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Care for a ticket to a Nursing job of your choice?

Well, that ticket is a nursing student cover letter. Yes, that’s right.

A nursing student resume falls short as it does not introduce you as a person who is naturally caring and nurturing.

But is it enough if you append a nursing student cover letter along with your resume? Not quite.

What goes in a cover letter?

In this blog, we shall provide a comprehensive guide to drafting a persuasive nursing student cover letter that has all the potential to land you a dream job post-pandemic.

Here is a summary of the topics discussed:

  • Qualities and roles of a good nurse
  • Significance of a nursing student cover letter
  • Sample nursing student cover letter
  • Design and template for a nursing student cover letter
  • Key sections of a nursing student cover letter
  • How to write a great nursing student cover letter

Qualities of a great nurse

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What distinguishes a good Nurse from an ordinary one?

First of all, let us be clear on this - What is nursing?

Nursing is a healthcare profession tailored towards providing care for individuals or communities for them to fully recover from their ailments to perfect health.

Likewise, a nurse is a trained professional who provides care for those afflicted to recover to full health.

Typical roles of a nurse

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What are the typical roles of a nurse?

Perhaps it would be of some interest for you to know that Florence Nightingale, an English social reformer, was instrumental in founding modern nursing.

She rose to prominence while treating wounded soldiers during the Crimean War in the 19th century.

Great, but why is this important, you ask?

Well, the methods of healthcare such as the need for sanitation, recognizing dietary requirements, providing round-the-clock patient care, collecting statistical evidence, encouraging education, and promoting advocacy were institutionalized by her and that forms the core of the nursing profession even today.

Apart from these core practices, a nurse is typically employed in the following roles:

Collaboration - collaborating with doctors and other healthcare professionals
Care - someone who listens to a patient and reassures them
Advocate for better health - helps the patient understand the best course for recovery
Diagnosis - carry out periodic checkups and tests
Educate - be able to educate the patient on fundamental healthcare

Significance of a nursing student cover letter

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A resume is not enough

For a nursing professional seeking out a decent job opportunity, a nursing resume is not enough. And there is good enough reason for that assertion.

In the continuously fluctuating job market, it is not easy to reach out to employers or potential employers.

You have the skill set required and you are a great culture-fit. But how does your hiring manager come to know of this?

A good nursing resume is key no doubt but think about all the contenders for the same job. How will you compete and what is your plan?

By sending out a job-winning nursing cover letter, you are leaving no stones unturned. It is more personal in comparison to a nursing student resume.

Let us understand the utility of a great nursing student cover letter.

The hiring manager will not hand over the reins to you just because you have decided to append a nursing student cover letter along with a nursing student resume.

It is not a magic wand. Then what is so unique about a nursing student cover letter?

Well, a nursing student cover letter will provide you with a window of opportunity where you can convince the employer why you are the right fit for the job and what they can expect from you as a registered nurse or a licensed nurse.

A nursing student cover letter will give you a unique opportunity that a nursing student resume cannot provide. You can communicate more personally and in an informal style in a nursing student cover letter.



Compelling nursing student cover letter

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Now let us dive a little deeper and see how to draft a perfect nursing student cover letter.

Because you do not want to miss the only opportunity you have, do you? If it is another generic nursing student cover letter, then the whole point of attaching a cover letter won't serve its purpose.

So it is important to not only send out a nursing student cover letter but also ensure that the cover letter is every bit compelling and highly persuasive.

Ask yourself this question, what distinguishes a great salesman from an ordinary one? It is how one communicates and the ability to draw attention to the uniqueness of a product.

Very much in the same manner, a great nursing cover letter should focus on two aspects: the content and the format.

Nursing Student Cover Letter Sample

Before we elaborate on designing a compelling nursing student cover letter, here is a sample Nursing student cover letter:

Jessica Pavlish
Cover Letter
March 1st, 2021

Hiring Manager
Scripps Health
640 Jackson St, St. Paul, MN 55101

Re: Nurse

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am a Licensed Nurse with hands-on experience of working as a medical technician and geriatrician. I am tactful in providing personalized medical care to patients while monitoring & evaluating their medical condition. With my expertise in the medical profession, I am keen on working for Scripps Health as a Nurse.

As a Licensed Nurse at Watersprings High School, I screened children for hearing & eyesight issues and assessed patients who complained of specific ailments and consequently educated the school students about personal hygiene & safety concerns. Additionally, I monitored and dispensed prescription medicines, inspected & authenticated vaccination records, and supervised files of students' medical history.

In my earlier stint as a Medical Technician at The City Lab, I was instrumental in collecting blood and urine samples for analysis and generating detailed and accurate reports based on the test results. I also familiarized myself with safety procedures and other regulations.

