What is a management analyst?

People usually get stuck with similar questions when they hear about a management analyst job profile. If you are also one of the individuals seeking details about the management analyst job description, you are on the right webpage.

Before heading on to the responsibilities associated with a management analyst job, we want to clarify that management analyst and management consultant are almost similar profiles.

Management analyst is one of the most promising career options for recent graduates. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 907,600 people were working as management analysts in 2020 across America.

The figures are expected to increase at a rate of 14% by 2030, which is great for many aspiring management analysts. However, you must always remember that a business management analyst must ensure continuous improvement in an organization’s efficiency, which is certainly not an easy task.

To clear out all your doubts and confusions related to the management analyst work profile, we are answering the following questions here:

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What is a Management Analyst?

Management analysts are professionals who find modern techniques to improve the overall efficiency of an organization and increase profits. The key role of a business management analyst is to recommend changes based on the collected and analyzed data that can boost revenue and decrease company expenses.

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Management Analyst Job Description

Like any other job description, a program management analyst job description has all the details about company requirements. We recommend you to read the job description of your targeted data management analyst job with a focused mind.

Reading the job description will give you an idea of the required skills and abilities, which will eventually help you frame a suitable resume for your selected job.

Take a look at some real-time examples of different level management analyst job descriptions picked from a popular career-building platform named Indeed:

Entry Level Management Analyst Job Description

We seek a Management Analyst I/II with strong technical and customer service skills to be part of the Public Works team. A suitable fit must perform various administrative tasks and responsible administrative staff assistance such as conducting specific and comprehensive analyses of municipal policies, organization, procedures, finance, and services.

Here are some major responsibilities for management analysts at our company:

  • Participate in and/or direct, lead, and coordinate the installation of new and revised programs, systems, procedures, and methods of operation; compile and analyze data and make recommendations on the formulation of policy and procedures and staffing and organizational changes.
  • Gather & analyze data and make recommendations on the formation of policies and procedures; Conduct surveys and perform administrative research and statistical or financial analysis; compile data or materials and prepare reports, manuals and publications; assist in the design and implementation of systems and forms for operational use.
  • Develop program unit/section budgets, monitor expenditures, and submit requisitions; assist in the preparation of department budgets, including reviewing and analyzing financial data and justifications; prepare periodic performance reports.
  • Investigate, analyze, and prepare recommendations about proposals for new programs, grants, services, equipment, and personnel; investigate and prepare reports on specific requests and complaints about various governmental activities.
  • Conduct surveys and perform research and statistical analysis on administrative, fiscal, personnel, and operational problems.

Mid Career Risk Management Analyst Job Description

We are looking for an energetic and detail-oriented individual to fill the position of Risk Management Analyst. In this role, you will have broad responsibilities in supporting the VP of Risk Management. Your primary focus will be supporting insurance renewals, property and marine claims management, and global data gathering. As a Risk Management Analyst, you will also handle risk management accounting and invoices, contract reviews, and special risk management projects.

Here are the major responsibilities of a risk management analyst at our company:

  • Conduct risk assessments, review and interpret insurance and indemnification and hold harmless provisions in contracts to ensure that the Company is not assuming liability for damages for which it has no insurance coverage and that third parties are required to carry sufficient insurance.
  • Provide cross-functional guidance regarding risk-related matters and feedback to business units on risk and insurance implications of business decisions.
  • Assist in developing policies and procedures relating to risk management/insurance for Global operations.
  • Assist with managing the insurance renewal process which includes, but is not limited to obtaining and compiling exposure data, determining appropriate risk assumptions and policy terms, collateral requirements, and evaluating proposals.
  • Process and track insurance invoices and regulatory filings.

Senior Management Analyst Job Description

Hiring for an enthusiastic and talented individual to serve as a key member of its professional management team. Self-motivated analysts, who thrive in a fast-paced environment, are inspired to solve problems through critical thinking, and who have a strong work ethic are encouraged to apply.

