It takes a simple glance for others to form an opinion of you!

A study suggests that it takes a tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger.

Combine this with the pressure to prepare for an interview, where you wish to put your best foot forward. You have to follow the interview etiquette, that is wear appropriate attire and look polished, with due importance given to the interview hairstyle.

Hairstyle is the first thing you notice in someone. It is a beauty enhancer and confidence booster. One thus needs to be well-prepared to look put together on the interview day.

Do you have an interview lined up too?

Read on to avoid last-minute hassles and do your best interview hairstyle!

Top 4 Interview Hairstyles Male

Looking put together for your interview leaves a lasting impression. With minimal effort and a few steps, you can achieve that look too.
The following are some decent and professional interview hairstyles for men:



Source: undercuthair[dot]com

Do you fancy a blow-dried barnet on top of your head with short hair on the sides and back? Then, a classic undercut hairstyle is a look for you.

Also known as the ‘businessman’ haircut, the undercut is in vogue and accentuates all face types. It is the perfect hairstyle for thicker hair and gives an edgy look. It can be styled with both short and long hair.

Pro Tip: Increase volume by blow-drying hair towards the back and style it with hair cream to achieve a sleeker look for the interview.



Source: menhairstyletrends[dot]com

Spruce up your look by going for a crewcut. It was made popular by the Ivy League schools in the 1920s as a way to keep the crew team’s hair short.

It features a long cut along the forehead that fades gradually into shorter hair along the back. Suitable for all face types, it is the perfect mix of style and practicality.

Pro Tip: Brush forward the hair on the top and part the hair on the side using hair wax for a brushed-up look. You would need to style more for a medium or long crewcut.

Buzz Cut

buzz cut

How does a timeless hairstyle for your next interview sound?

A buzz cut is slightly different from a crew cut. A buzz cut has equal-length hair on all sides that are very short. Appropriate for square or oval-shaped faced men with curly hair, a buzz cut is a low-maintenance hairstyle that does not require much styling.

Originally enforced by the US army, the buzz cut has become mainstream due to its simplicity.

Pro Tip: Style your buzz cut using a molding cream and hair spray along with a beard for the perfect interview look.



Have voluminous hair that needs styling? Try, pompadour!

Named after France’s King Louis XV’s mistress, Madame de Pompadour, it boasts of hair marginally trimmed hair at the top in contrast with the sides and back. The fringe at the top has more hair than the crown and can be styled in various ways.

Pro Tip: Style your hair using high-shine pomade or hair clay to achieve a fuller look.

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Top 4 Hairstyle for Interview Female

There are many ways that women can style their hair for an interview. The best hairstyles for a professional look are:



A ponytail works the best for medium and long-length hair. Best for a straight and sculpted look, you can keep it simple by minimally styling your ponytail. Use your natural hair parting with a low-rise ponytail as your next interview look.

Pro Tip: Make sure to avoid hair bumps and tie the hair neatly for a professional look. Apply hair cream if the hair is frizzy and avoid fly-aways for a sleeker look.



Going for a chic look? Tie your hair into a bun!

Get that hair out of the way, and wear a spunky side-bun, a tidy chignon, or a top-knot for an elegant interview look. Suitable for all hair types, a bun is a classic look chosen by many interviewees.

Pro Tip: Use a smoothening cream to get rid of flyaways. Position the bun accurately in the center or on the side, use a hair mesh to cover the bun, and secure it with bobby pins for a flawless look.



Going for a natural look? Try loose curls!

Curls speak business casual and can be worn as you usually do, taking minimal effort. You could also use curlers or rollers to achieve that trendy look.

Pro tip: Remember to keep the frizz out of the way and tame your curls using conditioners and hydrants. Add luster to the curls by applying non-greasy hair oils. Add volume by detangling hair well and using hair spray to keep them in place, if required.

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First known as ‘Castle bob’, bob cut became mainstream in the 1920s when a ballroom dancer named Irene castle cut her hair short for convenience. The bob cut then became so popular that it was worn by modern women.

Easier to maintain, a bob cut is a perfect choice for a contemporary interview look.

Pro Tip: Add sheen to your hair using a good quality hair serum or spray.

How to style your hair for an interview?

While there can be many other ways to style hair for interviewees, we have incorporated the best 8 ways for you to achieve that flawless look. Regardless of the look you choose, the interview hairstyle shall give the impression of being tidy and manageable.

Follow these additional tips to achieve that perfect interview hairstyle:

Research Well About the Company to Ace the Interview

Research about the company culture and their expectations from an ideal candidate Choose an appropriate interview hairstyle and outfit to complete the look (business or casual). It is important to get the hairstyle right to achieve the desired professional look, feel confident, and ace the interview.

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Get a Haircut at Least a Week Before the Interview

It is advisable to get a haircut at least a week before. If you are not comfortable with the haircut, the discomfort might get in the way of acing your interview. So, play safe and get it done beforehand.

Wash Your Hair a Day Before

The first rule is to come with clean hair. A day-old wash works the best to balance moisture in the hair. Make sure that your hair is not greasy or it would get difficult to style your hair.

Use Hair Styling Products

Use hair cream, pomade, wax, or clay to tame your hair and avoid frizzy hair. Add shine to your hair by using hair oils and serums. Finally, complete the look by using hairspray to keep the hair in place.

Keep Hair Away from Your Face

The second rule is to choose an interview hairstyle that keeps hair away from the face and does not allow distractions. Use a mid-parting or redistribute hair in such a way that both sides get almost equal volumes to prevent side-falling. Use hair accessories like bobby pins, hair clips, etc, to tuck the extra volume neatly.

Do Not Use Radical Hair Colors Before the Interview

Coloring your hair might be a form of progressive self-expression for the interviewee but radical colors do not have room in a professional setting. Avoid coloring your hair with orange, green, and yellow colors before the interview.

Add That Edge Using Braids

Go for a cornrow, fishtail, goddess, or french braids to add character to your look and protect hair from damage. Based on the theme ‘oneness of thought’, braids demonstrate unity in the Native American Culture. Additionally, they convey strength and resilience, and embracing them portrays great personality.

Facial Hair Needs to Be Groomed

Clean-shaven is the best, but if you prefer to keep a beard then groom it for a professional look. Trim the hair using a beard trimmer, comb, and facial scissors, or get a salon treatment. Finally, use beard oils to prevent itchiness. Cut back on the oils if it feels too greasy.

Key Takeaways

The right interview hairstyle is a confidence booster and adds character to the personality. Avoid last-minute hassles and choose the right hairstyles well in advance.

  • Go for an undercut, crew cut, or buzz cut for a short interview hairstyle for men. They are easy to manage and low-maintenance.
  • Choose a pompadour for a long interview hairstyle for men. It requires some styling for a sleeker look.
  • Go for a simple ponytail or a bun to keep a simple and chic interview hairstyle for women. Add an edge to it by adding fishtail or goddess braids to it.
  • Go natural with curls or a bob cut. Use accessories for a spunky hairdo.
  • Remember to research the company’s culture well before choosing a hairstyle.
  • Do not wash your hair or get a haircut on the day of the interview.
  • Use hair styling products to get a tidy, anti-frizz, and shiny interview hairstyle.

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