Transitioning your career from an entrepreneur to a product manager can be confusing and difficult. Especially when it comes to building a resume with such a career switch.

But, it’s not impossible because the role of a product manager requires soft skills like critical thinking, analytical, leadership, and management skills which are common to an entrepreneur.

As for the technical skills required to become a product manager, you can acquire those by completing certification courses, training, and boot camps.

The only huddle you might face is to be able to showcase your transferable skills and experience effectively on paper and craft an impressive product manager resume.

So, what does a great product manager resume with an entrepreneurship background look like?

This blog will give you access to just that and clarify why our product manager resume sample works well and how you can build your own by referring to it.

Product Manager Resume Template Sample

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Gwen Smith
Product Manager
Certified product management and entrepreneur armed with 5+ years of experience in leading and managing businesses while designing & developing products for delivering top-notch services to national & global clients. Possesses a diverse experience in championing market research, formulating high-impact growth strategies, overseeing budgets as part of establishing market dominance and driving sustainable, long-term revenue. Proficient in training & leading high-performing teams to streamline processes as part of slashing costs, bolstering revenue, and catapulting business growth.
• Product Management • Product Development • Market Research • Product Improvement • Client Acquisition & Retention
• Profit Maximization • Budgeting • Relationship Management • Process Improvement • Issue Resolution
• Cross-function Collaboration • Team Management • Recruitment & Training
Technical Skills: Python, C++, Google Analytics, QuickBooks, Figma, Whimsical, Tableau
Product Management Fellowship Program
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    Case studies:
    • Managing the creation and sharing of shopping lists on BooHoo by streamlining product specification for improved efficiency
    • Leading adoption & engagement of WhatsApp payments by overseeing the product specification process for optimal results
    • Conducting an app teardown of Dream11 to identify and explain the psychological principles they utilized in their design
    Founder & CEO
    Green Clinical
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      • Designed product roadmap by liaising with 25+ professionals spanning marketing, operations, and engineering departments
      • Conducted extensive market research and carried out qualitative studies & quantitative surveys for making product iterations
      • Assisted in conceptualizing and developing new products; increased annual sales by $200k
      • Formulated and implemented sound strategies as part of improving processes and increasing productivity by 25%
      • Performed a pivotal role in monitoring 100+ product reviews and addressing customers' grievances on a daily basis
      • Maximized profits by conceptualizing & developing product prototypes for meeting clients' requirements at GAP Inc. | May '17
      • Developed MVP of to automate payment collections by utilizing MERN stack | Jan '17
      Accounting Intern
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        • Prepared 5+ financial reports including balance sheets & other consolidated statements at the end of every quarter
        • Assisted in maintaining prescribed budgets by distributing projected income statements & cash flows
        • Designed monthly, quarterly, and annual budgets by reviewing the financial position of the organization
        Master in Business Administration
        University of Florida
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          • GPA: 4.5
          Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.)
          University of Florida
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            • GPA: 4.2
            • The Complete Web Development Bootcamp | Coursera | Jun '21

            As seen in the above sample, the resume has been tailored to highlight the key skills that the candidate has acquired through their entrepreneurial background.

            The listed skills like market research, product improvement, client acquisition & retention, profit maximization, and budgeting are all crucial for the role of product manager as well.

            The idea is to craft the resume in a way that focuses on the strengths of the candidate rather than the lack of direct experience in the industry.

            Furthermore, to highlight the relevant experience, the resume sample has a separate project work section that specifically lists the candidate’s experience in product management.

            And to highlight the technical skills, the sample has a subsection under key skills which specifically lists the candidate’s proficiency in programming languages and using tools like Python, Google Analytics, MERN, QuickBooks, Figma, Tableau, etc.

            If you are an aspiring product manager with a background in entrepreneurship, you can use this template as a reference to craft your resume.

            You can also use Hiration’s AI-powered resume builder with 24x7 chat support to create a similar resume within minutes. If you have any queries, write to us at

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