How much do machine learning engineers make?

The average machine learning engineer salary for different levels are mentioned below:

  • USD 92,897 - entry level machine learning engineer salary
  • USD 1,12,429 - mid level machine learning engineer salary
  • USD 1,54,756 - senior machine learning engineer salary

Based on the spectrum of salaries, we can abbreviate that a machine learning engineer is subject to fairly good pay in 2021 since the hourly machine learning engineer salary entry level is $30.38

Machine learning engineer salary and benefits packages reflect their high demand in the branch of artificial intelligence.

Let’s zoom out and discuss in detail the latest updates of the job market and ways to land a professional machine learning engineer job.

Here are some key elements we have covered with regards to machine learning salary:

Top Companies in US Hiring for Machine Learning Engineer Jobs

We have accumulated data in the following table from Glassdoor, to list out the top 7 MNC's currently hiring for the post of machine learning engineer:

Company Average Machine Learning Engineer Salary
Adobe $1,17,581
ServiceNow $1,31,329
LinkedIn $1,54,053
Meta $1,64,309
Apple $1,77,013
Qualcomm $1,35,902
Workday $1,76,171

Silicon Valley is known as the hub of IT and AI-based companies giving you a maximum number of opportunities to bump into a high-paying machine learning salary.

Apart from that, top 5 cities paying highest machine learning salary in the United States are:

Cities Salary per annum
Cupertino $208,351
San Francisco Bay Area $193,485
San Diego $172,510
San Francisco $166,370
New York $160,356

Now we will categorize the different specializations in machine learning.

Various Jobs Associated with Machine Learning and Their Average Salary

Machine learning focuses on data algorithms to enable machines to learn and execute tasks with minimum human intervention. As the machine learning industry is growing, so are the jobs associated with it. Stated below are some options for people interested in a machine learning career:

Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer uses programming languages such as Python, Java, Scala, etc., to experiment with the appropriate machine learning libraries and prepare them to perform tasks.

Machine learning can be applied in industries that deal in hefty amounts of data, including financial services, government, healthcare, transportation, retail, and even oil and gas.

The average machine learning engineer salary is USD 1,35,857.

Data Scientist

Data scientists analyze large amounts of data to glean valuable insights and decide on the course of action accordingly.

These practitioners apply machine learning algorithms to produce AI systems that perform tasks requiring minimal human intelligence. These systems generate insights which business users can translate into tangible business value.

To understand the comparable stats of machine learning engineer salary vs data scientist salary, we studied their areas of specialization. We gathered that a machine learning engineer has more role to play in developing programs and software than a data scientist, which in turn increases areas of responsibility.

Hence, a machine learning salary is variably higher than that of a data scientist. The average salary of a data scientist is USD 1,17,212.

Human-Centered Machine Learning Designer

These practitioners design human-like systems that machines can recognize and process. These smart-systems can learn the preferences and behavioral patterns of individuals through information processing and pattern recognition.

The average salary of a human-centered machine learning designer currently ranges between $81,500 to $1,76,500 as per ZipRecruiter.

Computational Linguist

If you’ve got a thorough understanding of languages, linguistics, and computers, this might be an ideal job for you. A computer linguist helps computers understand spoken languages, patterns of speech, and continually make system improvements for performance enhancement.

The average salary for a computational linguist in the United States is USD 91,635.

Software Developer

A software developer writes, executes, and debugs the source code of a software application. Software development as a career is a fast-growing field that’s becoming more and more vital for many companies.

The average salary of a software developer is USD 88,126.

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Ways to Bag a High Paying Machine Learning Engineer Job

The salary spectrum at the beginning of clarifies the entry-level machine learning engineer salary to be at the top end of tech pay.

To earn more in this profession, you need to pay attention to the market trends and pick up related skills that can help boost your value. The steps are as follows:

Internships and Projects

An internship will help you gain practical knowledge and real-life experience. It will also make you highly attractive to potential employers. Working group projects relevant to your field would provide you with the same benefits.

This way when you apply for entry-level roles, you will be able to aim for the upper end of the salary range.

Polish Your Skills

In the machine learning industry, certain hard skills can add great value to your candidacy. More than academic qualification, a machine learning engineer is evaluated on practical knowledge and years of experience.

There is no established consensus regarding knowledge and curricula in formal academic education for machine learning jobs. However, there are a few natural paths for those who want to follow a career in this space.

  • Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Statistics
  • Deep Learning
  • Humanities

The Internet is a gift, make good use of it. To brush up on your Python and C++ programming skills, you can find enough free resources available online. There is also a growing list of boot camps and courses you can take up for structured learning of languages and frameworks.

Stay on Top of Your Game

This is a growing and fast-paced industry, evolving by the minute. Hence, allowing you to diversify and focus on your specialty.

Both artificial intelligence and data science are constantly upgrading, so staying up-to-date about data trends and following some of the top minds and pioneering thinkers in AI is vital.

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7 Most Common Interview Questions for Machine Learning Engineer

These are a combination of questions for both a fresher and a professional machine learning engineer. You need to prepare yourself as per your level of expertise.

Some of the common questions are:

  • What are Different Types of Machine Learning algorithms?
  • What are Different Kernels in SVM?
  • What is Bias in Machine Learning?
  • Explain the Difference Between Classification and Regression?
  • How to Tackle Overfitting and Underfitting?
  • What are Loss Function and Cost Functions? Explain the key Difference Between them.
  • How do you make sure which Machine Learning Algorithm to use?

You are supposed to draw impeccable answers to these questions. If you’re looking for an elaborate set of questions specific to your expertise, our industry experts at Hiration’s Interview Preparation can help you ace your game with questions specific to your seniority combined with sample answers.

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Machine Learning as a Career Path

If you're skilled with data, automation, and algorithms, do not think twice to step into machine learning as a career.

It is a promising career path because it offers a variety of industries to work for. You can get a high-paying job with a strong background in machine learning.

The pay is lucrative because these professionals are high in demand and insufficient in supply.

Key Takeaways

  • The average machine learning engineer salary is $1,12,429.
  • The hourly machine learning salary is $30.38.
  • The highest paying jobs in machine learning are available in Silicon Valley.
  • To earn more in this profession, you need to pay attention to the market trends and pick up related skills that can help boost your value.

Make sure to keep in mind the points discussed here to give your best shot in landing the top range machine learning salary.

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