To land an IT internship in a top organization, you need an impeccable IT Intern Resume.

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To make a breakthrough in the IT industry, landing the right IT Internship matters. After all, it sets the tone for the rest of your career.

So in this blog, we will show you how to write an impeccable resume to help you land the IT internship of your dreams.

Here's a summary of our IT Intern Resume Blog:

  • Work on the readability and effectiveness of your resume. Don't use jargon or filler words in your resume that does not demonstrate your expertise.
  • Give your contact details to enable a recruiter to get in touch with you.
  • Research the hiring guidelines of your country of employment before you work on your resume. Don't put unnecessary details as it will lengthen your resume.
  • Write an impeccable IT Intern Resume Objective to present your most illustrious IT skills and expertise. Keep it short and effective.

In addition to this, here are some resume tips that you should implement in your IT Intern Resume to perfect it:

We will now discuss these points in great detail.

Read on to learn what you can do to best leverage the power of your IT Internship Resume. We have given section-wise explanations and IT internship resume samples to learn what you can do to perfect each section.

So let's begin!

Customize Your IT Intern Resume According to the Needs of Each Job

When composing your IT intern resume, make sure that you don't use the same generic resume for each job application. Doing this will dwindle your shortlist chances as you are not addressing the needs of that specific job.

In simple terms, your resume needs to be pitch-perfect and extremely job-targeted. If your resume seems too run-off-the-mill and irrelevant. You won't get the job.

Establishing a connection between your skills and the job through your resume is vital. It helps you show that you are the ideal fit for the job or the internship you are eyeballing.

IT Intern Resume Sample

In this blog, we will help you write an impeccable IT internship resume as perfect as this IT Intern Resume Sample:

Meleri Mattox
IT Intern
Enterprising IT Intern and certified Cisco Network Associate highly skilled in resolving system performance issues and installing security patches to increase overall organizational efficiency. Adept at developing software testing plans and managing bug tracking systems to improve product quality. Proficient in administering databases to ensure availability of data and overseeing asset life management via various software to manage hardware maintenance and disposal.
• IT Server Management • Database Management • Patch Deployment • Security & Monitoring • Hardware Management
• Root Cause Analysis • Software Performance Evaluation • Automation • Patch Testing • User Account Management
• Acceptance Testing • Account Access Management • Front-End Testing • Active Directory management
• Programming Languages: HTML, SQL, Python, JavaScript
• Cloud Computing & Softwares: Azure, AWS, Amazon Cloudwatch, Datadog, Microsoft SCCM
• Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac OSX
Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
    One of the top IT consulting firms in USA with net worth of USD 4 billion
    System Performance Optimization
    • Assisting management in diagnosing system performance problems to increase company's efficiency by 25%
    • Performing on-site visits to examine installed systems at new office locations as part of identifying issues and rectify it

    Server Monitoring & Enhancement
    • Monitoring application server to identify under performing components and fixing them to increase server uptime by 15%
    • Conducting root cause analysis of application server performance via Datadog to enhance overall performance

    Patch Deployment & Merging
    • Resolving performance issues by deploying patches for applications and operating systems via Microsoft SCCM
    • Evaluating software performance issues and merging patches to reduce downtime by 10%

    Software Defect Resolution
    • Developing software test plans, scripts and automation to identify, document and resolve software issues
    • Managing bug tracking system and reporting functionality defects to 2 senior developers

    Database Management
    • Migrating databases to AWS cloud storage via Rsync to reduce IT overhead costs by 20%
    • Monitoring database performances including resource consumption and online/offline status via Amazon Cloudwatch
    Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
      An American business management software firm with an employee base of 6K professionals
      • Installed software updates as per system requirements into 100+ new machines
      • Resolved security issues by upgrading systems and installing security updates as required
      • Performed system monitoring to ensure integrity of hardware with server and other major resources
      • ITIL 4 Certified Engineer | Axelos | Denver, CO | Sept '19
      • Certified Network Associate | Cisco | Denver, CO | Aug '18
      Horizon University
      Start typing, then use the up and down arrows to select an option from the list
        A state funded university with more than 500 courses
        • GPA: 3.8/4.0
        • Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Interactive) and German (Fluent)

        This IT internship resume template is available on our Online Resume Builder and use it as a framework to build your own.

        All you have to do is modify the existing content to suit your career needs & trajectory and your perfect resume is good to go.

        Use Resume Sections to Organize and Present Information

        When presenting information in your IT intern resume, make sure that you arrange information under relevant sections.

        You should include the following sections in your IT internship resume:

        • Header
        • Personal Information
        • Profile Title
        • Summary/Objective
        • Key Skills
        • Professional Experience
        • Education

        Additionally, you can also use the following sections:

        • Internships
        • Certifications
        • Volunteering Experience

        To get a better understanding of resume sections, read our Resume Sections Guide.

        In the meanwhile, feel free to use our Online Resume Builder to make the perfect internship resume for IT student internships.

        It comes with pre-filled and impeccable resume templates that you can personalize to suit your specific qualifications and work history.

        Create a Header Section

        The first three sections of your IT internship resume are the header, personal information, and profile title sections.

