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It is not difficult for a trainer to inspire people when they are in front of them, but the real question is how to have them motivated in their absence.

Think you have that? Let's keep reading.

Often you have the skills, you have the certifications, you even have the right experiences.

You have the potential to turn Walter Hudson into LeBron James. But the worst scenario is that your personal trainer resume does not have the right words to define it.

Here's what you will learn from this article:

What is a Personal Trainer Resume 2022?

As a fitness/personal trainer, your role revolves around helping people get into and stay in shape. This involves encouraging a person to maintain

  • fitness
  • diet
  • health

So a personal trainer resume should essentially showcase one's skills around wellbeing and assisting in the same.

Wellbeing, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, comprises:

  • energy to do significant work
  • being more productive
  • exuberant stamina
  • positive outlook to handle mental challenges
  • dealing with stress
  • reduced health risks like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis
  • looking and feeling at one's best
  • physical strength to accomplish and endure challenges
  • higher quality of life with a longer span

The personal trainer resume sample below will help you in creating the fitness resume which speaks of your health and your skills at maintaining it.

You shall find these pre-written personal training templates on Hiration's online resume building tool. There are pre-written lines specific to your industry.

To personalize your personal trainer resume, change the words around according to your experiences.

It’s easy and it's flexible and will help you reach your target personal trainer job sooner.

Why do you need Personal Trainer Resume 2022?

It's entirely possible that much of your personal trainer resume is absolutely fine and you just need career advice for 2021- 22.

After all, some mistakes are only ever made by the least qualified personal trainer job seekers. If you’re reading this, you're obviously ready to take on all the latest advice and add that little bit extra that makes all the difference in the world of personal trainer job seeking.

It's rather easy to lose track of how to write an up-to-date personal trainer resume in the latest format if you've been working hard in one personal trainer job for several years.

If you find yourself pondering a question like: “What do employers look for in a personal trainer resume?” it’s time to read on and see how you can quickly and easily adapt your personal trainer resume to suit the latest resume trends 2022 is going to throw at you.

Personal Trainer Resume Sample

Senior Personal Trainer
7+ years experienced & result oriented Senior Fitness Trainer skilled in rendering fitness training to new and existing clients to enhance their fitness parameters and drive the reputation of the gym while indirectly contributing to the growth. Possess a track record of conducting innovative fitness and training sessions considering the needs and current health condition of the client. Adept at spearheading team of personal trainer and manage administrative tasks to ensure that gym sessions keep on functioning at their peak capacities.
• Team Management • Fitness Training • Client Relations • Gym Packages • Promotions • Health Parameters
• Client Check ups • Communications • Coordination • Personal Fitness • Accounting
Senior Personal Trainer
Youth Gym
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    Leading chain of Gym in America with 10,000 centers
    Fitness Training & Client Relations
    • Training 7 clients to enhance fitness parameters, loose weight and enter fitness competitions
    • Providing clients with safe and reasonable exercises manageable at home
    • Informing clients with prior notice in case appointment times are changed and prompt quickly to clients' queries
    • Interacting regularly with members of the gym pertaining to health goals
    • Introducing personal training packages to 10 clients on a daily basis & assisting clients for injury free exercise
    • Collecting weekly payments from clients & modifying exercises according to their needs
    • Rendered fitness training to 15 clients on a monthly basis leading group fitness classes when necessary
    • Advising clients about important safety concerns and demonstrate exercises or maneuvers as need
    Personal Fitness
    • Maintaining health and fitness according to gym fitness standards for Senior Trainer
    • Attending necessary hours of gym required under the fitness guidelines of Personal Trainers
    Team Training & Leadership
    • Managing a team of 5 Junior Personal trainers, taking care of attendance & salaries and evaluating their performances
    • Training the team with respect to communication, fitness parameters and client relations
    Personal Trainer
    Life Trail
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      Life Trail is a leading Gym chain in California with 500 centers
      • Organized gym sessions of clients in close coordination with the Senior Personal Trainer
      • Attended particular number of gym hours to maintain fitness as required under gym standards
      • Communicated important information to ~10 walk-in customers and visitors in the gym daily
      • Rendered fitness training to 5 clients on a monthly basis & monitored client progress
      New York University
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        NYU is a top ranked public university in the USA with over 6K undergraduates
        Enter text here..

