What is the best resume maker for students?

Writing a resume as a student can get confusing if you are starting from scratch and don’t have the right tools and guidance at your disposal.

In the current job market, having an ATS-friendly, stand-out resume is crucial for getting shortlisted for jobs as 75% of resumes are rejected by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) even before it reaches the human eye.

What’s more, is that even after your resume passes the ATS, it gets reviewed for only about 6 seconds by recruiters before they decide to either toss it or shortlist it for an interview.

Quite nerve-wracking isn’t it?

But, the good news is, this doesn't necessarily have to be the case if you have access to a great professional resume maker for students and seasoned professionals.

And out of hundreds of options in the market, one of the best free resume makers for students is Hiration. Read on to explore its features and get a better understanding of the tool through the following questions:

Why is Using Resume Maker for Students Important?

Most students do not have experience with writing resumes and neither are they aware of the best industry practices to create a professional resume.

Some also have no idea where to start and what they must include in their resumes. Thereby making the resume writing process confusing and time-consuming.

However, with a great resume builder like Hiration in the picture, the entire process becomes seamless and hassle-free.

By using a resume maker like Hiration, students can create a well-crafted resume that can significantly impact their career prospects in a positive way by creating visually appealing and highly customized resumes within minutes.

Apart from this, the following are some additional benefits of using a resume maker for students:

  • Hiring a professional resume writer can be expensive but by using a free resume builder for students, you can get a professional-looking resume at zero cost.
  • When you use a resume builder, you can be sure that your resume is ATS-friendly.
  • By using a resume builder, students can easily customize their resume for every job posting they apply to.
  • Resume makers like Hiration come with pre-written content and provide actionable tips and suggestions so that students don’t have to starch their resume writing process from scratch.

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What is the Best Resume Maker for College Students and High School Students?

When it comes to advanced AI-powered features, ample template options, and a repository of blogs covering topics around resume writing, Hiration, without a doubt takes the cake as the best resume builder in the market.

There are many factors that make Hiration the ideal choice for both students and seasoned professionals. Here’s why:

An AI Assistant To Guide You Through Every Step

Yes, Hiration’s resume maker for students comes with an advanced AI assistant that provides students with profile-specific content recommendations for every section of their resume.

This is especially helpful for students who don’t have any idea about what they should write in their resumes.

From summary to skills and bullet points for the professional experience section, the AI assistant provides recommendations tailored to your job profile and educational background.

Students simply need to tap on the section they want to get recommendations for. It’s that easy!

Hiration resume maker for students

A Resume Reviewer To Review and Update Your Existing Resume

For students who want to update their existing resumes, Hiration’s resume builder also offers a resume reviewer feature that allows students to upload and get their existing resumes reviewed and scored against the best industry practices for resume writing.

The reviewer scores your resume for each section and provides actionable tips and suggestions to help improve your overall resume score.

It also provides a detailed analysis of every section of your resume to provide students clarity on why their resume is not up to the mark and how they can change that.

A Unique Job Match Feature To Help Students Customize Their Resumes for Every Listing

One of the most unique features of Hiration’s resume maker for students is the job match feature wherein students can simply copy and paste the job description of the profile they’re targeting and get their resumes assessed to find skill gaps.

The job matcher assesses your resume against the job description to find skill gaps and provide actionable tips to bridge these gaps.

This allows students to create resumes that are highly tailored to their target profile within minutes. Thereby, doubling their chances of grabbing the recruiters’ attention and getting shortlisted.

Switch Between 30+ ATS-friendly Resume Templates with a Single Click

Hiration’s resume maker for students comes with 30+ template options that are designed to be suitable for every job profile.

The best part is that students can switch between these dynamic resume templates with a single click without leaving the page or moving the resume content.

All the templates have sleek, professional, and impressive designs with pre-selected color combinations, making it easy for students to create visually appealing resumes without having to worry about the design elements.

A Preferred Resume Building Tool by US Universities

If you think you can’t be a judge of whether or not Hiration’s resume builder is the best in the market, see what existing users have to say about the tool on Trustpilot:


Along with that, here’s a list of US universities that host Hiration to help their career services team and students streamline the entire job search process through our tool features:

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Tips for Making the Best Out of a Resume Maker for Students with No Experience

Here are some tips you can follow to ensure that you make the most out of our resume maker for students:

  • Include keywords from the job description in your resume to increase the ATS-friendliness of your resume.
  • Include details of your coursework and modules in the education section of your resume to emphasize your knowledge and expertise.
  • Use numbers to describe your accomplishments and responsibilities.
  • Use the same terminology used in the job listing to support the ATS-friendliness of your resume.
  • If you have internship experience, place the internship section above the education section to highlight your hands-on experience.
  • Follow the reverse chronological order to list your education, internship, and volunteer experiences.

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Key Points from the Blog

  • By using a resume maker like Hiration, students can create a well-crafted resume that can significantly impact their career prospects in a positive way by creating visually appealing and highly customized resumes within minutes.
  • Using a resume builder can help you save time and effort while helping you make a professional resume within minutes without requiring you to know about the best industry practices.
  • Hiration’s AI-powered resume maker for students comes with features like an AI assistant, resume reviewer, and job matcher.
  • To make the best out of an online resume builder, include keywords and follow the reverse chronological order to list your education, internship, and volunteer experiences.

So why the wait? Use Hiration’s AI-powered resume builder now to create a professional resume within minutes. Our tool comes with 24x7 chat support and you can also write to us at support@hiration.com to resolve any queries.

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