Product management is a highly competitive field in the US job market, and a standout resume is the need of the hour to land your dream job.

As a consultant, transitioning into product management can be a daunting task, as it requires highlighting your transferable skills and demonstrating your ability to deliver business outcomes.

In this article, we will provide you with a product manager resume template for consultants to help you with your resume writing.

Our resume template has been curated by experts in the field and is optimized to showcase relevant skills and experience effectively.

Whether you are an experienced consultant looking to transition into product management or a product manager specializing in consulting, our template will help you craft a winning resume highlighting your transferable skills and business impact.

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Product Management Resume Template for Consulting in the US

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John Hill
Product Manager
4+ years experienced consulting manager and analyst with a focus on product management adept at delivering high-impact projects in fast-paced environments. Proficient in analyzing market trends and identifying customer needs to drive product innovation and revenue growth with a track record of successfully leading cross-functional teams. Proven ability in distilling complex information into actionable insights for stakeholders.
• Product Management • Revenue Generation • Market Analysis • Report Development • Business Solutions
• Team Leadership & Mentoring • Advisory Services • Stakeholder Management • Client Acquisition
• Relationship Management • Communication Strategy • Brand Building
  • FinTech - Payment Gateway Models & Strategies Certification | Udemy
Management Consultant
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    Advisory Services & Business Solutions
    • Provided strategic advisory services to 30+ clients leading to 90% client satisfaction
    • Innovated and executed 20+ improvement programs to bolster the overall performance of the company
    • Analyzed the business challenges of 10+ partner companies to offer meaningful solutions to their business needs
    Leadership, Mentoring & Performance Evaluation
    • Mentored & trained 10+ consultants in the company's practices
    • Oversaw the execution of workstream tasks for 20+ analysts on a daily basis
    • Led a team of ~5 consultants to ensure the timely delivery of financial reports
    • Identified performance gaps leading to the creation & implementation of 5+ corrective actions
    Accenture Strategy & Consulting
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      Client Servicing & Relationship Management
      • Developed long-term relationships with clients and acquired ~10 new clients
      • Acquired business partnerships with Fortune 500 companies by growing ad revenue for clients by 45%
      • Prepared 2 PRDs to prevent fraudulent financial activities on Facebook and content plagiarism on LinkedIn | Oct '18
      • Transformed brand names, products, and services to facilitate business opportunities for clients at Talk Finance LLP. | Aug '18
      • Formulated & implemented communications programs leading to increased client revenue by 50% at Finserve Co. | Mar '17
      Product Management Intern
      Accenture Strategy & Consulting
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        • Collaborated with stakeholders on sprint planning, development velocity, and user stories with acceptance criteria
        • Assisted with product roadmap by evaluating implementation effort, external dependencies, and user impact
        • Conducted 10+ surveys and expert interviews to identify company needs and necessary features to work on ESG models
        Master of Business Administration
        Wayne State University
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          • GPA: 7.68/10

          The product manager resume template for consultants is designed to showcase the candidate's transferable skills and experience effectively, including stakeholder management, business strategy, project management, and advisory services.

          The template includes a separate section for 'product work' where the candidate can highlight their experiences in product management, such as ideation, road mapping, and product launch.

          Additionally, the template advises candidates to include Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) in their product work section to showcase their ability to translate customer needs into product features.

          The resume also showcases a range of achievements, including revenue growth, cost optimization, and successful product launches.

          Aspiring product managers with a consulting background can use this template to highlight their transferable skills, and product management experience, and demonstrate their ability to deliver business outcomes.

          Using this template will help candidates stand out in a competitive job market and increase their chances of landing their dream product management job.

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