Take a look at the major responsibilities for senior management analysts at our company:

  • Possesses a solid background in local government administration, including organization planning, work measurement, budgeting, and personnel management.
    Can evaluate situations that can be controversial, problematic, or sensitive, and present options clearly and concisely, while addressing the full spectrum of financial issues in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Thrives in a fast-paced, complex, and dynamic environment, can simultaneously manage various work projects and carry them through successful completion while meeting organizational goals and customer expectations.
  • Adeptly uses word processing, spreadsheet, and database software applications to convey information accurately.
  • Possesses excellent oral and written communication skills, which will be used to prepare clear, concise, and effective written reports, correspondence, and other materials and make effective presentations.

Management Analyst Qualifications

To build your career as a data management analyst, you need to get a bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, public administration, or any related niche. After graduation, you can apply for an internship to kickstart your management analyst career.

You can also get certified with suitable management analysis certification to grow exponentially in your management analysis career.

Certifications for a Management Analyst

Here are some management analyst certifications that you can consider to upgrade your management analyst profile.

Top 10 Colleges to Get Management Analyst Degree

Selecting a college or university to get a business management analyst degree can be confusing for many individuals. Considering this, we are listing the 10 best institutions offering a valuable management analyst degree.

You consider opting for any one of these colleges to start your management analysis career:

Management Analyst Skills

To keep growing as a data management analyst, you need to keep upgrading your skills according to the technical advancements in the modern ecosystem.

Here are some essential skills you need to have to become a management analyst in the 21st century.

Technical Skills Key Skills
Statistical analysis software like SAS, STATA, SPSS, or R Business structure understanding
SQL databases Stakeholder analysis
Database querying languages Cost-benefit analysis
Programming languages like R & Python Process modeling
Survey/query software Requirements engineering
Business intelligence & reporting software Analytical problem-solving capabilities
Data visualization Industry knowledge
Data mining Report management
Database design Team management

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Management Analyst Salary

Management analyst is an essential pillar of every mid-sized organization and gets fair compensation coupled with additional benefits that vary according to company policies.

We have collected the salary data of different level management analysts from a popular career guiding platform named Payscale.

Experience Level Average Management Analyst Salary
Fresher USD 55,407
Mid Career USD 62,510
Senior USD 73,270
Director USD 81,347

Apart from this, a recent report by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the hourly wage of a freelance management analyst in America is approximately USD 42.14.

Cities Paying Management Analyst Salaries in The US

According to Indeed, the average management analyst salary in the US is USD 80,683. The management analyst salaries vary in different cities across the entire United States.

Here you can see the list of top ten data science salary offering countries of the United States:

Location Average Management Analyst Salary
Arlington, VA USD 106,001
Washington, DC USD 102,018
Silver Spring, MD USD 97,401
New York, NY USD 86,244
San Diego, CA USD 81,203
Atlanta, GA USD 74,720
Houston, TX USD 66,660
Dallas, TX USD 64,460
Columbus, OH USD 64,106

Career Options for Management Analysts

Management analysis is a diverse field, in which you can acquire different roles with different skills.

Check out the list of major roles you can bag with management analysis skills in the United States:

  • Business Analysts
  • Business Consultants
  • Business Management Consultants
  • Business Management Analysts
  • Clerical Methods Analysts
  • Business Process Consultants
  • Human Resources Analysts
  • Commercial Specialists
  • Industrial Analysts
  • Management Consultants
  • Records Management Analysts
  • Organizational Development Consultants

All these roles have different responsibilities but you can apply for all of them if you have gained management analysis skills and have learned modern management analysis methodologies.

Management Analyst Job Assistance at Hiration

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Key Takeaways

Take a look at the key takeaways of this reference guide:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a similar niche to apply for a program management analyst job
  • Read the management analyst job description with a focused mind before applying
  • Get certified with the latest management analyst certification to perform better in your career
  • Upgrade your management analyst skills to experience exponential career growth

These are some essential details that can help you bag a management analyst job. For additional management analyst job assistance, you can contact us at support@hiration.com.

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