I am aware of the exceptional service rendered by Scripps Health and the innovations in the Healthcare industry which has transformed the lives of millions. My goals and values very much align with your reputed organization in rendering compassionate service to the needy. I would be thrilled to get an opportunity to work with your team. Enclosed for your consideration is my resume. I’d appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my suitability and qualifications with you on call or in person.

Jessica Pavlish

Designing a nursing student cover letter

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what should a cover letter look like?

It is important to format the nursing student cover letter in such a way that it is a breeze to read through.

If you have written down the most compelling nursing student cover letter but if it does not appeal to the employer simply because it is not easy to read, then the whole exertion is laid to waste.

Let us first focus on the best way to draft a compelling nursing student cover letter then.

A professionally designed nursing cover letter

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Half of your nursing student cover letter is accomplished simply by using a professionally designed cover letter design. Hey, presto! Right?

Let us look at a nursing student cover letter sample:


As you can see above, it is a sample nursing student cover letter crafted using a professional cover letter design template.

A well-designed nursing student cover letter should contain all the key information and not include anything redundant.

Further, it must be formatted so that it is a breeze to read through in a single glance.

Key sections of a nursing student cover letter

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Before we proceed further, let us look at all the key sections of a nursing student cover letter.

A nursing student cover letter must include the following key sections:

Your contact information
Addressee information
Paragraph 1 (your introduction)
Paragraph 2 (summary of your achievements)
Paragraph 3 (Your passion for the company/industry)

Begin your nursing student cover letter by furnishing your contact information so that it helps the recruiter to get in touch with you without any hassle.

Avoid unnecessary personal information which is not relevant to the job you are applying for.

Keep it simple and to the point. Next, address the person appropriately to whom you are sending out the nursing student cover letter.

After specifying the subject or the intent of your nursing cover letter, you begin the letter with the first paragraph.

The first paragraph is where you introduce yourself by specifying your current designation along with your academic qualification.

Specify the number of years you have worked or your qualification or any certification at the very beginning which must capture the attention of the recruiter.

Once you have introduced yourself, the next paragraph/s must be your professional achievements.

Mention all the key achievements you are proud of or which you have executed satisfactorily.

Specify what skills aided you in accomplishing those feats while on the task. Keep it brief and do not dump the same information from the resume in a paragraph form.

Cleverly draw the attention of the recruiter to your key achievements and your master of the skills which you possess.

Bear in mind that each phrase is important and it all depends on how you phrase the sentences from start to finish.

You do not have to worry about acquiring writing skills to draft your nursing cover letter. Simply focus on the information which matters most to your recruiter and the rest will fall in place.

Hence it is pertinent to clearly understand what the hiring manager is seeking in an ideal nurse by going through the job description thoroughly.

Once you clearly understand the key skills and competencies that the recruiter is expecting, you can address them point by point.

While you are at it, it is also important to note that you must use the power verbs if you are not using them yet.

Whether it is a nursing student resume or a nursing student cover letter, power verbs are mandatory.

But what are power verbs?

Power verbs are nothing but action words that augment your contribution in performing a task.

Let us see a few examples of power verbs:


Never use words like ‘worked’ while describing your professional summary.

The key here is that you are focusing on your contribution and your achievement while accomplishing the task instead of describing the job responsibility.

This is the key to a well-crafted nursing student cover letter.

In the final paragraph, it is the appropriate opportunity to express how passionate you are about the job.

You are telling the recruiter why you are the best fit for the role in terms of the specific role and the overall vision of the company.

Explain how and why your ethics align with that of the industry standards or the company standards.

Your passion and drive backed up by your achievements must be compelling for the recruiter to take notice.

Essentially, you are helping your hiring manager to visualize your involvement in clear terms.

After this, you end the nursing student cover letter by signing off.

Hiration’s Cover Letter Builder for Resume

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With the availability of various services out there, let us guide you on how to stay ahead of others in the job market.

The following features of Hiration’s AI-Powered Personal Career Assistant can help you create the best cover letter:

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The given features mentioned above are made available on our cover builder to help you create the best cover letter to go with your resume and raise your chances of a shortlist.

Make the best use of Hiration’s Resume and Cover Letter Builder and its amazing features.

Key takeaways

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In conclusion, a nursing student cover letter must be your ticket to a personal interview with the hiring manager.

We have covered all aspects of crafting a clever nursing student cover letter. Before we go, let us revisit them briefly:

  • What are the distinguishing qualities of a great nurse
  • Key sections of a great nursing student cover letter
  • Nursing student cover letter sample
  • How to write a compelling nursing student cover letter and finally
  • What to avoid while writing a nursing student cover letter

Least we missed out on anything and you need some clarifications, we are only a click away.

Make the best use of all the tips and guides provided in this blog.

Go to Hiration career platform which has 24/7 chat support and get professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries. You can also write to us at and we will make sure to reach out to you as soon as possible.

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