You landing on this webpage means you are looking for the best way to show promotions on your resume.

Well, you can show promotions on a resume in multiple ways depending on your current goals, job history, and experience that you want to highlight.

Promotions in a company can be categorized into two types, i.e., promotion with the same job responsibilities and promotion with different job responsibilities. A third category comes with a job switch that you can showcase as a different experience in your resume.

To help you show promotion of resume and enhance the effectiveness of your resume, we are answering the following questions in this resume-building guide:

Resume-building is not easy, even for experienced professionals. Most individuals usually build an unprofessional and vague resume to apply for their targeted jobs. As a result, they get disqualified from the recruitment process.

You can wipe out this hurdle by referring to a professional resume format available online or using Hiration’s Online Resume Builder that is powered with Artificial Intelligence technology to ease your resume-building process.

Linear Promotion- Promotion With Similar Duties

Generally, professionals get promoted in a company where they get a new profile title with no changes in their work responsibilities. These promotions can be called liner promotions, and you can show such promotions on your resume by following this format:

Work Experience

Public Relations Manager
Bane Enterprises
June 2012 to November 2014 (2 Years six Months)

Public Relations Coordinator
January 2010 to June 2012 (2 Years six Months)

  • Managed media placements in national and local publications
  • Maintained smooth company to client relationship
  • Prepared monthly newsletters and weekly press releases

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Non-Linear Promotion- Promotion With Different Duties

If a professional is promoted with a new profile title in the same company and gets a new set of work responsibilities, this can be called a non-linear promotion. To show such promotions on resume, you can follow the below-given format:

Work Experience

Account Executive
Bane Enterprises
June 2012 to November 2014 (2 years six months)

  • Maintaining smooth company-client communication, including account review calls
  • Creating supporting content, collateral, and marketing materials for new initiatives
  • Developing white papers and case studies for external and internal audiences

Account Coordinator
Bane Enterprises
January 2010 to June 2012 (2 years six months)

  • Prepare and document client meeting schedules and conference calls
  • Serve as a dedicated point of contact to address client requirements
  • Create media lists, press kits, and promotional calendars

Sample Resume Template to Showcase Promotion

Showing promotion on resume is a tricky task, as most professionals do not have the skill to address a promotion appropriately.

You can use three typical methods while concerning how to show promotion on resume in 2022. Check out the three best approaches to show promotion on resume:

Stacked Entries

You can use the stacked entry methodology if you are promoted in the same company with a different profile title addressing similar work responsibilities as the previous role.

You can list your job titles underneath your company name & location in reverse chronological format to stack them appropriately. Below, you can mention the resume points of your work responsibilities and experience.

Separate Duties

As its name suggests, this method is used if you are promoted with a different profile title in the same company to address different work responsibilities than the previous role.

While using this method of showing promotion on resume, you can list your recent profile title and work responsibilities underneath the company name and location. Below you can address previous roles and work responsibilities in reverse chronological order.

Separate Experience

This method works best if you switch to a new company with a promoted profile title and new work responsibilities.

In such a case, you can mention your current company name and location and show your profile title and work responsibilities below it. List all your previous companies and job titles below them in reverse chronological order.

Importance of Showcasing Promotion on Your Resume

Showing promotions on resume will portray your professionally strong image compared to your competitors for a recruitment process.

Promotions on resume will impress your resume and make them believe that you will add value to the company by using your skills and experiences in previous roles.

Ultimately, showing promotions on your resume will help you stand apart from the crowd with proven growth, loyalty, and professional experience.

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ATS Friendly Formatting Tips

You must showcase promotions in an ATS-friendly format to pass the ATS screening round without much hassle. You can follow these below-given guidelines to craft an ATS friendly work experience section in your resume:

  • Mention the month and year of your employment with every profile title
  • Use standard one-liner bullet points in cause-effect format
  • Do not use tables and commas to describe your work experience
  • Use profile-centric keywords picked from the job description
  • Highlight essential information and your achievements
  • Club similar points under suitable skills heading
  • Quantify your bullet points wherever possible to authenticate your details

What Recruiters Want to See?

Most hiring managers and recruiters want to see more than an overview of your work experience in the resume. Your resume must be convincing enough to prove them that you are the perfect fit for applied opportunity.

Here we are listing some points that recruiters want to see regardless your targeted profile in a recruitment process:

  • Stability

Recruiters do not want to see many companies in your resume. They want to see how much stable you are in your career. Hence, do not present yourself as a job hopper and try to show your stability for every company you worked for.

  • Growing Capabilities

Recruiters want to see your upgrading skills with every profile upgrade. Hence, we recommend adding modern skills and latest technical keywords in your resume points to show your updated knowledge and advanced capabilities.

  • Career Progression

You can be experienced but your resume must also showcase career progression. If you have stayed at a profile for 10 years, the recruiter might not going to like it and want to know the reason. Hence, we advise you to mention career progression in your work experience.

Common FAQs

To make things clear about how you can show promotion on resume, we are answering some frequently asked questions by global professionals. You can check out these FAQs to show promotions on resume elegantly for your next job switch:

Should You Make a Different Resume Section for Promotions?

The work experience section is the best place to show a promotion on a resume. However, you can make a separate section to showcase your promotion on resume if you got that 15 years ago. You can highlight your promotion in a separate section, but it will not make much difference if you got that long ago.

How to Showcase Promotion Within The Same Company?

You can show a promotion on resume that you got in the same company by mentioning your two job titles at the same time under the company name and location. We recommend you always show promotions on resume under the work experience section.

Is It Good to Show Promotion on a Resume?

Although detailing your job experience on a resume can be tricky, it is important to show promotions on resume as they reveal your professional growth and prove you are a competitive candidate for future positions. Hence, showing promotions on resume will always add value to your professional career and help you get bonus points during the recruitment process.

Key Takeaways

Here you can check out these essential points of this resume-building guide:

  • Use the work experience section for showing promotion on resume
  • Use the Stacked Entries method if you are promoted with a new job title with the same responsibilities
  • Use the Separate Duties method if you are promoted with a new job title with different work responsibilities

You can follow these above-given guidelines to show promotion on resume without any hassle effectively. Apart from this, you can also use Hiration’s online resume builder to build a job-winning resume in 2022. If you encounter any other resume-building or job assistance issue, you can always use Hiration’s 24/7 chat support or write to us at

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