        • Languages: English, Spanish
        • Secured 1st position in International Sports Quiz | New York University | Jun ’10
        • Secured the position of 1st Runners Up in Inter College Sports Competition | UCLA | Jan ’09
        • Won 1st position in Inter College Fitness Competition | New York University | Jan '09
        • Achieved 1st position in National Level Athletics Competition | Harvard University | Mar '08

        How to make a Personal Trainer Resume 2022?

        Your master CV basically encapsulates your entire lifespan on document.

        It documents your:

        • interests
        • achievements
        • scholarships
        • recommendations
        • education
        • courses pursued
        • extra-curricular activities
        • co-curricular activities

        It is the initial document you must possess before you screen the necessary information only.

        Well, if you have your master CV ready, let us help you out with your personal trainer resume.


        Post uploading your personal trainer resume on any online career portal, an ATS scans it for keywords applicable to the job you’re applying for. The main function of these programs is to whittle down candidates, so the majority of resumes are swiftly eliminated.

        At least 75% of the candidates are rejected before their resume meets a human recruiter. So, strategize your personal trainer resume to make it technology-friendly and recruiter-friendly at the same time.

        ATS systems are most often coded to scan vertically. So, personal trainer resumes with important information located centrally are the best bet.

        The biggest text in your personal trainer resume should be your name, between 14 - 16 px.

        This should be followed by the next largest and most important text - the title.


        Massy Arias may not need a profile title on her resume. Neither would Dwayne Johnson. But we certainly do. Your title should essentially express:

        • Field of experience
        • Level of experience

        Add a profile header right under your title

        • Your personal trainer resume header should essentially contain your:
        • Phone Number
        • Email Address
        • Current Location

        Be professional with your e-mail address. Do not write "". Well, nobody really wants him toning up their abs.

        You may also add your LinkedIn profile, or link to any external portfolio which you might have. Always, make sure your portfolio is ready for public view. Do not leave it unaesthetic or incomplete.

        Your work experience sections and your education sections play the bodily role in your personal trainer resume. Your work experiences or your contribution to the domain enables a recruiter to comprehend the reliability.

        Find out your personal trainer resume reliability score from select industry experts today.

        Professional Experience

        To showcase your contribution points, you may use the following template


        <Designation> <Dates>
        <Organizational Affiliation> <Location>
        • <Cause-Effect Contribution Points>

        While writing this section, may trainers have faced the problem of how to describe experienced trainer in personal trainer resume.


        Personal Trainer Resume With No Experience

        Your fitness resume is no piece of cake. In case you do not have solid work experiences to show, you have to arrange your work, your certifications and your trainings in a way which shows the recruiter why a fresher would be the better bet.


        Your education is a compulsory addition to any corporate or non-corporate personal trainer resume. This section should contain:

        • School Name and Location
        • Years in School
        • Degree

        You may use the following template to write your education section.


        <Degree Pursued> <Dates>
        <College/University> <Location>
        • <GPA>

        The sections are pre-arranged in the universal templates, along with industry-specific content on the free templates on Hiration's online resume builder.

        Hiration Pro-Tip: Pick your most impressive achievements for your bullet points. If your GPA was 3.7 or higher, that qualifies, so show it.

        Other important additions to your personal trainer resume are the certifications, trainings and the freelance projects which you have done. In fact, your freelance activities count a lot.

        For a personal trainer, one's fitness resume should essentially revolve around the number of clients who entrusted upon one.