        Like all other sections, they too need to be perfect at all costs.

        But what does it mean to make a perfect header, personal information, and profile title and how can you achieve this?

        Read on to find out!

        IT Intern Resume: Header

        Here's a list of the tips you can follow to perfect your IT internship resume header:

        • Write your real full name on the extreme top part of your resume.
        • Write it in the largest font size, approximately 16-20 points to ensure that the recruiter instantly knows that the resume belongs to you.
        • If you have a middle name, write your first name, followed by the first initial of your middle name in capital letters, followed by your last name.
        • Example: If your name is Jada Pinkett Smith, formulate your resume header along these lines: 'Jada Pinkett Smith'.

        Read our Resume Header Guide to get an in-depth understanding of this section and to learn how to perfect it.

        Here's a classic IT intern resume sample showcasing a correctly written resume header:


        This is a snapshot of the header of an IT internship resume template that we have made using our Online Resume Builder.

        For more section-wise IT intern resume examples, read on.

        IT Intern Resume: Personal Information

        The personal information section comes right after the resume header. It is in this section, that you should present all you contact-specific information such as:

        • Your updated mobile number
        • Your professional email ID
        • Your current Location
        Hiration pro tip:
        Don't put extremely personal details about you such as your marital status, race, ethnicity, gender, etc. as it might lead to biased hiring. On the rare occasion that a company asks you to put these details, first check the resume guidelines of your country and then draft this section accordingly.

        Here are some resume tips that you can follow to perfect this section:

        • If you have multiple mobile numbers, list just one mobile number. Use your country’s ISD code as a prefix before your mobile number.
        • Avoid presenting the details of your house number or locality name as it is not needed. Simply Use the city/state code format to showcase your current location. So if you're from New York City, New York; we recommend that you present it this way.

        Below is a sample personal information section:


        This is a snapshot of the personal information section of an IT Intern Resume that we have built using our Online Resume Builder. Use it to put together a perfectly fashioned resume.

        For more section-wise IT internship resume examples, read on.

        IT Intern Resume: Profile Title

        A profile title is important because it communicates the following information about you to a recruiter:

        • Your current professional status. Could be IT Intern or simply XYZ Graduate.
        • Your functional industry. Here, it is obvious that you are in the IT industry.
        • Your seniority level. Internships are entry-level jobs.

        Given the importance of your profile title, a recruiter should be able to identify it instantly. So write your profile title in the second-largest font range of 14-16 points.

        Since you're applying for an IT Internship, you can frame your profile title in the following ways:

        • If you're a CS Graduate hoping to land their first internship, you can formulate your profile title like this: 'Computer Science Graduate'
        • If you're a CS Graduate with an internship experience in IT, you can frame your profile title along these lines: 'Computer Science Graduate & Former IT Intern'.

        Here's an IT intern resume sample showcasing a well-composed profile title:


        For more section-wise IT intern resume examples, read on.

        Moving on, get your existing IT intern resume reviewed by our industry experts at Hiration. Get hands-on advice and resume recommendations from our resume tacticians with our Resume Review Service.

        Use an 'Internship' Section to Endorse Past Internships

        If you're looking to land an IT-based internship, it is likely that you don't have any work experience.

        It is also likely that you have don't have internship experience either.

        If you have done internships in the past and want to land a job instead, then make sure that you make a neat little internship section in your resume and perfect it.

        This section needs to be top-notch as it will dictate your suitability for internships (if you want to land an internship) and jobs (if you have done an internship and are now hoping to land a job).

        Here are five tips to help you perfect it:

        • Use one-liner points
        • Use power verbs
        • Use the STAR format
        • Use keywords
        • Use grouping and highlighting

        Use One-liners

        You should aim for good readability when composing the internship section of your IT Intern Resume. And to ensure this, here are some tips you should follow;

        • Don't use paragraphs to communicate your internship details, roles & responsibilities. Use crisp one-liner points instead.
        • Why? Because long paragraphs are hard to read. They're not reader-friendly.
        • If an ATS cannot read your resume, it cannot parse it. And if it cannot parse it, your resume will never reach the recruiter, which means your shortlist chances will go straight to ground zero.
        • Your job here is to make this section extremely readable. To achieve this, use one-liner points.

        Use Power Verbs

        When communicating the roles and responsibilities that you executed during your internship, make sure that you begin every one-liner point with a power verb. Doing this will help you give a tone of professionalism to your IT internship resume.

        But what are they?

        Power verbs are action-packed words. They are formal terms that can help you structure your sentence more professionally.

        Terms like 'Kickstarted', 'Developed', 'Spearheaded', 'Executed', etc/ are some classic examples of power verbs that you can incorporate in this section.

        Use the STAR Format

        It's not enough to have a reader-friendly IT intern resume if it isn't worth reading. In other words, you need to optimize each point.

        So to achieve this, use the STAR format to structure your one-liner points.

        Here's what the STAR format stands for:

        • S: Situation
        • T: Task
        • A: Action
        • R: Result

        Using this approach will help you effectively articulate your roles and responsibilities. But most importantly, it will help you showcase your achievements.

        Use Keywords

        What are resume keywords?

