How much does a sales manager make?

On average, a sales manager makes $69,293 annually in the US.

Many factors come into play while determining the salary package of a sales manager.

And to obtain a salary package that is the best in the market, you need to understand these factors and strategize the next step of your career.

Among the best sales and marketing jobs, sales managers rank in the top 2 making it a high in-demand job profile.

To land a high paying job in the stated profile, you need to have a clear idea of the following FAQs:

The Top States Paying High Sales Manager Salary

Here is a list of the highest paying cities for sales managers in the United States:

Highest Paying States in the US Average Salary Per Year
Atlanta $84,327
Phoenix $81,465
Los Angeles $80,102
Chicago $74,668
New York $73,611
Orlando $72,180
Dallas $70,259
Miami $68,897

The average sales manager salary per month is $4,844 and $68,416 per year in the United States.



Factors that Influence Sales Manager Salary

The differences in salary packages for sales managers can be due to various reasons, but at times there are things that we can control if we pull the right strings.

And to do so, we need to understand the specific factors that influence the differences in sales manager salary packages of various organizations.

Some of the common factors that play a major role in determining sales manager salaries are:

Geographical Location

The geographical location of an organization is one of the biggest factors that come into play when determining the average sales manager salary.

For example, a sales manager in Florida makes an average of $66,311, while the same person can make $79,749 in California.

The sales manager salary in Florida is lower because the cost of living is cheaper compared to California.

Industry Policies and Trends

Every organization has its own set of policies in determining the salary package for its employees while keeping the general salary trends in mind.

For instance, the average hotel sales manager salary is $59,727, whereas the average automobile sales manager salary is $88,705.

These statistics show that the policies and trends followed by an organization play a significant role in determining a sales manager salary.

Qualification & Potential of Professionals

Most companies assume that an experienced candidate can bring something more and better to the table and that they possess the required leadership skills.

Your educational qualification is also recognized as a deciding factor for determining a higher sales manager pay scale.

The qualification and potential of a professional contribute to determining the sales manager salary.

A bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, management, marketing, accounting, or statistics can help you land a job in sales management with a decent salary package.

But with a master of business administration (MBA) degree, one may have a better chance of negotiating a higher sales manager payscale.

The Difference in Entry-Level and Senior Sales Manager Salary

The average salary for an entry-level sales manager is $53,777 per year in the United States.

Whereas, the average senior sales manager salary is $84,665 per year in the United States.

From the given statistics we can see that a professional at the senior level gets a higher sales manager salary package than the candidate at the junior level.

This is so because a senior sales manager is recognized as a professional who possesses years of experience in leading teams and meeting the organization's sales target.

Popular Profiles in Sales with Average Salary

Here is a list of some common profiles in sales that you can steer your career towards:

  • Regional Sales Manager Salary: $91,217
  • Sales Operations Manager Salary: $72,292
  • Territory Sales Manager Salary: $80,000
  • District Sales Manager Salary: $78,008
  • Inside Sales Manager Salary: $62,345
  • Car Sales Manager Salary: $76,227

Make sure to research the salary trends in your area before applying for any sales manager jobs.

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Tips on How to Get a Higher Salary as a Sales Manager

Keeping all the factors in mind, a professional can seek a higher sales manager salary and benefits in the following ways:

Gain Hands-on Experience

Professionals with a track record of excellent work experience tend to have a higher chance of earning more than beginners.

The years of experience you possess can help the recruiters recognize your productive traits and hence it is wise to get some professional experience to land higher-paying sales manager jobs.

Meanwhile, be willing to take up more responsibilities that align with your career growth as it can be a beacon for you during future appraisals.

Acquire In-Demand Skills

Sales managers who possess in-demand skills can earn higher.

Upskill yourself with the right set of skills required to perform the task that comes with sales manager profiles.

Here is a list of some common skills that sales managers need to possess:

Market Research Data Analysis
Sales Planning Negotiation
Strategic Thinking Issue Resolution
Customer Service Resilience
Team Management Leadership

By possessing the right set of skills you can validate your ability to manage sales activities and meet the sales target of the organization.

Draft a Professional Sales Manager Resume

Another effective way to land a higher-paying sales manager job is by drafting a resume that highlights your core skills and experience in the stated field.

By communicating the accomplishments and values that you have added to an organization in the past through your resume, negotiating a higher salary package becomes easier.

To draft a professional sales manager resume, you need to:

  • Pick the right resume format
  • Provide your contact details
  • Highlight your core sales manager skills
  • Communicate your work experience by specifying achievement figures
  • Use power verbs and suitable keywords while drafting your resume
  • Limit your resume to one page

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Key Takeaway

  • Research the job market and check out the salary trends before finalizing your appointment with an organization.
  • Understand the factors that influence salary packages to land a higher paying sales manager salary.
  • Gain experience and upgrade the sales manager skills that you possess to be considered a professional who deserves a higher wage.
  • Draft a sales manager resume that highlights your core potential and achievements.

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