Titles are useless!

You may be an intern and deliver extensively to benefit your company. Or, a company could hire you as a Vice President and not garner enough support to fit the role.

Therefore, job titles for resumes are only intended for the recruiters to gather which profile you are targeting so that they can assess your skills and roles.

We are here to help professionals confused in choosing the suitable profile title for their next job switch.

Along with a few company resume title examples, we have answered the following questions on how to update a resume:

Highlight Your Promotion on Resume: Internal Resumes

You must show your company resume to the recruiter while you're on track to promotion, even if you've been with the organization for many years.

How to Show a Promotion on a Resume?

Making a company resume for promotion can be pretty tricky.

When you achieved something during your tenure at the company, your boss might have been aware of it. But after its been a while, you need to remind your managers of all your rewarding endeavors.

Although making an excellent company resume for promotion is time-consuming, taking the time to highlight your achievements and skills is well worth the effort.

The following pointers should help you build the correct company resume points for your company resume or CV:

  1. Write the company resume the same way you would to apply at a new place. It is not necessary that because you are applying for a promotion, the manager will be well-aware of your work.

  2. Compose your key achievements sections in one-liner bullet points. Write all the circumstances where you led a team or took the initiative.

  3. Pen down any obstacles or challenges you went through for each of your listed achievements. For example, if you managed and launched a product, write what difficulties you faced and what you did to overcome the problem.

  4. Make a list of all the characteristics or qualities you know will be necessary for applying for the new position. Match your skills with those required by the future job.

  5. Demonstrate all the experiences where you used the skills in your previous job profile required by your future job.

  6. Add any workshops, conferences, or courses you attended. If your current employer offered you these, then do not think of not mentioning them in your company resume.

  7. Explain how you developed new skills and growth through these training and prepared yourself for your future role.

  8. Include any examples where you put extra effort into something you've done.

For example, assisted in working in place of absent workers, voluntarily took on additional duties, worked overtime, etc. Writing down these different initiatives will make the employer notice that you are a hard worker.

  1. Write any letters of praise or awards you received during your tenure in the company.

  2. Add any problem-solving tasks or committees you've participated in. Write any positive results of your suggestions which were implemented.

  3. Demonstrate any situations where you showed your communication skills, teamwork, or reliability. Most employers look for these qualities.

  4. Being an internal candidate, you have more chances of getting that position than external applicants.

  5. Showcase your loyalty and familiarity with your recruiter and the company during your tenure here.

  6. Write your company resume points in reverse chronological order to put more emphasis on your achievements related to your new position.

  7. Include your key skills section at the top of the company resume. Write all the relevant skills you possess relevant to the new position.

  8. Concisely write your company resume. Make sure your points do not exceed one line and that you highlight all the essential words and phrases in every line.

Also, please do not send your resume forward without conducting a spell check on it.

Let's take a look at one of our sample company resumes for internal promotions from RPA Program Manager to Cognitive Services Leader:


Write your company resume professionally and lay it out so that it stands out from other people's company resumes.

A great way to show that your previous managers valued your performance at work is to highlight your promotions. In addition, demonstrate in your company resume how you were able to manage different responsibilities.

You can describe your promotion in the following way:

  • Selected for high-priority initiatives and recognized for top performance.
  • Demonstrated ability to learn quickly and earned promotion following the same.
  • Accelerated to more responsible positions by building a skill-driven career.
  • Achieved promotional advancement from earlier positions.

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Multiple Positions in a Resume

There are different ways to highlight in your resume the different positions you have held or are holding in a company.

Doing so can give the recruiters insight into all the roles and responsibilities that define you as a professional.

You can highlight multiple positions in your resume to make the recruiters see your dynamic expertise and capabilities.


How to Show Promotion on Resume: When Responsibilities Remain the Same


Were your responsibilities still the same after a promotion internally?

Worry not. You can still skillfully write the change in your professional title and salary in the company resume.

First, start by writing the company's name with the dates across your present profile title and your former profile title. Ensure that the different dates you write are for the profile transition under the same company. Treat the company's name as the umbrella under which you will incorporate all your different professional titles for the same company.

Second, write dates next to each position for the period you served every position. Place your present or former position first. Then, in reverse chronological, write the second and third former positions in terms of time.

Under each role, describe your responsibilities in one-line bullet points and your accomplishments in a separate key achievements section. Write your promotion right in the first line to highlight it, and it is the first thing every recruiter notices.