        Resume keywords are job criteria that are outlined by the JD of your target job.

        Your job here is to identify these keywords and incorporate those keywords that match your unique skill sets and expertise.

        So when you compose this section, make sure that you organically incorporate resume keywords that are relevant to you.

        Use Grouping & Highlighting

        Grouping is a common resume practice where you group similar points. Highlighting means marking relevant words and phrases in bold.

        When combined, they form a powerful combination. Here's how:

        When you bold keyword or phrases, you can easily divert the recruiter's attention to your career highlights and achievements.

        When you group points under a unique bucket, it tells the recruiter what your key expertise area or skill is.

        To learn more about this section, read our Resume Work Experience Section.

        Here's an IT intern resume sample illustrating the perfect professional experience section:


        For more section-wise IT internship resume examples, read on.

        In the meanwhile, get your IT internship resume reviewed by our Resume Experts at Hiration. Our experts are armed with the skill sets and expertise to help you curate an impeccable CV for IT internship placements.

        Present Your Academic and Certification Details

        As a fresh graduate, under-graduate, or entry-level worker; you should make an education and certification section.

        Here's what you should do write in the education section:

        • Name of your university.
        • Enrollment and graduation dates.
        • Name of the courses you have pursued.
        • The location of your school/university.

        Read our Resume Education Section to get an in-depth understanding of this section. Here's an IT intern resume sample illustrating a perfect education section.


        Moving on, here's what you should put in the certifications section:

        • Certification course name.
        • Name of the certifying body.
        • Enrollment and completion date.
        • Location of your certifying body.

        Arrange these points in the below-mentioned format:

        {Name of Certification} | {Affiliating Institution} | {Location} | {Date} (month & year format)

        Read our Resume Certifications Guide to get an in-depth understanding of the certifications section for your IT intern job description resume.

        Here's an IT intern resume sample illustrating the certifications section:


        For more section-wise IT intern resume examples like this, read on.

        In the meanwhile, feel free to make and perfect your IT intern job description resume with our Online Resume Builder.

        Highlight Your IT Skills Using a Distinct Key Skills Section

        Your IT skills matter. It is the only armor you need in your job kitty when you're looking for entry-level IT jobs and internships.

        So make sure that you are well-versed in your IT skills. Once you are, present them under a distinct key skills section. Further, make a technical skills subsection to illustrate your technical IT expertise and a list of the tools you're adept with.

        Here is a list of some basic IT skills that you'll be expected to be lingual in:

        • You will be expected to write code.
        • Knowledge of the key programming languages.
        • Expertise in various operating systems and networks.

        For a detailed understanding of the skills section for IT Internship CV, read our Resume Skills Guide.

        Here's an IT intern resume sample illustrating the perfect skills section for your internship resume for IT student & graduate profiles.


        For more section-wise IT internship resume examples, read on.

        In the meanwhile, feel free to get an expert opinion and in-depth analysis & recommendation on your IT intern resume. Sign up for our Resume Review Service now!

        Conclude Your Resume with an IT Intern Resume Objective

        Now that we have discussed all other sections, we will now show you how to wrap it up and tie it all together with an impeccable IT intern resume objective.

        Here are some rules you should follow to perfect it:

        • Write an IT intern resume objective only if you have no work experience, have less than 3 years of work-ex, or in this case just beginning your career.
        • Focus on how you can benefit the hiring organization. Talk about relevant skills & achievements that will help you show your expertise.
        • Since you don't have much work-experience to bank on, consider outlining your IT skills in gory details. If you have more than just a theoretical understanding of IT, show how you have practically applied your IT learnings.
        • Focus on how you can appeal to the recruiter's hiring needs. Show that you are the perfect fit for the internship or the job you are targeting despite any work experience as your skills more than attests to your capabilities.

        Read our Resume Objectives Guide to get an in-depth understanding of what you can do to perfect your IT internship resume objective.


        To curate impeccable IT internship resume samples, use our Online Resume Builder.

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        Key Takeaways

        You have reached the end of this IT Intern Resume Blog.

        Here are our key takeaways:

        • Your resume is your sales pitch and you are the salesman. To sell your capabilities to your potential employer, your resume needs to be bang-on.
        • A fantastic way to ensure this is by customizing your resume to suit the needs & criteria of the job description of your target IT internship.
        • But how do you tailor your cv for IT internship roles to suit the JD? Simple. Use resume keywords. Identify them and incorporate them into your resume organically as long as they match your particular skill sets and criteria.
        • Write your name on the extreme top part of your IT intern resume to communicate to the recruiter that the resume belongs to you.
        • Put your contact details and make sure that they are correctly spelled and free of typos to ensure that a recruiter interested in your profile can get in touch.
        • Perfect the internship section of your resume using simple tricks like:
          • Using one-liner bulleted points.
          • Quantifying your achievements.
          • Beginning each point with a power verb.
          • Grouping similar points together under a unique heading.
          • Marking relevant words, phrases, and achievements in bold.
        • Outline your academic details under an education section.
        • If you have relevant certifications, present them under a certifications section.

        Does this seem doable?

        It sure is if you follow each rule step-by-step.

        Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

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