        In a certified personal trainer resume, the following

        • ACSM CPT, GEI, EP
        • NASM CPT
        • ISSA CPT, CES, FNC
        • ACE CPT...

        In case of many certificates, you could list them one after the other. You may also list them into the following personal trainer certificate template:

        Certification> | Institute | Date of Certification

        For example,

        • Certified Personal Trainer | NASM | Aug '18
        • AED/CPR and First Aid | American Red Cross | Sep '17

        Hiration PRO TIP: CPT and CPR/AED certifications are kind of required in a personal trainer resume. The CPT training takes weeks or months whereas the CPR/AED certification just takes a few hours.

        Personal Trainer Skills

        Your personal trainer resume skills are essentially the key functions you are adept at a professional trainer.

        A professional skillset does not usually list soft skills like "empathy" or "communications". Personal trainer skills and qualities in a personal trainer resume usually range

        Putting in right skills in your resume is imperative to parse the ATS test and make your personal trainer resume to the recruiter's table.

        To find the right keywords, it is important that you devote a fair amount of time reading the job description and find the right keywords.


        Resume Summary

        While a personal trainer resume summary is an overview of your personal trainer experience, a personal trainer resume objective only highlights your ambition, your drive and focus.

        A trainer resume should positively have a summary. In the personal trainer resume skills summary for a personal trainer, any hiring agency would want to learn about:

        • the kind of clients you liaised with
        • the skills you have developed and practiced
        • quantifiably reliable achievements

        In fact, your summary should be the last thing your write on your personal trainer resume. This is because over the course of writing your personal trainer experience, you figure the exact skills and achievements you want to highlight in this section.
        Make sure your summary expresses who you truly are. Get your personal trainer resume professionally reviewed by industry experts.



        Fitness and personal trainer jobs requires a mixture of expert tips and an extremely positive attitude. So, make sure all your questions are answered.

        1. Network

        Networking is critical now more than ever. For any personal trainer job, reach out to all your connections -

        • friends
        • family
        • neighbors
        • former colleagues
        • university classmates

        Build your online presence on social media websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and keep your social network updates about the positions you are seeking.

        2. Be persistence

        Research digital and traditional resources at local or public libraries or through personal trainer job search support groups. Scan jobs at fairs and online search websites.

        3. Follow-up

        Always follow up on every personal trainer job lead you receive. Keep in contact with potential employers and continue until you receive a definitive no answer.

        4. Assess

        Yet unsure of your career goals? Take an assessment test to identify your skills and career interests.

        First, narrowed your options. Then conduct informational - learn about the personal trainer job or the company you are interested in.

        5. Stay positive

        Keep in touch with people and update them about your feelings and concerns. Reduce stress by keeping up with your favorite activities eating healthy, exercising and getting enough sleeping.

        Key Takeaways

        • Quantify your achievements

        If prospective employers can quantify your past work, they'll quickly understand how you can make a real difference to their company's operations.

        • Use industry-specific keywords

        Use keywords that recruiters are likely to search for. This proactive approach will put you at the top of their list and it'll also show them that you know how to leverage systems to achieve results. It's a win-win scenario.

        • Structure STAR sentences

        Always format your points to represent Situation-Task-Action-Result.
        This Princeton formulae is known to enhance the reliability score of your resume.

        • Use action verbs

        (Although verbs by their very definition have to do with actions, not all verbs are created equal. Some verbs have a far greater impression on our minds than others, and it’s this phenomenon you must take advantage of as you write your person trainer resume.

        Action verbs ultimately demonstrate that you get things done properly and in a way that really achieves results for your employers. These are words like “accomplished” and “managed”.

        Using these will allow you to turn a boring and uninformative list of duties and responsibilities into a genuinely useful document that’ll allow your prospective employer to come to a decision.

        Go to Hiration career platform which has 24/7 chat support and get professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries. You can also write to us at and we will make sure to reach out to you as soon as possible.

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