You can write your promotion in your company resume in the following way:

  • Performed exceptionally well on a project and got promoted for the same.
  • Selected for high initiatives owing to repeated recognition for top performance
  • Demonstrated ability to learn quickly and got selected for the management position

But, how can you write about your top position in the company? Accomplishments are the answer. List all the things like profits you made for the company, revenues earned, and cost-cutting initiatives.

The main point of writing your different positions within the same company is to save you more space for other profiles. Including a key achievements section makes sure you don't write the same responsibilities/duties twice.

Pro Tip: Avoid writing that you are 'in charge of' something. Instead, use action verbs like 'Administered' or 'Commissioned'.

Writing more than one position that one has in a single organization into one description is the most generally used format of a company resume. This approach draws attention to the organization's dedication, accomplishments, and progressive responsibilities. A few easy rules to follow in this format are:

  • Write all the data at the top
  • Mention dates (in mm/yy) format next to the titles of all position
  • Pen down profile description in one line bullet points below each title
  • Make a separate key achievements section for every position

The format should be like this:
Company name | Location (City, Country) | Dates (mm/yy-mm/yy)

  • Position 2 | Dates (mm/yy-mm/yy)
  • Responsibility Point 1
  • Responsibility Point 2
  • Responsibility Point 3

Key Achievements

  • Key Achievement 1
  • Key Achievement 2
  • Key Achievement 3

Position #1 | Dates (mm/yy-mm/yy)

  • Responsibility Point 1
  • Responsibility Point 2
  • Responsibility Point 3

Key Achievements

  • Key Achievement 1
  • Key Achievement 2
  • Key Achievement 3

Write the present or former position first, start the description like "Promoted to a sales manager from..." and explain your new responsibilities. Start each point with a power verb and write your accomplishments, not the job description.

Also, write your key achievements section in one-liner bullet points mentioning your contribution.


How to Show Promotion on Resume: When Duties Change


How do you incorporate a promotion on a company resume?

When you have different positions, you need to write separate sets of bullet points.

In order to do this, you will need separate sections for each position. However, you can still choose to write the company's name once at the top to save space.

Here, write the company's name first and then the dates for each professional title.

Write up to six one-line bullet points highlighting your duties and accomplishments for each profile. Also, make sure the first point under each title highlights your promotion and why you got it.

Lastly, include the key achievements section for each profile.

COMPANY NAME 1 | City, State |

Position #2

  • Responsibility Point 1 (COMPANY NAME 1)
  • Responsibility Point 2 (COMPANY NAME 1)
  • Responsibility Point 3 (COMPANY NAME 1)

Key Achievements

  • Key Achievement 1 (COMPANY NAME 1)
  • Key Achievement 2 (COMPANY NAME 1)
  • Key Achievement 3 (COMPANY NAME 1)

COMPANY NAME 2 | City, State |
Position #1

  • Responsibility Point 1 (COMPANY NAME 2)
  • Responsibility Point 2 (COMPANY NAME 2)
  • Responsibility Point 3 (COMPANY NAME 2)

Key Achievements

  • Key Achievement 1 (COMPANY NAME 2)
  • Key Achievement 2 (COMPANY NAME 2)
  • Key Achievement 3 (COMPANY NAME 2)

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How to Show Promotion on Resume: Dissimilar positions

If you are interested in multiple functions, you must have performed multiple cross-functional responsibilities in your tenure within one company - role vs. project.

The most suitable example stands as a testimonial for how to list multiple positions at one company on a company resume:


Job Titles for Resume

Resume titles are one of the essential things in a resume. Job titles for resumes are what sets your company resumes apart from other company resumes.

Resume titles are essential as they help the recruiter understand which position you're applying for.

So, whether its a promotion to a senior doctor, a senior engineer, or a senior lecturer position, all need to specify it in their job titles to resume the position they are applying for.

Resume Titles are the second-largest text in your company resume after your header.

It should be 12-14 point size, and it comes just after the personal information section.

So, whenever you apply for a position, include a job title for your resume in your company resume.

Key Takeaways

Incorporating more than one position under the same organization in a company resume isn't difficult. You just need to follow a few key rules.

  • Please write it the same way you would write your other job sections.
  • Put the position held under the company's name with the dates and highlight your achievements.
  • If it is more appropriate to list the positions individually, make sure you make it easy to see the dates.
  • Make sure you highlight your achievements and start every new position with a transition bullet point.
  • Positions are mentioned together when they are alike but have increased responsibilities. In such as case, focus on job description, Accomplishments, and Promotion
  • Positions are written separately when a significant position doesn't fit well with the previous one. In this case, focus on Accomplishments, lapses from the company, Major Promotions, and dates

If the process is still confusing for you, you can get your company resume reviewed or made from scratch by Hiration's professional resume writers.

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