Interview anxiety isn't just a student's battle; mentors feel the heat too.

Career counselors face the challenge of keeping pace with rapidly advancing fields which makes it difficult to tailor interview prep to every specialization. Moreover, tracking nuanced metrics such as speech rate and voice modulation adds another layer of complexity.

Recently, Amanda Rodriguez-Rey sparked a NACE community discussion on AI for mock interviews. The consensus? There are some thriving benefits to consider, from customizing questions to harnessing AI for nuanced feedback.

Hiration and InterviewStream are two of the leading platforms in interview preparation. They promise to navigate the evolving landscape of interview prep and are worth your consideration.

Now success starts with the right prep, so it is important to know who's leading, right?

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We'll dive into a comparative analysis of both interview prep models based on Features and User Reviews for you to come to the best decision for your career center

Plus, we'll explore additional offerings brought to the table by Hiration. Let’s commence!

Overview of the Interview Prep Modules in Comparison

Hiration emerges as a comprehensive career advancement suite for empowering students and professionals to confidently navigate their job searches. Highlighted by the interview prep module, we are the world’s first career platform to leverage generative AI with ChatGPT. This has resulted in increased placement rates with students typically receiving 2x job offers. Plus, you'll find resume building, LinkedIn optimization, and cover letter crafting under the same roof to streamline your services without the need to manage multiple vendors.

Interviewstream, while primarily catering to F500 corporations to elevate their hiring decisions, extends its expertise to career centers. It offers tools designed to refine interview techniques emphasizing the critical role of practice and feedback in securing successful outcomes in both academic and professional settings.

Now, let's start with a feature-by-feature comparison of both platforms.

Real-time Analytics

Hiration's platform integrates real-time analytics to provide instant AI-powered feedback on interview performances based on speech, posture, and content. This enables students to identify strengths and areas for improvement on the spot.

Speech Analysis
Body Language Analysis

InterviewStream does not currently offer immediate AI-powered feedback on these grounds, in turn, limiting its real-time analytical capabilities.

Content Analysis

Hiration excels in content analysis by utilizing generative AI to dissect responses on the basis of what went well, what was off, what needs improvement, and what would be a better answer. This ensures that students receive feedback on how well they articulate their answers and meet the expectations of potential employers.

InterviewStream’s response feedback does not delve into detailed content analysis - leaving room for more nuanced insights into articulation and employer expectations.

Advanced Admin Features

Hiration equips career center administrators with multiple evaluation methods and our recently launched proctoring feature to customize the interview prep process. It also allows easy coordination among team members as everything is in one place.

While InterviewStream provides basic admin controls, it lacks Hiration’s evaluation methods and proctoring features for customization and coordination.

Adaptable Learning Modules

With options ranging from Fast-Track to Comprehensive paths, the platform accommodates various learning styles, all underpinned by AI's adaptability for personalized education.

InterviewStream doesn’t offer a range of learning paths to accommodate various styles - potentially limiting personalized educational experiences for students.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Hiration for more than two years, and their services have been a game-changer for our students. Their resume-building platform is user-friendly and highly effective, making it easier for our students to create impressive resumes. Additionally, their interview practice module has proven invaluable in preparing our learners for success. Hiration's team is responsive, professional, and committed to excellence. I recommend their services to anyone looking to enhance their career prospects."
Patrick Holton
Executive Director, Graduate Business Career Relations, Hofstra University

Educational Resources

At Hiration, students can access a broad array of video tutorials across 180+ roles enriched with AI insights and model answers for comprehensive learning.

InterviewStream provides resources’ in their dedicated section such as user guide or guide to avoid filler words plus have a separate Training & support section to help students facing any blockers with conducting interviews or overall interface.

Question Database

Hiration’s rich question database is tailored to career center needs and its AI-driven bank enhances preparation with role-specific questions and instant feedback to ensure depth and relevance.

InterviewStream has a bank of 7k+ pre-recorded industry & subject-specific questions from across the web of all the commonly asked interview questions.

Counselor, Peer, & Self Review

Both Hiration and InterviewStream support a comprehensive review system allowing feedback from counselors, peers, and self-evaluations for fostering a holistic development approach for students to refine their interviewing skills through varied perspectives.

Tablet & Mobile Accessibility

InterviewStream extends its user-friendly platform to tablets and mobile devices so that the students can practice and improve their interview skills on the go.

Source | To access from tablet or mobile, you can download their free application

Hiration's interview practice module is optimized for use on a desktop or laptop only. This setup provides a closer approximation to the actual interview experience and offers a more immersive and effective practice environment.

