration function, operational performance reporting, streamline processes and systems wherever possible
  • Responsible for developing a business plan covering sales, revenue, agreed targets, and promoting the organization's presence.
  • Being the face of ABC in the market and standing up for the values we believe in.

Desired Candidate:

  • Graduate with 2+ years of experience in sales.
  • Good working knowledge of e-commerce activities and online marketing channels.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Attitude & Aptitude for Sales.
  • Should be a team player.
  • Analytical with good excel skills.

Hiring Managers can post such job postings on the company website or job boards so that interested candidates can share their sales manager job resume .

Sales Manager Job Title

An effective job title will typically include- a general term, years of experience, and any requirements. It would not contain internal company abbreviations or acronyms so that everyone can understand the job description.

The general term would be similar to the standard followed by most companies. The level of experience would match the duties and responsibilities assigned. Any special requirements are mentioned alongside.

Some examples of job titles are

  • Sales Manager
  • Senior Sales Manager
  • Inside Sales Manager (3+ years experience)
  • Sales Executive

Sales Manager Job Summary

A job posting ideally starts with a summary of the role. It provides an overview of the company and its expectations. It describes the activities and responsibilities required for the job.

Sales Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Sales Managers spend a significant amount of time with clients. There are duties and responsibilities unique to this role included in the sales manager job description:

  • Build and maintain client relations
  • Work with other internal departments to engage audiences and clients more deeply
  • Meet and exceed sales targets
  • Follow organizational policies that affect the Sales Department
  • Proactively pursue new sales opportunities
  • Solve problems for clients and customers by developing client-centric solutions
  • Be a brand ambassador for your company
  • Provide daily reports of field sales successes and communicate such data to superiors

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the roles and responsibilities of a sales manager.

Sales Manager Qualifications

A sales manager doesn't have to hold a formal qualification. So, a college degree may not be the most vital requirement for sales manager jobs, but having academic qualifications can add leverage to this line of work.

Candidates typically hold degrees in:

  • Business or Business Administration
  • Marketing
  • Management

Experience in similar roles or the industry is considered of great value. This is because many companies assume that an experienced candidate can bring something more and better to the table.
So, most sales managers have a bachelor’s degree and experience as sales representatives.

Sales Manager Skills

Every job profile requires a skilled professional to perform the expected duties. Similarly, sales manager duties need to be executed by someone qualified with all the skills.

Here are some of the key skills that can help professionals perform sales manager duties:

Key Skills
Technical Skills
Strong Communication Skills
Microsoft Word
Active listening skills
Emotional Intelligence

Capacity to work independently

Competitive spirit


Leadership Skills

Qualities of Good Sales Manager

There are a lot of qualities that a sales manager should possess apart from key skills and technical skills. Ideally, a good sales manager should have:

  • Team Player
  • Multi-tasking
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management

Sales Manager Salary

On average, a sales manager makes $69,293 annually in the US.

The highest paying cities in the United States are:

Highest Paying States in the US
Average Salary per Year
Los Angeles
New York

Here are some popular profiles in sales:

  • Regional Sales Manager Salary: $91,217
  • Sales Operations Manager Salary: $72,292
  • Territory Sales Manager Salary: $80,000
  • District Sales Manager Salary: $78,008
  • Inside Sales Manager Salary: $62,345
  • Car Sales Manager Salary: $76,227

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Top Industries that Employ Sales Managers

An effective sales management process is required by every company. It helps in:

  • Reaching Sales Objectives
  • Controlling Sales Processes
  • Closing Deals Faster
  • Boosting Sales Performance
  • Thriving in a Competitive Environment

Hence, every company requires a sales manager. Some major industries that hire sales managers are

  • Financial Services
    • Financial Tech
    • Mobile/digital payment solutions
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
    • Ecommerce
  • Technology and Software
    • Cybersecurity
    • Big Data/Machine Learning
    • Software as a Service
  • Healthcare
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Medical Devices

Sales Manager Job Outlook

The employment of sales managers is projected to grow 7 percent from 2020 to 2030. About 37,000 openings for sales managers are expected each year on average. So, the job outlook is positive.

Key Takeaways

A well-written sales manager job description can help whether you are a hiring manager or a professional looking to write an impeccable sales manager resume. You can keep the following points in mind while drafting your resume:

  • A job posting conveys the expectations of the employers. Read it carefully.
  • A job posting contains the duties and responsibilities assigned to the sales manager.
  • Experience in sales can supress the requirement of a college degree for sales manager jobs.
  • A sales manager job description will showcase you modern skills required for sales manager jobs.
  • You can pick technical keywords from a sales manager job description to build a sales manager resume.

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