User Reviews

Discover the impact of our interview preparation modules through the lens of unbiased third-party reviews.

Below, we've included screenshots from Glassdoor, providing authentic feedback from users who have experienced the benefits of our platform firsthand.

These insights not only reflect the effectiveness of our respective platforms but also highlight how Hiration stands out in a competitive market.


Determining the Interview Prep Leader

Let’s have a quick recap and a side-by-side analysis of the 2 platforms:

Feature Comparison Hiration (Advanced Suite) InterviewStream (Interview Prep Solution)
Real-time Analytics ✅ Provides instant AI feedback
on speech, posture, and content.
❌ Lacks real-time analytics for interview
Content Analysis ✅ Uses generative AI to evaluate
responses on multiple aspects,
including strengths, weaknesses,
and areas for improvement.
❌ Does not offer detailed content
Advanced Admin Features ✅ Provides multiple evaluation
methods, a proctoring feature, and
unified management for coordination.
❌ Limited admin customization options.
Adaptable Learning Modules ✅ Offers various paths, from
Fast-Track to Comprehensive,
accommodating diverse learning
❌ Does not provide flexible learning
Educational Resources ✅ Extensive video tutorials across
180+ roles, AI insights, and
model answers.
✅ Resources section with user guides,
tips, and a Training & Support section
for support.
Question Database ✅ Tailored to career center needs,
with an AI-driven bank offering
role-specific questions.
✅ 7k+ pre-recorded questions from
various fields and industries.
Counselor, Peer, and
Self Review
✅ Comprehensive system allowing
for multiple feedback perspectives.
✅ Supports a similar review system for
holistic feedback.
Tablet and Mobile
❌ Only available for desktop/laptop use. ✅ Fully accessible across tablets and
mobile devices.

In our comprehensive comparison of 8 critical features across interview prep platforms, Hiration successfully met 7, showcasing its robust capabilities and versatility. In contrast, InterviewStream fulfilled 4, indicating significant differences in feature offerings.

Hiration's interview practice module excels with its personalized, AI-driven feedback that mimics human interaction, powered by sophisticated language models that ensure a deep understanding of user responses.

This advanced approach has consistently doubled the job offers for our clients, benefiting leading organizations such as NYU Stern, Service Academy Career Conference (SACC), among others. Furthermore, Hiration offers extensive customization options that cater effectively to administrators' needs.

Is There a Difference Between InterviewStream and Interviewing(dot)com?

InterviewStream was acquired by Interviewing(dot)com, and is now called Interview Prep.

However, there are two separate and fully functional websites for both InterviewStream and to this date.

InterviewStream as a platform primarily focusses on equipping recruiters with the necessary tools to efficiently hire top candidates.

As they also cater services to colleges and universities, there’s now a dedicated and refined academic platform known as Interview Prep.

Upon research, we came across Katherine Martucci’s (Assistant Director for Career Education, Delaware Valley University) remark stating how transitioning from InterviewStream to Interview Prep didn’t bring any notable difference for her.

She noticed a slight upgrade in the prep materials available, but all the standard features they were already providing seemed to be intact.

So, to answer the question, InterviewStream is simply the widely used former name for Interviewing(dot)com or Interview Prep.

"Partnering with Hiration has been a standout experience. Despite the geographic distance, their team is quick to respond and even quicker to act on our feedback. In just a year, we've seen remarkable improvements in their software, especially the interview feature, which is unmatched in its effectiveness. This tool has truly enhanced our users’ job search success. Hiration not only delivers a powerful product but also sets a high standard for customer service and innovation."
Crew Spence
Director of Career Services and Partnerships, Galvanize Inc
"Partnering with Hiration has been a standout experience. Despite the geographic distance, their team is quick to respond and even quicker to act on our feedback. In just a year, we've seen remarkable improvements in their software, especially the interview feature, which is unmatched in its effectiveness. This tool has truly enhanced our users’ job search success. Hiration not only delivers a powerful product but also sets a high standard for customer service and innovation."

Crew Spence, Director of Career Services and Partnerships, Galvanize Inc

Beyond Interviews: Hiration’s Full Suite

Admin Dashboard

How do we make your experience smoother and more personal?

By equipping you with state-of-the-art admin features that not only streamline operations but also amplify engagement. Here’s how we do it:

  • Effortless Onboarding and Custom Access: Imagine setting up accounts in no time with the power to tailor access rights just as you need. Whether you're a Super Admin, an Admin, or a Reviewer, we ensure everything is set up for immediate and efficient team coordination.
  • Streamlined Student and Cohort Management: Adding students is a breeze with our "+Add Students" button. Organize them into cohorts effortlessly, making your support more structured and focused.
  • Engagement Made Automatic: We kickstart relationships with students through automated email campaigns that introduce them to the platform’s perks. It’s about keeping engagement high with no extra effort from your side.
  • Tailored Interview Preparation: Customize your students' interview prep with options for AI-driven or manual reviews, specific deadlines, and designated reviewers. Dive into our extensive question bank tailored to 180+ unique roles and watch your students excel.
  • Proactive Support with Advanced Tools: Get ahead with our advanced review features and in-depth activity tracking. From embedded video feedback to preliminary access to student submissions, everything you need to support your students effectively is at your fingertips.
  • Analytics at Your Command: Discover invaluable insights with our comprehensive analytics dashboard. Understand team efficiency, track student progress, and measure the success of your strategies—all designed to optimize your operations and student outcomes.
  • Maximize Counselor Impact: Free up valuable time for your counselors by automating routine tasks, enabling them to engage more deeply and effectively with students. Experience up to 5x more effective engagement and see your students thrive.

Resume Builder

What does it take to stand out on an interview shortlist? A pitch-perfect resume.

At Hiration, over a million resumes have been crafted and reviewed leading to a tripling of interview shortlists for students who leverage our platform. Here’s how:

  • AI Resume Review: Receive a comprehensive review of your entire resume in an instant - from overall structure to individual bullet points. This automated analysis saves significant time and provides targeted & actionable feedback to improve your resume immediately.
  • Rewrite with ChatGPT: Struggling with your resume summary? Simply start with your initial draft and use the 'Rewrite with ChatGPT' feature. Instantly, you'll have professional-grade content that showcases your unique strengths effectively.
  • Expand Bullets with ChatGPT: Enhance your bullet points by responding to custom questions based on our AI's analysis. Opt for manual input or default responses to refine each point and make your resume stronger with just a few clicks.
  • Job Match Feature: Move beyond one-size-fits-all resumes. Last year, our tailored job matching helped 100k+ students align their resumes with specific job descriptions by recommending key skills and relevant keywords.
  • My Resume Dashboard: Manage your resumes efficiently with options to view, edit, duplicate, download, delete, or share, all accessible through a user-friendly dashboard. Explore a variety of ATS-friendly templates to find your best fit.
  • Enhanced Editing Capabilities: Easily adjust design, add sections, and fine-tune formatting. Switch designs with a single click without losing content consistency.
  • Comprehensive Support & Resources: Our platform offers extensive formatting tools, instructional guides, and expert reviews. Available 24/7 chat support and a detailed FAQ section engage students effectively and enhances the platform’s utility and responsiveness.

LinkedIn Reviewer

A strong digital presence is the key to unlocking career opportunities. Hiration's LinkedIn Reviewer is designed to magnify students’ online professional visibility and attract the attention of top recruiters.

  • Instant Profile Analysis: The reviewer swiftly assesses student’s LinkedIn profile to pinpoint both their strengths and potential improvements.
  • Detailed Component Scoring: Every crucial element of their profile, including your URL, header, location, about section, experience, education, and skills, is analyzed and scored to gauge its effectiveness.
  • Tailored Enhancement Tips: Students receive specific recommendations aimed at boosting their profile's visibility and scoring for ensuring that they make the most impactful professional picture of themselves.

Cover Letter Builder

This is a sure-shot way to stand out in the eyes of the recruiter and Hiration's AI-driven cover letter builder helps students to craft compelling and personalized cover letters. Here’s how:

  • ATS-Compatible Templates: Choose from a variety of templates that are compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems and designed to complement your resume’s format and style.
  • Job Match Customization: Our Job Match feature personalizes the cover letter creation process to ensure that each cover letter is specifically tailored to the job description for enhancing relevance and impact.

The Choice Awaits: Hiration’s Comprehensive Solution

Explore the advantages of Hiration with a complimentary demo and see how our platform can elevate your career services:

  • Risk-Free Trial with No Setup Fees: Experience our platform's transformative impact on your career services with a no-commitment free pilot. Start seamlessly and without any initial financial investment, allowing you to evaluate our offerings risk-free.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Discover the most budget-friendly solution for enhancing resumes and interview skills. With Hiration, you can serve up to 10X more students without straining your resources, making it an optimal choice for expanding your career services efficiently.
  • Exclusive Webinars: Gain access to our expert-led webinars, providing your students with invaluable insights into resume and cover letter crafting, enhancing interview skills, and mastering LinkedIn optimization.

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